When does The Little Couple return? Photos from the season premiere

TLC announced today that The Little Couple will return for its most emotional season yet beginning Tuesday, March 4 at 10/9 CT.

The one-hour season premiere follows Jen and Bill as they travel to India with their 3-year-old son Will to finally bring their newly-adopted toddler daughter Zoey home.

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When Jen faces a sudden and frightening health crisis that forces her to fly home to Texas, Bill must stay behind with Will and complete the adoption process on his own.

Back home in Texas, Jen learns she is suffering from Stage 3 choriocarcinoma, a rare cancer that evolved from a non-viable pregnancy she had in the fall, and begins an aggressive treatment regimen, while Bill hones his “Mr. Mom” skills and the family relishes bonding with their new addition.

In addition to Jen’s brave cancer battle, the new season of The Little Couple features the Arnold-Klein clan as they celebrate Will’s fourth birthday, the children’s baptisms, Christmas and Jen’s 40th birthday.

And it looks like a happy ending for the family is in the offing. Jen’s cancer is now in remission.

“My prognosis is very good,” she tells us. “It’s a very rough chemotherapy regiment with weekly treatments, but I am now happy to report that I am done. I still must undergo close monitoring for a long time, but re-occurrence rates are low for my type of tumor.  Now it’s just a matter of getting back to my normal self — stamina, strength — and that could take months. But I am ready for the road to recovery!”

Check back soon for Channel Guide Magazine‘s exclusive interview with The Little Couple‘s Jen Arnold and Bill Klein!

The Little Couple returns with new episodes Tuesday, March 4th at 10/9CT on TLC.

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4 Responses to When does The Little Couple return? Photos from the season premiere

  1. Linda says:

    Sure hoping the Little Couple is returning as it is a fantastic series. I have discovered that a lot of friends are watching the Little Couple for the realness of Bill and Jen. They are wonderful role models!!
    Now, the Hamils (sp?) are another thing. You can feel the tension between them and that is not pleasant. May go the way of the Oregon couple, the Roloffs. But probably won’t watch the next session of the Hamills as not fun to watch the tension. But will always watch Bill & Jen as their love for each other and their children is wonderful.
    Linda Clark

  2. Doreen says:

    when does little couple return for the next season

  3. mary phillips says:

    when does the fall season 2014 of the little couple start. the 19 kids and counting have started their new season and has little people, big world.

  4. trish edwards says:

    When is the new season of “The Little Couple” going to return? Or will there be another season in 2014 ~ since it is already August?

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