Documentary special looks at the history and evolution of the Batmobile

The CW will be airing the broadcast network premiere of a new half-hour special about the history and evolution of Batman’s iconic ride — the Batmobile — on July 16 (the special makes its world premiere July 12 at Comic-Con in San Diego, where all six of the Batmobiles from film and TV will also appear for the first time together).

The special is simply, and appropriately, called The Batmobile, and uses archival footage, images and illustrations of the Batmobile to document its birth and evolution to the present day. Interviews with filmmakers, key designers, builders, stunt drivers, actors and fans of the Batmobile help explore the impact of this cultural icon. Personal stories interweave with historical context to tell the story of one of the world’s most recognized automobiles.

Interviews include actors Adam West (TV’s live-action Batman) and Christian Bale (who will be at the helm of the Batmobile’s most recent incarnation as the Tumbler once again in The Dark Knight Rises, which hits theaters July 20), as well as directors Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), Tim Burton (Batman, Batman Returns) and, yes, Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever, Batman & Robin).

The Batmobile premieres July 16 at 8pm ET on The CW, with an encore showing immediately afterward at 8:30pm ET.



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