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Dance Moms Season 5 episode 9 recap: A little less talk and a little more dancin’

Dance Moms Season 5 episode 9 recap: A little less talk and a little more dancin'

Uh oh, Dance Moms nation. The counter is back. I suppose it was only a matter of time. And just for the record, I’d consider using Lifetime-sanctioned photos for these things if, you know, they actually offered some from each — or any — episode. Which they don’t. And what’s a story without pictures? So I make my own. So let’s all just ignore the counter. We do not see you, counter! Lalalala! As promised, we’re back in Pittsburgh. Holly says she sees L.A. as a success, even if Abby did try to sabotage Nia at every turn — Aubrey … Continue reading

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Better Call Saul episode 5 recap: “Alpine Shepherd Boy”


When we left the McGill brothers at the end of last week’s Better Call Saul, things were looking up for Jimmy and not so much for Chuck, who risked going to outside long enough to make an unauthorized purchase of his neighbor’s paper only to be further traumatized by what he found on the front page. And that is where we pick up in this week’s episode, “Alpine Shepherd Boy.” When a pair of cops appear on Chuck’s doorstep to investigate the “crime,” Chuck points out that the neighbor actually made a tidy profit on the exchange and then attempts to engage … Continue reading

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The Returned: The spine-tingling French series gets an American reboot on A&E


If you saw The Returned in its original French incarnation, odds are you haven’t forgotten a moment. The eerie character study about a small town unmoored when a handful of its dead return seemingly unchanged explored matters of life and death and devotion in a gorgeously quiet, emotionally rending way. Now the series is getting an American reboot from writer/producers Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel) and Raelle Tucker (Supernatural, True Blood). The pair says that, rather than re-create the original, they used it as a starting point for more expansive storytelling as “the returned” and their reeling loved ones navigate … Continue reading

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Go behind the scenes of NGC’s “Killing Jesus”


I am seated near a bank of monitors in a maze-like casbah in Tamnougalt, a 400-year-old village in Morocco’s Draa River valley. Actors, crew members and locals mill about in cool, cramped hallways with rocky floors, clay walls and a tightly thatched ceiling that, now and then, releases a shower of dust that coats our hair and teeth. Flies and feral cats are omnipresent. And we’re all in the presence of Jesus. Actually, it’s my first day visiting the sets of National Geographic Channel’s Killing Jesus, its most ambitious film project to date and the third of the network’s films … Continue reading

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CSI Cyber — The new kid in the CBS franchise tackles “Crime 2.0”

CSI Cyber — The new kid in the CBS franchise tackles “Crime 2.0”

Can you control your thermostat, your DVR and even your coffee maker with just a couple taps of an app on your phone? It’s cool, certainly — convenient, for sure — but it could also make you a prime candidate for a savvy new brand of criminal. It’s a great big Wi-Fi world out there and our willingness to forego our privacy for the love of the latest gadget is the catalyst for a timely new CSI spinoff. CSI: Cyber stars recent Oscar winner Patricia Arquette as Special Agent Avery Ryan, head of the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division — a role … Continue reading

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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 4 preview: You can’t ring my bell….


My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding returns to TLC for a fourth season on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 9/8CT — and in the season premiere, Small-family teen Julie does her (literal) level best not to ring in her Sweet 16 celebration. In keeping with her ultra traditional family’s customs, Julie will have bells sewn into her lavish party dress. Asked to walk a straight line when she enters the festivities, Julie’s dress must stay perfectly quiet as a sign of her purity or she’ll face the wrath of her grandma Tils. And from the looks of it, you do not want to get … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 8 recap: Out with a whimper


Another day, another million dramas, Dance Moms nation. We start out back on the set of the MattyB video, where Abby is still stewing about Melissa not recognizing that Mackenzie is just this side of Ariana Grande and refusing to sign her on in a second fiddle role. Abby says the papers that Melissa did sign say that Mack will appear, but keep her golden little pipes to herself. If she sings, she gets top billing. Even though MattyB’s people are paying for this thing, so, uh, there. Blake talks the sudden hitch in the giddy up with Melissa, who admits she just … Continue reading

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Our Little Family preview: Adapting in an average-sized world … plus, it’s potty time!


Our Little Family returns to TLC tonight with back-to-back new episodes.  In the first, it’s potty-training time for Cate and Cece, Dan builds Jack a playground fortress that’s the perfect size for him, and a trip to the grocery store with the kids gives Michelle another chance to demonstrate how to adapt in an average-sized world. • MORE: We talk with Dan and Michelle Hamill of TLC’s Our Little Family! “Some little people use grabbers at the grocery store — I’m having none of that,” she says, clambering up shelves in the cookie aisle and coming back down with something Jack nixes … Continue reading

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Better Call Saul episode 4 recap: “Hero”


We’re four episodes into AMC’s Better Call Saul, and Slippin’ Jimmy, Jimmy McGill and Saul Goodman are, by turns, thrashing, banana-peeling and tip-toeing their way to becoming the same guy, on the screen and in viewers’ minds. And by the end of tonight’s outing, “Hero,” I found myself wondering for the first time if Jimmy ever really wanted be a lawyer in the first place, or if he’s just trying mightily to fill his big brother’s shoes and avenge — carry on? live up to? — the family name, using the best gift the universe bestowed on him: The ability to spin … Continue reading

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Oscar winning documentary feature Citizenfour premieres on HBO tonight


On the heels of its Oscar win for best documentary feature at last night’s Academy Awards, filmmaker Laura Poitras’ searing  documentary Citizenfour makes its HBO debut tonight at 9/8CT. Steven Soderbergh co-executive produces the real-life thriller. In January 2013, Poitras — who was already at work on a film about monitoring programs in the U.S. — received an encrypted email from a stranger calling himself Citizen Four, who offered her inside information about illegal wiretapping practices of the National Security Agency  (NSA) and other intelligence agencies. That June, Poitras traveled to Hong Kong with her camera and investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald to … Continue reading

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