Into the Badlands Episode 3 recap: “White Stork Spread Wings”


For me, this episode seals the deal, Into the Badlands fans. The groundwork is established, the characters have developed nicely, the story is moving along quickly, and I know the rest of the season will be brilliant. Episode three is filled with the usual hardcore fight sequences, tense moments of M.K.’s stupidly- stubborn and sneaky antics, and the looming doom that Quinn’s acute awareness (of exactly who’s pulling what) threatens to bring. Quinn’s war is waged without hesitation. As the episode opens, he and his Clippers descend on The Widow like ants on a dropped popsicle … yeah, the simile … Continue reading

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Showtime’s “Spymasters” goes inside Langley

Showtime's "Spymasters" goes inside Langley

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has long been shrouded in secrecy and controversy, with much of what average people know about it gleaned from probably-not-entirely-accurate movies and TV shows. In recent years, concerns about the government spying not only on our enemies but also on our allies — and even on citizens — have put groups like the CIA into the spotlight more and more. The new Showtime documentary Spymasters — CIA in the Crosshairs looks to shed further light on the organization. The film, narrated by Homeland star Mandy Patinkin, was written by Chris Whipple, who also wrote the … Continue reading

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2015 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown TV schedule

NHL Thanksgiving Showdown 2014

The NHL’s Black Friday tradition returns on No. 26, this year featuring two national TV games. First up, the N.Y. Rangers battle the Bruins at Boston’s TD Garden on NBC at 1pm ET. Then a Western Conference Finals rematch is in store on NBCSN at 5pm ET as the Chicago Blackhawks visit the Honda Center in Anaheim to face the Ducks. Press release from the NBC Sports Group with additional programming details: BOSTON BRUINS HOST NEW YORK RANGERS IN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP IN 2015 NHL THANKSGIVING SHOWDOWN FRIDAY AT 1 P.M. ET ON NBC Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick, Eddie Olczyk and … Continue reading

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Racing Extinction effectively chronicles natural devastation facing our planet

Racing Extinction effectively chronicles natural devastation facing our planet

“Racing Extinction is required viewing for all citizens of the world,” said John Hoffman, executive vice president of Discovery Channel’s Documentaries and Specials division. The quote at first seemed like typical press-release hyperbole, but upon viewing the film, I have to agree. No matter what your political biases may be toward topics such as climate change, hunting endangered animals, destruction of natural habitats or other environmental issues, Racing Extinction should engage you with its sobering, at times bleak, look at the devastation facing our planet. It seems that in the “race” against extinction — not only the extinction of other … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People recap: Rock, Paper, Skipper

Alaskan Bush People

Go Here For All Of Your Hole-Digging Alaskan Bush People Needs! Do the Alaskan Bush People get paid? We asked! Read our interview with the Brown family. It’s CHAOS in Brownton Abbey! MEDICS! EVACS! GUNSHOTS! SOMETHING’S REALLY REALLY WRONG! The Black Screen of Fake Doom! It’s Make Your Own Alaskan Bush People Black Screen of Fake Doom Night! “Dad just had a seizure, is what happened,” Bam explains. “He every now and then weirds out, gets all dingy. He has a seizure.” Billy was in a coma for a week in 2006, and he’s had these seizures since then, and they’ve grown more … Continue reading

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It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown

It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown

For its golden anniversary, Charles Schulz’ seminal holiday classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, is getting a bash so big that even persnickety Peppermint Patty would approve. In celebration of the 50th anniversary, Kristen Bell will host the jubilee, It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown, on ABC Nov. 30. Since the original Peanuts Christmas special premiered in 1965 — where a beleaguered Charlie Brown lamented the commercialization of Christmas, was persuaded to direct the annual holiday pageant, and then helped a scraggly tree find a little love — A Charlie Brown Christmas has become a yuletide tradition watched by families year … Continue reading

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2015 Thanksgiving NFL games TV schedule

2015 NFL Thanksgiving games

Thanksgiving Day always comes with a huge helping of the NFL. The day starts on FOX at 12:30pm ET with the Philadelphia Eagles at the Detroit Lions. Then on CBS at 4:30pm ET, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers visit AT&T Stadium for a matchup with the Dallas Cowboys. The feast concludes on NBC at 8:30pm ET as Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears try to spoil the celebration for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre will have his No. 4 jersey retired during a halftime ceremony. 2015 Thanksgiving NFL games TV schedule … Continue reading

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Survivor recap episode 10: double elimination shakes up the game

Survivor recap episode 10

Survivor: Second Chance recap “Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil” Season 31, Episode 10 (original airdate Nov. 25): With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, CBS graciously decided to treat us to a Survivor feast tonight with a two-hour episode that included two contestants going home. Rain, rain and more rain. Not only did it make it miserable for the contestants from a physical standpoint, but it made it more difficult from a mental and strategic standpoint because leaving the shelter was darn near impossible. Keith, whose feet were waterlogged, went on an epic rant: “People ask me if Survivor is fun. I … Continue reading

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Empire Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Truth Hurts

Empire Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Truth Hurts

Last week’s episode of Empire ended with Cookie and her sister Candice headed to Philly in search for their other sister Carol. Now that Cookie has to worry about her cookout event, she’s not worried about finding her sister Carol; especially if she’s going to have to search high and low. I guess it’s nice to know that this week’s episode shows Laura safe and practicing for the cookout with Hakeem. I definitely thought she was going to be bait for some twisted plan Anika had. What I will say is I wouldn’t let go of that theory just yet. … Continue reading

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Matthew Morrison, Kristin Chenoweth headline TLC’s Broadway at the White House


Though it’s best known for a myriad of oddly addictive reality shows and specials, TLC gets artsy this Thanksgiving eve with its star-studded hourlong special Broadway at the White House. Hosts Matthew Morrison (currently starring in Finding Neverland) and longtime Broadway favorite Kristin Chenoweth join First Lady Michelle Obama as they welcome a group of specially chosen  high-school students for a once-in-a-lifetime, all-day symposium at the White House focusing on careers in theater. • MORE: See First Lady Michelle Obama address the Broadway at the White House audience here With the help of current Broadway performers, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue transforms into a space for students to nurture … Continue reading

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