How to contact Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium”

Theresa Caputo, the star of TLC’s series Long Island Medium, says she was 28 when she was first introduced to the possibility that she was a medium. It took another five years for her to actually accept her gift.

“There’s a big difference from when I accepted it to who am I?” Caputo told us. She said she struggled with feeling, “I’m no different than anybody else. Why was I chosen to do this? Why is this my journey?”

The aftermath of 9/11 left her with clarity and a feeling of  purpose for what she calls her role in the physical world. Now Caputo spends her days and nights taking her clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife. She helps people find closure and/or reconnect some with loved ones who have passed.


UPDATE 2/1/2013 – The BEST way to contact Caputo is through her new website:

Her phone number that was previously listed here is no longer in service, so we removed from the post. When we last talked to Theresa (January 2012), she told us the best way to reach her is via her new website at This was an update to what TLC previously provided ( That email address we have tried and have never gotten a response. Her wait time is over two years at this point, due to the popularity of the show.

Surprisingly, Caputo has built her career on word of mouth only and has done little to no marketing. When asked if she’s ready for what a TV series will bring as far as popularity, Caputo says: “Absolutely not. I still think this is like a school project. It’s so not reality yet for me. My life is overwhelming as it is, as of right now, my waiting list to get an appointment is… I don’t have any availability until January 2013.”


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9,975 Responses to How to contact Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium”

  1. lee mazriel says:

    Hi theresa I am lee from S.A CAPE TOWN I LOVE LONG ISLAND MEDIUM PLZ CALL ME 0735172544 OR 0214343339 PLZ PLZ

    • Dawn Marie says:

      Hi Theresa., I love your show and I am from Hoboken New Jersey, I never thought I would write in until my Sister N Law was Murdered in Queens Creek Maryland, I have put photos together along with a letter of what happened to her and always calling the detective to see if they have found any leads, and nothing. I find this so weird considering how she was murdered.
      I would love to know if you can help us close this case and get this bad guy, or would my sister n law come thru so I can be at rest as well her family. Thank you so much for your time.
      Dawnmarie from CA

  2. alexismccluskey says:

    Hello Theresa! My name is Alexis and I need your help! I am a 17 year old girl and want my mom to have better closer about why/ what happened with her brother. She had 2 brothers, and they both died 6 months apart! We need to know why my one uncle did what he did. Please contact me! (641)895-4754

  3. nestor luis munoz iriarte says:

    senora teresa me gustaria mucho hablar con mi padre ya muerto soy de venezuela digame como hago para poder hablar con usted feliz dia desde venezuela

  4. jenny says:

    Omg my bad I hope u understand what I’m telling u I hate my touch screen but I’m in Vegas so if u can contact me thanks I just need ur help please.

  5. jenny says:

    Hi Teresa my name is jenny and I have a daughter that just lost her fiance he was found dead on a ditch and I need my daughter to have closer he just past last wk at 28 yrs old and he has 4bbys from him and my daughter had a couple of questions and I feel so bad I don’t know how to comfort her and since IV been watching u and ur seasons IV notice that this is so real actually one of my friends got to meet I here in Vegas and I did not know I were here pr else trust me.i would of loved to see u. Anyways I really hope u can help my daughter in any kinda way please ot hurts me to hear her cry the way she had been. I hope this dream can come true and u can give my bby some closer my number is 702) 540-3670 thank u and I will wait patiently to hear from u make my daughters dream come true to hear from u ur the best mrs. Caputo.

  6. america says:

    Hi teresa im ur fan call me 773 773 7326311

  7. america says:

    Hi teresa I watch u every Tuesday pls I want to talk to u 773 7326311 chicago

  8. shana blankenship says:

    July 15th 2014,
    It’s Shana again. I live in athens ,Alabama, but I hope we can get in touch I really need help my whole world has fell apart.I miss my mama SOOOO much,I feel guilty bout going on with everyday life.

  9. shana blankenship says:

    July15th 8:20pm
    My name is Shana & on june21st I lost
    my mama.She would have been 58 on July 4th.To make a long story short,she was diagnosed with 3rdstage throat cancer on October 31st 2008.This began one BIGGG!!!! roller coaster ride for her.Over125 Dr. visits&hospital stays in a 6 year period.Well on the 29th of April she was admitted put on ventilator for a few days,got better put in room got bad,back in ICU got better made the decision (herself) to have a teach put in to open airway.went thru surgery did good for a few days, made a turn around back in ICU & we was faced with the decision to put her back on the machine which we did not.we lost her 10 days later & I feel like I let her down & she left this world thinking we gave up on her. Please help. I need closure & to know she’s OK.

  10. Per-ivar Mathisen says:

    Hey theresa caputo.i am a 33 years old boy from norway an live there.i am your biggest fan. My father past fore 13 yesrs ago from brain tumor.i wish to know if he is mobile number is 94429421.i wish i cold meet you some day.

  11. Evelyn says:

    I want to know about my mother in law 203 6918733

  12. Shaunna lynn Moreno says:

    My name is Shaunna Moreno and i obviously am a huge fan of your show and gift. I KNOW YOU ARE BEYOND BUSY WITH SOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLES NEEDS AND DESIRES TO HAVE A SITTING WITH YOU!! I also feel like your gift may be a gift for me as well. I suffer everyday from the tragedies of my loved ones departure and how they failed me by removing thereself from this life . I was more wondering at this time if u did over the phone readings since i live in northern california near Sacramento.Please allow me a chance to grow in my life just knowing what u may be able to share with me . my contact gmail address is at ur access and i would be anxiously awaiting a response, thank you for your time Theresa Caputo, your truly an inspiration!!!!!!!!

  13. Please contact me at your earliest convenience ty 412 595-4927

  14. Please contact me for a reading at you earliest convenience ty 412 595_4927

  15. dawnbabuscio says:

    Please contact me for a reading at you earliest convenience ty

  16. dawnbabuscio says:

    My name os dawn its a life long dream to meet Teresa ive lost so many love ones including two sons my parents n alots of live friends. I have so many questions but i understand they only come n say what they want im afraid to see a different medium because most are about only money which is hard for me to begin with so you see i dont have it to waste on fakes please contact me Teresa 4125954927i live in pgh pa i watch your show all the time n wish upon a star ??????

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