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The Messengers — The CW’s new drama is Rapture-ous.


A strange occurrence in the New Mexico desert stops the hearts of five strangers, then resurrects them again — as Earth-bound angels. Not the white-robed, harp-toting kind. The “oracles of the apocalypse” kind, in Everyman clothing. As these unwitting emissaries — a scientist, a single mom, a bullied student, an FBI agent and a televangelist — come to grips with extraordinary new powers and how they got them, their lives begin to intersect with one another’s and that of a mysterious figure known only as “The Man” (Diogo Morgado). Meet The CW’s The Messengers. “If Close Encounters and The Stand … Continue reading

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Who is Neil deGrasse Tyson’s dream guest for StarTalk on NGC?

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the set of his new talk show series “StarTalk”

In March 2014, National Geographic Channel, in partnership with FOX, debuted Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, its sumptuous reboot of Carl Sagan’s groundbreaking 1980 miniseries, Cosmos. Like the original, its successor — hosted by affable astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson — took home multiple Emmys and renewed viewers’ faith that educational, entertaining family television was still entirely possible. On April 20, the network premieres StarTalk, its newest partnership with Tyson and NGC’s first foray into the late-night talk-show landscape. Based on his long-running podcast of the same name (selected by iTunes as one of the Top 10 podcasts of 2014), the weekly … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Season 5 episode 15 recap: MDP-O’d


Welcome back to sunny L.A., Dance Moms nation. We’re still 3rd Street Dance squatters and this week’s sidewalk discussion is about how pyramid should go well because of last week’s win and how we’re all headed in the right direction. Winning! Videos! Records! Plus we’re getting a visitor! Oh. That’s no visitor. It’s Erin Babbs and the Murrieta Dance Project group, who will be at the same competition this week. They beat us last time we went head-to-head, so oh oh. Inside the girls are stretching and Kendall gives a little a cappella version of the song from her upcoming … Continue reading

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7 Questions with James Maslow of Lifetime’s Seeds of Yesterday

7 Questions with James Maslow of Lifetime's Seeds of Yesterday

Last weekend’s  If There Be Thorns, fans of Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews film adaptations got their first look at Bart Winslow — a sallow, worried boy whose sibling jealousies got a serious boost from his grandma Corrine and her creepy butler who moved in next door to Bart’s mom, Cathy, and her husband, Chris. Who are also brother and sister. Bart’s real dad is Grandma Corrine’s late husband and … well, you can see why the youngest of Cathy’s surviving sons might have a couple screws loose here and there. Which, says former Big Time Rush star James Maslow, who plays him in Sunday night’s Seeds … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Season 5 episode 14 recap: I’m havin’ contract-tions!


So we’re back in L.A. Dance Moms nation. Who else got a nice chuckle out of Jill’s “I kind of feel like we never left” remark? Given the amount of recycled footage you guys have pointed out — I really need to learn to pay attention better — who knows if we actually did. But anyway, Jo Jo says L.A. is the best! Melissa says Mack went with Abby to look for studios the other day and it was so much fun! Oh. Uh. Anyhow. The moms just hope the memories from this go-round are much more pleasant than those … Continue reading

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Better Call Saul Season 1 finale recap: Jimmy returns to Cicero in “Marco”


No one can break your heart — or your will — like kin. And as we reach the Better Call Saul Season 1 finale knowing Chuck sabotaged Jimmy’s law career from the get-go, preferring his baby brother serve as his errand boy and not his equal (and, worse, that Big Brother McGill has every intention of profiting further from the Sandpiper Crossing case), it’s a stinging reminder that no matter how your adult years go, family has a knack for keeping you the kid who crashed the Chrysler right up unto the grave. The revelation leaves Jimmy at a crossroads. The only family member he has … Continue reading

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HBO debuts Bessie trailer [VIDEO]


HBO released the official trailer for its stunning Bessie Smith biopic, Bessie, which will debut Saturday, May 16 at 8/7CT on the network. Twenty-two years in the making, the project was first brought to a young Queen Latifah — then a successful singer and burgeoning actress — by producers Richard and Lili Fini Zanuck, who had optioned a script from To Kill a Mockingbird screenwriter Horton Foote and director Bruce Beresford. Progress on the film ebbed and flowed until it landed in the hands of writer/director Dee Rees, who was gaining good notices for her coming-of-age story Pariah and leapt at the chance … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Season 5 episode 13 recap: You’re getting my goat …


If you wanna be my Dance Mom, you gotta get with(out) your friends… make it last forever, cause this show never ends. So given that … zigazig ahhhh, Dance Moms nation. It’s time for the Spice Girls/Poison Apples version of the Dance Moms recap. Which starts out innocuously enough as everyone gathers in the Dancers Den to talk about how weird it is to be without Maddie again (it’s not that weird). This time, Maddie’s with Sia in New York doing SNL. And Melissa is lamenting about how she really should be in New York with her daughter, but she has to … Continue reading

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Better Call Saul episode 109 recap — Pimento


With just a week to go until the Better Call Saul Season 1 finale, we open with Chuck and Jimmy sitting side by side on a park bench near Chuck’s house on a lovely, sunny day. Chuck is zeroed in on the power lines overhead, but Jimmy tells him to kick off his shoes and feel the grass between his toes. Remember what it feels like to enjoy the great outdoors. Chuck does as he’s told, then changes the subject back to the Sandpiper Crossing case. Chuck tells Jimmy they must stay on their toes, because Schweikert is sure to file a restraining … Continue reading

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National Geographic Channel’s “Killing Jesus” will encore on FOX News Channel

National Geographic Channel's "Killing Jesus" will encore on FOX News Channel

Last night’s National Geographic Channel epic Killing Jesus will encore on FOX News Channel this Friday, April 3 at 8/7 CT and again on Easter Sunday, April 5, at 8/7CT. • FIND OUT MORE: We’re on the Moroccan sets of NGC’s Killing Jesus! • FIND OUT MORE: Haaz Sleiman: “Killing Jesus” is “a celebration for us as humans” • FIND OUT MORE: Stephen Moyer on playing Pontius Pilate in Nat Geo’s Killing Jesus With an all-star cast that includes Haaz Sleiman, Stephen Moyer, Kelsey Grammar, Eoin Macken, Rufus Sewell and Emmanuel Chriqui, the 3-hour movie event attracted 3.7 million total viewers in its National Geographic … Continue reading

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