Dog and Beth Chapman address family troubles in upcoming CMT special

A week before their new CMT series Dog and Beth: On the Hunt premieres on CMT, Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth will address the issue that has weighed heaviest on their fans’ minds: What has happened with the Chapman clan since the family publicly imploded as Dog the Bounty Hunter headed toward its unexpected series finale.

dog and beth chapman

Dog and Beth: The Preview Special premieres Sunday, April 14 at 8pm ET/PT on CMT and will re-air throughout the week leading up to their new bounty-hunting bonanza. Fans can also stream the special online at

According to the network’s press release, Dog and Beth: The Preview Special covers the 15-month timespan since the end of Bounty Hunter, during which the Chapmans and their children Leland, Duane Lee and Baby Lyssa argued over the future of the family’s bail-bond enterprise, and Duane and Beth prepared to take their business in a dangerous new direction alone. “Dog and Beth: The Preview Special shows the dramatic struggles of a professional bounty-hunting team attempting to move on without crucial team members, a father and son both battling their own pride and the Chapman’s unwavering belief in second chances,” the network said.

When I sat down with Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman in January to discuss Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, the issue of Lyssa and Duane Lee’s departure was foremost on Beth’s mind.

“The focal point of the show is our relationship — and our relationship with Leland,” she explained. “Because Leland wants to stay with his dad. Duane says this really profound thing where he says, ‘I don’t love you more, son. But you probably love me more than any of the other kids.’ Because as a parent, you don’t love any of your children differently. But they love you. And their love for you may be stronger than what your sister’s love is. And that’s what Leland is, right? His love for his dad is stronger than the others.’ And so he doesn’t want to be the one to leave or go away. He wants to be the one staying right here and doing what he does. And so we were really happy about that.”

Check out the rest of Channel Guide’s funny and revealing interview with Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman here and in the April issue of Channel Guide Magazine.

CMT photo by Andy Batt

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  1. Beth and Dog, I am one of your biggest fans. I started watching your show several years ago. I was told by someone that you guys only arrested black people so I wanted to see for myself. Several years later I am still watching your show and have found that that person who was a hater was wrong. You all are so family oriented and I love it. Beth you are a bad women. Stand up for your family and Dog at all cost. You go girl!!!!! I am 65 and retired I have five kids, seventeen grandkids, and two great grandkids with one on the way. I am very family oriented and believe me you never get to old to learn. I have been through some things but nothing compared to you guys. I also love the way you put god first in your lives. Love you guys and would love to meet you if you are ever in St. Louis. Keep up the good work. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RebeccaWhite says:

    I watch your show all the time .I Think it is a great show.What ever is going on with your children it will be alright.A lot of people has problems with grow children but it will all work out .I just want BETH dog to know that I love your show and if I had one wish it would to met Beth and DOG .keep up with the good job .Our prayers are with you .

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