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Recap of Tethered episode 3, blame the gators

Tethered episode 3

In our recap of Discovery’s survival series Tethered episode 3, titled “Bayou Breakdown,” we go to Louisiana’s alligator filled bayou where we meet Rob Greenfield and Kevin Dutoit. We learn Rob biked 2,000 miles to Louisiana— barefoot — before even starting the journey. We figure Kevin probably flew first class. Rob’s first to arrive at the destination. Rob took one look at Kevin in his preppy-boy attire (yes, he had a sweater neatly tied around his neck) and knew he was in trouble. Kevin took one look at Rob and felt relief. Kevin, however, reassures Rob that he’s not a … Continue reading

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Gold Rush’s Top 7 Miners: Christo Doyle picks his dream team

Gold Rush's Freddy Dodge takes the No. 1 spot on the Top 7 Gold Rush miners

Who are Gold Rush’s Top 7 miners — or more like, executive producer Christo Doyle’s dream team? As much as he didn’t want to answer that question, Doyle put together his fantasy team below. In addition to his ranking, we dish with Doyle on the realities of filming the series, as well as the drama involved in following these guys. But first things first, Christo Doyle gives no false pretense when it comes to his and the network’s relationship with these miners featured in Discovery’s top-rated series (airing Fridays at 9pm ET/PT). “We have absolutely no control of these gold … Continue reading

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Preview: Gold Rush Season 5 promises “most gold ever”

Gold Rush Season 5 features Tony Beets

Get ready pay-dirt fans as Gold Rush Season 5 kicks off in full throttle with new miners, new machinery and some seriously intense new story lines. Gold Rush Season 5 premieres Friday, Oct. 16 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. Last season’s winner Parker Schnabel is upping his ante and he’s looking to double his take from last season, with an unprecedented goal of 2,000 ounces. That’s more than $2.5 million! Not sure if that’s even realistic, but you go boy! The now-humbled Todd Hoffman is desperate to get back in the game after a ridiculously low yield of gold last … Continue reading

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Recap: Angels Among Us episode 11- don’t ever say “I hate you”

Angels Among Us recap of episode 11

Recap of Angels Among Us, Episode 11 “Energy Shift” (original airdate Oct. 12) This one is emotionally crushing. Although what episode really hasn’t had some segment that moves you, right? The episode Angels Among Us “Energy Shift” reminds how telling someone “I hate you” can haunt you forever. The episode starts with a reminder from Rosie Cepero on her notion that we are all born with angels who guide us via their different messages. Some of the messages are about hope and warning, others are about healing. The first person we meet in “Energy Shift” needs some healing. Matt, a … Continue reading

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“Surrounded by Bears” recap of Tethered episode 2

recap of Tethered episode 2

Discovery’s new survival series Tethered (Sundays at 10pm ET/PT), follows two strangers — usually polar opposites — who are bound together by a 6-foot tether. The two first meet in the wilderness and are then forced to work together to reach their rescue point. In our recap of Tethered episode 2, titled “Surrounded by Bears,” we go to Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska, where we meet Henry and Laura. While these two don’t have the egos of last week’s Willow and Keith, they prove to be equally as exciting to watch. Meet “Henry Lomeli” Age: 47 Resides: Chico, California Occupation: Wildlife biologist … Continue reading

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Video: Exclusive preview of Angels Among Us season finale!

Channel Guide Magazine has an exclusive preview of Angels Among Us season finale – the last episode of the season, “Smell the Roses,” premiering on TLC Sunday, Oct. 12 at 10:30pm ET/PT. In the final episode, Rosie Cepero helps a young Boston woman (Gabby) understand that she’s always had guardian angels, even before her beloved grandfather passed away. Rosie literally smells something good cooking and when she mentions Thanksgiving to Gabby it sets off a series of deep emotions. Rosie also makes a New York woman extremely happy in a tearful conversation. “I feel so happy, I feel like I … Continue reading

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Recap of Tethered episode 1, interviews with Keith and Willow

Keith from Tethered Episode 1

Tonight marked the premiere episode of Discovery’s new survival series Tethered (Sundays at 10pm ET/PT), which follows two strangers — who are complete polar opposites — vying to get to an extraction point while bound together by a 6 foot tether. In our recap of Tethered episode 1, titled “My Way or the Highway,” we meet (and later talk to) Keith and Willow, both delightfully entertaining men who end up learning a lot about themselves in their grueling journey. Meet “Keith” Age: 43 Resides: Utah Occupation: Navy vet who served 8 tours in Iraq Starting attitude: Hardheaded, biased, no warm … Continue reading

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Preview: Discovery’s Tethered gives a new twist to the survival genre

Discovery's Tethered featuring Keith and Willow

It’s one thing to be naked and afraid with a complete stranger. It’s another thing to be clothed and afraid — but tethered — to that complete stranger. That’s the gist of  Discovery’s Tethered, their latest 1-hour survival series making it’s premiere tonight (Sundays at 10pm ET/PT). The adventure series is an amusing and insightful character story, as well as physical and emotional challenge, on whose got what it takes to work together, no matter what your personal differences are. Two people from completely different walks of life are dropped at some environmentally challenging locale where they meet and then … Continue reading

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Episode guide for On the Menu, where to taste winning dishes

When and where can you taste the winning recipes for On the Menu? Below is an episode guide for On the Menu and links to each of the restaurants featured this season. TNT is introducing us to the first cooking competition series where viewers actually get to taste each week’s winning dish in On the Menu, which airs Fridays at 8pm ET/PT. Ty Pennington (Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) hosts the series and legendary chef Emeril Lagasse lends his expertise to the everyday cooks who are vying for the chance to have their dish served at these major … Continue reading

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Interview: Two heads are better than one for Sarah Paulson in “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story-Freak Show

Last season’s Supreme, Sarah Paulson, has double duty in his go-round of American Horror Story playing conjoined twins Bette and Dot — two characters, Paulson tells us, that have proved to be her most challenging role to date.  American Horror Story: Freak Show debuts on FX Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 10pm ET/PT. “What I’ve already got to do in the first three episodes, there’s just nowhere else I would have done any of it — any of it — ever!” Paulson tells us. “We all know that I don’t have two heads, so how we are achieving this is very … Continue reading

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