Composers Reinhold Heil and Charlie Clouser on scoring TV shows

Composers Reinhold Heil and Charlie Clouser on scoring TV shows

SundanceTV’s series Deutschland 83 ends its run Aug. 5 at 11pm ET, so this is a good time to get into the mind of the man who composed the musical score for the series, Reinhold Heil. In a twist, Heil and another composer, Charlie Clouser — who most recently scored Wayward Pines — both interviewed each other recently about their art and business, exclusively for Channel Guide. They chatted about everything from finding the right tone for a series to what happens when the series they have invested their creative energy in is canceled, and here are some of the highlights. Reinhold Heil: Nina Hagen, I … Continue reading

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Today on Hallmark’s “Home & Family,” It’s a Reunion of “The Waltons”!

Home & Family

Today On Hallmark Channel’s daytime talk and lifestyle program, Home & Family, take a trip back to Walton’s Mountain. On today’s two-hour episode, Five of the cast members of The Waltons: Richard Thomas (John Boy) Judy Norton (Mary Ellen), Kami Colter (Elizabeth), Michael Learned (Olivia), and Mary McDonough (Erin) will spend the morning reminiscing about the family favorite that aired from 1971-1978, and filling us in on what’s new in their lives. There will be a “Waltons”-era DIY, a song performed by Judy Norton, and an unforgettable Home & Family living room makeover. I can’t wait to be reminded of … Continue reading

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On Demand DVD New Releases Aug. 3-9

On Demand DVD New Releases Aug. 3-9

On Demand DVD New Releases Aug. 3-9 A la mala – In this comedy, Maria Laura is an aspiring actress who finds out there is a different career that is truly lucrative. She is hired by a variety of women to test the fidelity of their boyfriends. But what happens when she falls for one of the men? Aislinn Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann, Luis Arrieta (PG-13, 1:39) 8/4 Child 44 – Moscow in 1952 did not have murders. Murder was a capitalist disease, or so the government would have people believe. But a mysterious crime leads to a grisly discovery. A … Continue reading

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Recap: Naked and Afraid XL Episode 4: 40 Days Jungle Rich

Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 4

17 days ago, 12 Naked and Afraid headed in to the unforgiving Colombian badlands. Now, 10 survivalists remain. In El Bosque, Shane has separated himself from his teammates Alana and Danielle. Danielle is rocking an awesome hat and the ladies are enjoying a successful fruit harvest. The women refer to Shane as “The weird neighbor,” and now that Shane (and their camp’s tension) is gone, they are trying their luck with fish baskets. Loner Shane seems to be enjoying his solitude too. He’s fashioned a spear and is on a walkabout in hint of the elusive capybara that has been … Continue reading

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Recap Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 4: Family first doesn’t always work out

Ray Donovan recap

Ray Donovan Season 3, Episode 4 “Breakfast of Champions” (original air date Aug. 2, 2015): Lots of crazy cereal talk in this episode. Made me pick up a box of Captain Crunch (so why does that cereal rip out the top of your mouth, anyways?). OK, enough of that, here’s the recap Ray Donovan Episode 4. The episode begins with Abby returning to Boston to visit her Southie family. She surprises her brother Dave (Aaron Hendry) at their family bar. “You look like a fucking teenager,” he tells her. “I feel like an old woman.” Abby (Paula Malcomson) takes no … Continue reading

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Go “On The Record With Mick Rock” on Ovation

On The Record With Mick Rock

Mick Rock and his iconic photographs of Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Lou Reed and Blondie helped define the 1970s glam rock era. Now the man who has photographed everyone from Queen to Queens of the Stone Age is looking at music’s biggest stars through a new lens. In his newest adventure, Ovation’s On the Record With Mick Rock, the photographer travels to the hometowns of music legends to gain an insider’s view of how each city shaped them. Two of the stars he’ll join for an unforgettable day are singer Josh Groban (who also serves as a series producer) and … Continue reading

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#TCA15: IFC’s “Documentary Now!” is history as it never was

IFC Documentary Now!

As Comedy Central’s Drunk History revolutionized the way we look at the past, IFC’s Documentary Now! (Thursdays beginning Aug. 20) hopes to alter how we remember some of history’s most important documentary films. Former Saturday Night Live castmates Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers are the creators of this new six-part comedy series that spoofs famous documentaries like Grey Gardens, Nanook of the North and Reportero. Each installment has the appearance and tone of a serious documentary (they even got Helen Mirren to introduce each episode!). But the seriousness ends when Armisen and Hader appear onscreen as parodies of eccentric … Continue reading

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Six Seeks Justice: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 8

recap, dark matter, episode 8

The past of several Raza crew members comes into clearer focus in Episode 8, the best episode of the series so far, and we’re in the thick of it before the opening credits roll. Six is off the ship, hunting down the general responsible for the massacre of 10,000 civilians, and fatally shot – then disintegrates while the killers argue, as they needed him alive. Six is digging into his own past via Transfer Transit. He’s not dead, but his clone is. So Six sweet-talks the technician into sending him again without the mandatory 30 minute wait. Android is in sick bay, where … Continue reading

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#TCA15: Meet Emily Beecham, The Widow of AMC’s “Into the Badlands”

The Widow - Into the Badlands

AMC’s upcoming drama series Into the Badlands (premiering Nov. 15) is a genre-bending martial arts, sci-fi action odyssey about a distant future in which the only inhabitable lands are in the former American Midwest, and they’re governed by seven feudal Barons who control vital resources. In the series, Emily Beecham plays The Widow (it’s not just a scary name!), one of the Barons of the Badlands. She controls the oil, and her ambitions disrupt the tenuous peace among the Barons. The Widow has the look of a Steampunk Southern belle with a twist of The Matrix warrior/dominatrix and two deadly daggers as her weapons of choice. “My character … Continue reading

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“Blunt Talk” releases the full comic force of Sir Patrick Stewart

Blunt Talk

Whether he’s on the bridge of the USS Enterprise as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation, leading heroic mutants as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films, or performing on the classical stage, Sir Patrick Stewart is an imposing presence, bringing gravitas and authority to his roles. Providing the voices of Stonecutter Number One on The Simpsons and CIA deputy director Avery Bullock on American Dad!, and guest-starring as a slightly off-kilter version of himself on Ricky Gervais’ Extras, Stewart proved he can take that gravitas and flip it on its head. Stewart makes his biggest flip … Continue reading

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