CBS should blacklist “The McCarthys”

The McCarthys

The McCarthys CBS Premieres: Oct. 30 Airs: Thursdays at 9:30pm ET/PT Who’s In It? Tyler Ritter, Jack McGee, Laurie Metcalf, Jimmy Dunn, Joey McIntyre What’s It All About? The McCarthys are a tight-knit Boston family and are therefore loud, obnoxious, sports-obsessed and closed-minded. Middle child Ronny (Ritter) is gay, civilized, sports-ignorant but WICKED BOOK SMAAHT and therefore something of the family’s black sheep. When Ronny wants to move away, his father (McGee), head coach of a high-school basketball team, hires him to be an assistant coach. Crazy, right? It’s also infuriatingly bad. We’d rather listen to New Kids on the … Continue reading

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Nik Wallenda returns to the wire in “Skyscraper Live”

Nik Wallenda returns to the wire in "Skyscraper Live"

After making around 13 million television viewers’ hearts stop during last year’s gripping wire-walk across a portion of the Grand Canyon, Nik Wallenda is ready to have audiences wracking their nerves again. “I love challenging myself,” Wallenda tells us in an interview. That is obvious when one hears about his latest wire-walking attempt, which will be covered in the live Discovery Channel special Skyscraper Live With Nik Wallenda. As the title indicates, Wallenda will be engaging in a two-part walk between notable Chicago buildings (the second part of which will find him blindfolded). The first part of the crossing will … Continue reading

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Scoring the Scene on “Criminal Minds”

Criminal Minds

CBS’ hit Criminal Minds is one of the creepiest dramas on television. For the past decade, the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit has matched wits with entertainment’s most twisted unsubs “unknown subjects.” As the team profiles and hunts down the depraved and despicable villains, the action is set against the most riveting soundtrack on television. The show’s award-winning composers, brothers Steffan and Marc Fantini (along with composing partner Scott Gordon), create the disturbing music that sets the show’s dark mood. Marc and Steffan, what is your background in music? Marc: Our musical background started in recording: rock, pop and songwriting. My … Continue reading

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“Two and a Half Men” star Jon Cryer answers our 7 Questions

Jon Cyrer from Two and a Half Men

When Two and a Half Men returns for its 12th and final season on CBS Thursday, Oct. 30 at 9pmET, Jon Cryer will truly be the last man standing. Cryer’s gearing up for his final run as the whining, penny-pinching Alan, who still lives in his late brother’s Malibu beach house, but now mooches off Walden (Ashton Kutcher). Facing the end of this era, Cryer says, “It’s the final season. We are going to have fun with it, and be as profane and tasteless as always. “With Walden adopting a child, it will be a heartfelt journey,” he continues. “There … Continue reading

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The Flash recap: Captain Cold is introduced in “Going Rogue”

The Flash recap: Captain Cold is introduced in "Going Rogue"

In last night’s episode of The Flash, titled “Going Rogue,” we finally get to see one of the “big bads” of the Flash mythos — Captain Cold (a.k.a. Leonard Snart), played very well by Wentworth Miller. Miller displayed the cool-under-pressure sinisterness of Captain Cold that fans of the villain’s appearance in comics and in animated versions should appreciate. The episode title is also likely a sly reference to The Rogues, a group of villains in the comics headed by Captain Cold who regularly tried to stop The Flash. The end of this episode also saw Captain Cold trying to recruit … Continue reading

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Nail’d It Episode 4 Recap: “Divine Nails”

Nail'd It Episode 4 recap

Tonight on Nail’d It … it’s a boy! The first male contestant, the artists do “Church Nails” and they create Stiletto nails based on colorful high heels. Lauren, age 32 from Cape Coral, FL. Her specialty is detailed artwork. “After I gave Jesus control of my life, he told me to work in a salon.” Lauren’s double sided pin-up nails are the most amazing painting I’ve ever seen on nails. And, who ever though to paint on both sides of the nails!?! Lauren credits prayer for helping her come to odds with drug addition, homelessness and bipolar disorder. Robert, age … Continue reading

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HBO’s The Comeback: Valerie Cherish returns — and this time, she WILL be heard

HBO's The Comeback:  Valerie Cherish returns — and this time, she WILL be heard

Call it TV’s comeback of the decade — because 10 years is nearly how long HBO’s rule-breaking series The Comeback has taken to return to the network for its much-discussed second season. In the summer of 2005, former Friends star Lisa Kudrow, her producing partner Dan Bucatinsky and Sex and the City’s Michael Patrick King debuted the 13-episode, dual-camera series, which starred Kudrow as fading actress Valerie Cherish, who allows a reality TV crew to capture her humbling return to the small screen in a hormonal teen sitcom. Critical acclaim — and three Emmy nominations — followed. So did cancellation. … Continue reading

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“Nashville” Christmas album releasing next week

"Nashville" Christmas album releasing next week

Halloween is just a few days away, and you know what that means — just about time for many people’s thoughts to turn toward the Christmas season (probably starting at 12:01am on Nov. 1, if not already). Right at the start of the season, on Nov. 4, fans of the ABC series Nashville will get an early Christmas gift with the digital release of the album Christmas With Nashville. Christmas With Nashville will feature holiday songs from the drama’s cast, including Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten, Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen, Jonathan Jackson and more. Including familiar holiday favorites and … Continue reading

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Jane the Virgin Episode 3 Recap: Heartbreaker

Jane the Virgin Michael Glowing

We fell in love with Jane the Virgin knowing the backstory of how Jane’s Abuela told her the story of keeping her virginity until marriage. We saw the flower being crushed and how impossible it was to put it back to its original form. However, in this episode, Jane is turning the tables on everything. She’s realized that her one nightmare has come true: She’s unmarried and pregnant just like her mother was. She figures why wait any longer to have sex if she’s already pregnant and has a fiancé who has been waiting patiently. When Jane lets Michael in … Continue reading

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All Rise For Eliza Coupe On “Benched”

Eliza Coupe

USA’s new comedy series Benched premieres tonight and the vehicle is a welcome return for star Eliza Coupe. She was great on ABC’s Happy Endings and Benched has created a great platform for her to really flex her comedy chops. In Benched, she plays a former corporate lawyer who adjusts to life, and her new clients in the public defender’s office. I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of courtroom TV, most dramas make me doze, and other than Night Court, has court ever been funny? But the courtroom scenes in Benched feel really fresh; there’s great stuff happening in … Continue reading

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