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Dawn Ricci and Tony DeLorenzo trap online scammers in TLC special Web of Deceit

tlc web of deceit

In 2007, fortysomething single mom Sandy was battling the isolation and depression that stemmed from her recent divorce and the lingering effects of a car crash when she logged on to a poker web site and met handsome Texan “Keith.” The two began chatting regularly, first online and then over the phone, where their friendship quickly blossomed into the kind of Cinderella story lonely Sandy longed for. There was just one problem. After six years of only speaking to her love online and on the phone — and sending him tens of thousands of dollars to help him through what … Continue reading

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Abby’s Studio Rescue: new Abby Lee Miller reality series will premiere in June on Lifetime

Abby's Studio Rescue

While it’s fairly common knowledge that Pittsburgh dance coach and studio owner Abby Lee Miller conceived her Lifetime reality hit Dance Moms as a means of climbing out of debt after filing for bankruptcy in December 2010, she’s getting ready to give other dance studio owners on-camera business advice in the new Lifetime reality show Abby’s Studio Rescue, which will premiere June 17 at 9pm ET/PT. According to a Lifetime press release, the seven-episode series — from the folks who brought you Dance Moms and Hell’s Kitchen — will feature Miller crisscrossing the country to salvage struggling dance studios. • RELATED: Dance … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 16 recap: The mother(s) of all midseason finales

Dance Moms oopsie Christy

It’s the Season 4 Midseason finale, Dance Moms Nation and that means it’s time for the much-discussed new team. And the new mothers. Well, sort of new. One gave us a special little taste of her tact and refinement — and brought out the best in Melissa — last week. Another we met a month or so ago in Michigan. And another isn’t new to Kira at all. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We start out on a somber note, because the show has finally caught up to Maryen Lorrain’s Feb. 8 death. As each Pitt Crew mother-daughter … Continue reading

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The Little Couple sneak peek and photos: “San Fran, Here We Come!”

The Little Couple San Francisco

It’s Will whirling at the Wharf in tonight’s all-new episode of The Little Couple on TLC! Though it’s been less than two weeks since her final chemotherapy treatment, Jen — who serves as medical director of the Pediatric Simulation Center at Texas Children’s Hospital — decides to take advantage of her invitation to be a keynote speaker at the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s international meeting in San Francisco. Because Bill wants to make sure she doesn’t overextend herself, the couple packs up the kids and makes a family adventure of the journey. And when Jen is done with her professional duties, … Continue reading

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CMT announces Dog and Beth On the Hunt Season 2 premiere date

dog and beth on the hunt season 2 cmt

Dog and Beth On the Hunt Season 2 will premiere June 14 at 9pm ET/PT on CMT, the network has announced. Season 2 will feature 15 hourlong episodes that spotlight world-famous bounty hunters Duane “Dog” and Beth Chapman, their son Leland Chapman and Leland’s 19-year-old son Dakota traveling across America to help other bondmen upgrade their knowledge, skills and equipment and — as the title suggests — hunt down some of the country’s most dangerous and elusive criminals. According to CMT, the new season will feature Dog introducing the latest high-tech surveillance gear and ballistic gear, and a special episode … Continue reading

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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding preview: sister brides and Al Burke raps

On tonight’s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, a pair of thoroughly modern gypsy sisters plan a double wedding to their gorger fiancés, and a 34-year-old Irish Traveller tries make a splash in the world of rap music. Louisville sisters Kayla, 21, and Kandace, 20, already live with their fiancés, much to their traditional Romanichal mother Sandy’s dismay. Evan, 19, is Kayla’s man; they’ve been together for three years. Steven, 22, is Kandace’s man. Together five years, they already have two kids. In addition to fretting over their living in sin and having babies out of the bonds of matrimony, … Continue reading

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Years of Living Dangerously: Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron present a powerful look at climate change

Showtime presents Years of Living Dangerously

Though it’s produced by a veritable Hollywood power squad — Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron and Jerry Weintraub — and stocked with celebrity correspondents, the real stars of Showtime’s stunning climate-change docuseries Years of Living Dangerously are the everyday souls from around the globe whose lives have been irreparably changed by the weather. While the verity of global warming has been a polarizing issue even before the Kyoto Protocol made greenhouse gases a matter of international policy, the show’s creators and advisers wanted their story to be one of the power of people, not politics. “Politics are covered, but the path … Continue reading

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Interview: Detective Summer Benton of TLC’s Women of Homicide

Women of Homicide Summer Benton

If you’ve ever watched a scripted cop drama and thought to yourself, ‘Lady detectives don’t really look like that!’ Atlanta Police Department homicide detective Summer Benton could be the comely cop to change your mind. But don’t the perfectly made-up face, flowing auburn hair and soft southern drawl fool you. Like Cincinnati detectives Jenny Luke and Jennifer Mitsch, her costars on TLC’s new true-crime series Women of Homicide, Benton has the tenacity and track record to strike fear into the cold hearts of the murderers she’s hunting down. As the series notes, just 15 percent of the nation’s homicide detectives … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Season 4 episode 15 recap: Christi, With A Why

Dance Moms season 4 episode 15 christi

Between Mrs. Miller being on her way to heaven and the new team on its way to Pittsburgh, there is one hell of a pall over the ALDC, Dance Moms nation. But you don’t need me to tell you that. We start with Melissa meeting up with Abby at the ALDC front desk, telling her she was just at Maryen’s bedside. Abby says she doesn’t get upset until Melissa makes her get upset, but hey share a tearful moment, anyway. Then Abby says Maryen doesn’t need her to keep a vigil at her bedside. She wants her to be at … Continue reading

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Coming up on Dance Moms …

Coming up on Dance Moms ...

Just because next Tuesday’s is the LAST EPISODE BEFORE THE MIDSEASON FINALE!, that doesn’t mean we’re on the brink of being Dance Moms-free, Dance Moms nation. On the heels of the April 15 mid-season ender, Lifetime will air a pair of the reunion specials we’ve come to know and, er, love, despite our better judgment. But the best news is, the girls get the last word, via a Mom-free, Abby-free special of their own. To give you plenty of time to clear your calendar, turn off your phone, stock up on sedatives and warn your loved ones, here’s how the … Continue reading

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