How to contact Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium”

Theresa Caputo, the star of TLC’s series Long Island Medium, says she was 28 when she was first introduced to the possibility that she was a medium. It took another five years for her to actually accept her gift.

“There’s a big difference from when I accepted it to who am I?” Caputo told us. She said she struggled with feeling, “I’m no different than anybody else. Why was I chosen to do this? Why is this my journey?”

The aftermath of 9/11 left her with clarity and a feeling of  purpose for what she calls her role in the physical world. Now Caputo spends her days and nights taking her clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife. She helps people find closure and/or reconnect some with loved ones who have passed.


UPDATE 2/1/2013 – The BEST way to contact Caputo is through her new website:

Her phone number that was previously listed here is no longer in service, so we removed from the post. When we last talked to Theresa (January 2012), she told us the best way to reach her is via her new website at This was an update to what TLC previously provided ( That email address we have tried and have never gotten a response. Her wait time is over two years at this point, due to the popularity of the show.

Surprisingly, Caputo has built her career on word of mouth only and has done little to no marketing. When asked if she’s ready for what a TV series will bring as far as popularity, Caputo says: “Absolutely not. I still think this is like a school project. It’s so not reality yet for me. My life is overwhelming as it is, as of right now, my waiting list to get an appointment is… I don’t have any availability until January 2013.”


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    me encntaria saber como estta mi madre querida Teresa Caputo soy chilena de antofagasta,y me gustari que le dijeraas mi amada madre que la extraño mucho,
    veo siempre tu programa y como yo si creo en el mas alla y que los seres queridos esttaan junto a nosotros , quero saber si ella esta bien

  2. Christopher davis says:

    I lost my brother in 2012 in a horrible car accident ever cens the accident I felt like it was my fault cause I was not there with him cause he always drove safe when I was with him I never got to say goodbye or talk to him that much cause I was in school working on getting my CNA license I miss him so much and still wish he was hear with us and I am looking to seek answers and be able to say goodbye to my brother but can find anyone that can help me do that so that is why I am asking you for you help thank you

  3. Camille Procida says:

    Hi, Would love to get a private reading. Miss my grandmother on my moms side and grandfather on my dads side so much. Was so close to them both.
    sent a email through your website also. thank you, god bless you.

  4. gloria schulten says:

    Hi my name is gloria I have cml my son has cml thank god he is in remission my mom past and he dident get to see her he was still I the hospital my mom and I had arocky life but I loved her we would like to know she is ok and that she has another grandson thank you and god bless you

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