How to contact Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium”

Theresa Caputo, the star of TLC’s series Long Island Medium, says she was 28 when she was first introduced to the possibility that she was a medium. It took another five years for her to actually accept her gift.

“There’s a big difference from when I accepted it to who am I?” Caputo told us. She said she struggled with feeling, “I’m no different than anybody else. Why was I chosen to do this? Why is this my journey?”

The aftermath of 9/11 left her with clarity and a feeling of  purpose for what she calls her role in the physical world. Now Caputo spends her days and nights taking her clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife. She helps people find closure and/or reconnect some with loved ones who have passed.


UPDATE 2/1/2013 – The BEST way to contact Caputo is through her new website:

Her phone number that was previously listed here is no longer in service, so we removed from the post. When we last talked to Theresa (January 2012), she told us the best way to reach her is via her new website at This was an update to what TLC previously provided ( That email address we have tried and have never gotten a response. Her wait time is over two years at this point, due to the popularity of the show.

Surprisingly, Caputo has built her career on word of mouth only and has done little to no marketing. When asked if she’s ready for what a TV series will bring as far as popularity, Caputo says: “Absolutely not. I still think this is like a school project. It’s so not reality yet for me. My life is overwhelming as it is, as of right now, my waiting list to get an appointment is… I don’t have any availability until January 2013.”


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10,141 Responses to How to contact Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium”

  1. Hi Theresa i wish to now wath is going on around me becouse my life it is so dificulte now and no longer whit my hasband we got separete two years ago and i now i have three deat familty in my life my father a cousin and my grandpha i wish to a litlle bit about them

    • brenda phillips says:

      I really need your help things have not been going so great but if I can have a reading . it just might help. thank you

  2. valita barbour says:

    Dear Theresa,
    I was a caregiver for my mother and my youngest brother. My mother passed on november 22, 2011 and my brother less than year later on november 20,2012. I was able to say goodbye to my mother but my brother I was not able. For a while I considered suicide but knew I still had things to take care of here on earth. I have turned into a compulsive eater and have gained back much of the weight I had lost. Sometimes I feel like I want to give up on life but I am caring for my mothers husband (my stepfather). I saw your show when you visited washington, d.c. I sure wished I could have met you. So many of your shows have touched me in ways you would not believe. I have so many medical issues myself and can get very discouraged. I saw your episode today about your daughter thinking she may be a celiac . I am a celiac and it is not very easy to deal with when you are on a fixed income. I just wish I could have said goodbye to my brother. We were very close, almost like twins even though we were 4 years apart. He was my heart and would do anything for me and I for him. I called both him and my mother my children since I never had any. There is so much I want to tell you but I feel like you are already going to know things. My heart is too full right now to even finish this email so I guess I will just close out and maybe get in touch with you at a later date.
    Wishing you and your family all of Gods’ love.

  3. Carol Snyder says:

    Hi Theresa,
    I’m hoping you can help me I lost my husband in 2013, ever since his passing my daughter and I have not been able to connect with each other. Prior to his death we were best friends and could talk about anything thing and everything. She started using drugs to cope with his death. She has a four year old son who was the apple of his paw paw ‘so eyes. After his passing he spoke through my grandson. The scariest thing for me is I’m going to loose my daughter. She has always heard people talking since she was little and she still does. She will be in the room with me or anyone and will ask what did you say. She never wanted to go around large crowds, like family function even as a teenager. I could never understand we a a family that loves to be around each other. She reserched on the internet of how when she is around people and they are upset or hurting she draws off of them. She feels she my be an empath. My life has turned upside down since my husband died and now I’m so afraid I’m loosing my daughter. I’m hoping you can help us both. We live in St. Bernard Parish. I was shocked when I saw your show and saw you did a group reading in Chalmette. I would love if you could do one for my family and possibly help my daughter deal with her father’s death and see if she really could be a empath. I’m not sure how much it would cost I don’t have lots of money but I would be willing to take out a lone if it meant my grandson could have his mommy back a I could have my daughter back. He would tell me I was his soul mate. I felt with my job I lost precious time with him a I’m hoping he forgives me, which I needed to work so he had insurance and the medicine he needed, since he was on disability . My contact information is 504-908-908. I’m hoping you can help me and my daughter our lives back I’m so scared of losing her I feel she is shutting down more each day. Thanks in advance for anything you can do to bring my daughter back to me a here four year old son.

  4. Diane Butler says:

    Hi, my name is Diane Butler. I was born with renal kidney failures and had 2 failed kidney transplants, second one I almost died but I’m here now and I’m glad I am here with my families and plus, 2 years ago, I got married to my wonderful husband. About a year ago on July 31st, 2013, my momma died of heart attack due to arteries blockage in her heart where she thought she was having heart burn and took couple of my acid reflux pills to see if it helped but didnt and within 24hrs later, my husband’s grandfather passed away too. He took it hard. I really would like to know hows shes doing, if shes watching over all of us and like to let her know we all still love her and miss her lots more than she knows. I watch your shows and you do very good job. I was hoping you would nicely come here to talk with me , my husband, my dad and brother? I really would be apprecited and grateful if you came.
    Thanks, Diane Butler

  5. dear thereaa, ihve lost both my parents within six months of each other,and on boath times my dad and my mum said to me go and see your son daron as you have not seen him in a long time and it was like darshavew boath times l got to my sons house witch is two hundred miles from where i live and i got there on a tusday to stay with them for a week but on the wednesday i had a phone call from my oldest sister that my dad had only houres to live and could i get there in time to say my last goodbys to him but it was to late then the same thing happened to my mum i did get there in time but i could not understand why they was letting all the medications run out but she did look at me befor she took her last breath and there was a tear running her right cheek .and at that moment i was at a loss as what to say but when my mum went the rest of my brothers and sisters just huddled up to geather and juas left me standing in the middle of the room all on my own and it was that moment i realy felt all alone i am still carring the cross for boath my parents but i cant let them go because at this moment i still think that they are on holladay in spain i have not greved for them i dont weven go out of the house anymore i just stay in my bedroom all the thim the reason i cant let them go ye is i did not have the time to tell them how sorry i was for being bad when i was just a little girl abs out of all my broathers and sisters i was the only one who stayed with them every dad and took them backwards and forwarods every time .as they were having cancer treatment i even stayed with them when they were getting there treatment but as soon as the others new they were dieing then they all turned up at there house and started taking stuff out of the house and like before i was left with nothing but i realy did not care it was my mum and dad that i was worred about and cared for and i could not ever tell them how much i miss and love them please can you tell me if they are now together and are happy and tell them that i would realy love to be there with them thank you for any help you can give me befor i go out of my mind with worry or end up taking more tabletts than i should do , because all of my brothers and sisters have had me down at my lowest by saying how uggly i am and that no body wants me not even my own children .well thank you for listing to me thank you from georgina

  6. Ebony says:

    Hi mrs. Theresa i am here to ask if you could help my immediate family my daughter went to heaven on may 18 i would love it if you could help us interact with her i sometimes feel her i see alot of butterflies i feel her around me alot and want to know if she is ok she is now 11 please contact me thank you in advance

  7. Roscella Trumble says:

    Hi, my name is roscella Trumble and i am 40 years old living mathis, Texas. i suffer from a few mental disorders one of them being P.T.S.D from exterm trauma. i am writing you because i suffer from memories and are not sure they are my own or if i am experiencing something different. also my mother passed in 2011 from brain cancer and while in hospice at my sisters in kentucky a major tragedy happened in my family involving three members.After my mother passed on the night before her bariel i was woken by someone sitting on the edge of my bed . During the night i woke have very strong sence of a smell and taste in my mouth. Which was fresh dirt. the real story of this one paticular tragedy in my life is left with a mystery of some death that desperately needs to be known and have some closure. please help. Thank you deeply . Roscella Trumble p.# 361-255-0325

  8. Hi Theresa my husband comitted suicide after
    We had a fight , and told me to leave the house
    Now me and my kids and family we dont understand why
    He did it cause he never had that mind of killing himself
    Hospital didn’t even give him attention
    We are not sure if its their injection thst made him worse
    Please help me to get closure.

    • Hi Theresa my husband comitted suicide after
      We had a fight , and told me to leave the house
      Now me and my kids and family we dont understand why
      He did it cause he never had that mind of killing himself
      Hospital didn’t even give him attention
      We are not sure if its their injection thst made him worse
      Please help me to get closure.

  9. Floy Luscomb says:

    Theresa. I lost my husband last month in a horrible accident that my children witnessed. I feel it was my fault and I’m really struggling. He was my best friend and my soul mate. We were married 10.5 years. My heart and soul is crushed. Please help me.

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