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Survivor recap episode 9: A witches coven on Survivor?

Suvivor recap episode 9

Survivor: Second Chance recap “Witches Coven,” Season 31, Episode 9 (original airdate Nov. 18): It’s day 21 and we’re down to 11. Kelley Wentworth is soaking up her victorious immunity idol shocker. She gloats: “I just idoled Andrew Savage out of Survivor: Second Chance!” Kimmi thinks it’s time to break up the witches coven: Wentworth, Ciera and Abi-Maria. She might be right as these gals definitely have brewed up a wicked good way to stay in this game. Reward Challenge It’s two teams of five, so someone has to sit this one out in a schoolyard pick. Looks like no … Continue reading

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Survivor recap episode 8: How did they not plan for an immunity idol?

Survivor episode 8

Survivor: Second Chance recap “You Call, We’ll Haul,” Season 31, Episode 8 (original airdate Nov. 11): It’s day 20 and we’re down to 12. “Brilliant plan. Executed to perfection,” Andrew Savage tells Jeremy. He’s referring to voting off Kass. Their plan for the go forward  is to keep their alliance intact and stay the course picking off the Ciera’s, Abi’s and Wentworth’s. That, however, wouldn’t be the case. Reward Challenge Two teams of six were formed. They need to paddle and navigate a row boat, while grabbing some obnoxiously sized crates and then stack them in a puzzle pattern onshore. … Continue reading

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The Curse of Oak Island season 3 preview: Biggest & most expensive dig yet

Season 3 Curse of Oak Island preview

The game is afoot. One of History’s top-rated shows —The Curse of Oak Island — returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 9pmET/8pmCT. The documentary series follows Michigan brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, who acquired a stake in ownership of the legendary Oak Island with big-time hopes of uncovering some sought-after historical treasures (think Indiana Jones’ like treasures — the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant) and potentially big-time payouts. What’s amazing about the 200-year history of the Island is that no one knows exactly what they are looking for, and this blind search has claimed millions … Continue reading

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Bond is so stuffy. TNT’s Agent X is our guy.

Meet TNT's new Agent X (starring Jeff Hephner)

There’s a lot to love about TV’s new Agent X. He’s smart, loyal, handsome, resilient and a little bit sloppy, but that’s his appeal. He’s not the stuffy Bond type. Much of that can be attributed to the charisma of the man playing Agent X, Jeff Hephner, whose Midwest charm and kick-butt wit definitely show through. TNT’s action/drama series debuts Sunday, Nov. 9 at 9pmET. “[The show] doesn’t take itself too seriously because, God knows, I don’t,” Hephner says. “I’m from Michigan and I’m playing this guy as if he’s from Michigan, and there’s a low-key-ness that I relate to … Continue reading

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Survivor recap episode 7: Kass and Ciera create some chaos, play to win


Survivor: Second Chance recap “Play to Win,” Season 31, Episode 7 (original airdate Nov. 4): It’s day 17 and we’re already down to 13. Savage is unsettled over the last Tribal Council for not being included in his tribe’s voting strategy. Hey, they blindsided Woo, not him. He needs to get over it. But he can’t, he feels betrayed by Kass, and he’s pissed and his tribe mates know, but don’t really care. He’s praying for a merge to bring him back to his Bayon brothers. His wish comes true– and a whole new game begins at the new named … Continue reading

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TLC returns to pageantry: Meet Coach Charming

Coach Charming on TLC

He’s no Mr. Congeniality, but Bill Alverson has one impressive track record. The prominent Alabama attorney and brutally frank pageant coach is the subject of TLC’s new docu/reality series Coach Charming. “The last four Miss Americas were girls I knew personally. Worked with, developed and coached. They won,” Alverson boasts in the first episode. “But there is a common denominator, and that would be me.” You get it fast. This guy’s got one incredible ego, but it’s completely entertaining. Coach Charming turns the spotlight away from the beauty surrounding pageants and focuses on the brains — that would be Alverson, … Continue reading

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Exclusive insights on tonight’s Live Exorcism on Destination America

live exorcism

OK, so this one caught our attention — the first live exorcism on TV. Destination America (a Discovery-owned network) is returning to the house where a real-life exorcism was performed on Roland Doe in 1949, an event which inspired the book and the film The Exorcist. Their goal: Ridding the home of lurking spirits and demons that inhabit it. The event, Exorcism: Live!, will be televised on Friday, Oct. 30 beginning at 9pmET. “If you want to know what the show is, we’re telling the real story, the real exorcist story from the most haunted house in America,” says Jodi … Continue reading

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Survivor recap Episode 6: What happens when Spencer has to play with Kass?


Survivor: Second Chance recap “Bunking With the Devil,” Season 31, Episode 6 (original airdate Oct. 28): When Jeff Probst makes a late-night visit to one of the camps you know it’s not to deliver good news. Probst had a message for Terry Dietz. He wakes up Terry and asks him to accompany him to the beach where he tells him that his wife called saying his son Danny is in the hospital and both she and the doctor believe that the situation is serious enough that he needs to come home. Without hesitation Terry’s out – family’s first. It’s heartbreaking … Continue reading

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Beyond dangerous: Pacific Warriors follows extreme kayak fishing off Hawaiian Islands

Pacific Warriors recap

From the network that brought us Deadliest Catch and Gold Rush, comes another enthralling series that explores man’s more unusual (and extremely dangerous) quest to make a living. Pacific Warriors is Discovery’s newest series debuting tonight at 10pmET/PT. The series follows a group of extreme kayak fishermen (and one woman) who risk it all to catch some of the world’s most valuable fish. While the Pacific oceanscape off the Hawaiian Islands provides some stunning cinematic backdrops, the real awe factor in the series is the danger and actual size of the fish some of these men are reeling in (and … Continue reading

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Survivor recap Episode 5: So much for that idea on an all-girl alliance

Survivor recap Episode 5: So much for that idea on an all-girl alliance

Survivor: Second Chance recap Season 31, Episode 5 “A Snake in the Grass” (original airdate Oct. 21): After 11 days Angkor is down to just four tribe members but they finally caught a break and avoided Tribal Council in Survivor: Second Chance’s fifth episode. In a welcome change of pace, Bayon was seated around the Tribal fire where a major blindside resulted in Monica heading home. But let’s start at the beginning and give a quick rundown of the episode. Abi is still queen bee. She kept Woo in the game and if Woo dares to cast another vote against … Continue reading

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