George Takei appearance helps kick off Syfy’s new “Fangasm” series

Oh, my! George Takei will make an appearance on the series premiere of Syfy’s Fangasm, a reality series that follows seven fanboys and fangirls. Which makes sense, since Takei — an original Star Trek cast member (Sulu) who also appeared in several Trek films — is a sci-fi fan icon, and currently has a legion of followers on his website and social media outlets, where he often passes along funny Internet memes.

In the series premiere of Fangasm, George Takei makes a surprise visit that becomes a life-changing moment for the gang of fanboys and -girls. According to Syfy, Takei shares with the group some laughs and insight on what it means to be a fan of movies, TV shows and stories that inspire us. One of the roommates in particular is sincerely moved as he recounts how Star Trek shaped his childhood and brought his family closer together.

Syfy explains the concept of Fangasm as a series that “follows seven fanboys and fangirls – Andrew Duvall, Sal Fringo, Kristin Hackett, Molly McIsaac, Paul Perkins, Mike Reed and Dani Snow. The gang lives and breathes all things science fiction, comic books, collectibles, cosplay, life-action role playing games and pop culture. The tight-knit group of big bangers spend the summer living together in Los Angeles and interning at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo – the dream job of their lifetimes.” The network recently took a similar look into the fan lifestyle with its short Heroes of Cosplay series that focused on costume creation and competition, which I’m not sure clicked with large audiences. Perhaps amping up Fangasm with guest stars like Takei and Stan Lee might draw in more of the fanboy/girl crowd.

Fangasm airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT on Syfy beginning Sept. 24.


George Takei on Fangasm: Vivian Zink/Syfy

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