Jerseylicious Season 5, Episode 6 recap: “Ex, Lies and Videotape”

It’s photo shoot time in Jerseylicious land!

This whole episode primarily focuses on the shoot for Anthony & Olivia’s Jersey book. While at first I thought it was kind of a lame idea the way they wanted to go about it, it turns out it might actually be pretty cool. I for one wouldn’t mind checking it out — not to own, though. It covers everything from the boardwalk to football & aliens to glitter.

So at the beginning Anthony is just lining up who is going to model for what scene. Alexa is back for this episode after all and refuses to be photographed as an alien abductee who got impregnated. Apparently there are A LOT of alien abductions in Jersey so they wanted to include that in the book. Anthony is bummed she refuses to do it but isn’t going to push the issue since he needs her help for hair & makeup. Gayle, also a little apprehensive but gives in, is going to be a sexy Jersey Devil, although she has never heard of this legend and thinks it is just a sports team. It’s beginning to sound like this book is all about the supernatural. Then again some of the looks in that state are pretty supernatural-looking. Super-glow spray tan, anyone? Now that roles are assigned, on to the shoot!

Day 1
Everyone shows up on time, Ant goes through the rundown of everyone’s shots and things start off smoothly until Filly breaks a light throwing a football, Cathy has to get her hair redone, and there is a leak in the cranberry pool. Say what? It’s pretty chaotic! And Jackie is as smart as a light bulb she is dressed up as…

Meanwhile as Gigi waits to be fully submerged in cranberries, since Jersey is where they were first cultivated, Jackie calls out Gigi at the shoot on how much she hurt Olivia. Gigi gets very defensive like it’s none of Jackie’s business and storms off. Everyone hears this whole breakdown and the drama starts to heat up. Anthony breaks it up and tells everyone just to finish the day off ’cause they are almost done. He sums it up best in his little confessional; no one can decide who’s better friends with who. Olivia later goes up to Gigi and says she’s sorry for the drama and gets her all set for the cranberry shoot.

As Gigi gets in the tub (which is going to work MUCH better than the kiddie pool that sprung a leak) she starts screaming because of how cold the cranberries are. Tracy snickers and comments how she feels bad for the cranberries for having to touch Gigi. With that, day 1 is a wrap! Not, though, until Olivia tells Anthony about the predicament of getting Gigi out before Frankie & family arrive. And they decide to just try and shoo her out before they show up.

Day 2
The second day of the shoot starts out all nice & fluffy. Alexa & Christy see each other for the first time in a while and now that Alexa is prego, she has a much different attitude toward Christy & the kids. They play all kissy face with apologies and make up for all the meanness in the past. *AWEEEEE*

Moving forward, Gigi tells Alexa about the Tracy fight, which luckily Tracy prepped Alexa the day before about. Tracy happens to overhear their whole conversation. I don’t think she could have rolled her eyes any farther back in her head. Olivia then breaks the news to Gigi about Frankie & his family coming in for a photo, but not until after trying to get her to leave on her own. Gigi is upset that she will have to miss out on doing the casino photo but also doesn’t want to see them and leaves just as they are walking in the door. Phew, what good editing! So all the photos get done, and now it’s just time to stitch the book together. We’ll see if all these relationships can get stitched up as well, or if those are going to need some Photoshop magic, too …

New episodes of Jerseylicious air Sunday nights at 8pm ET/PT on Style.

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