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Hoarders Family Secrets star Matt Paxton: “This year … it will all make sense”


When Lifetime debuts its Hoarders reboot, Hoarders: Family Secrets, Thursday night, fans of the A&E original will be pleased to see some very familiar faces have returned  to the Hoarders fold — including extreme cleaning specialist Matt Paxton. Paxton says that even though A&E pulled the plug on Hoarders in 2013, reruns on the show’s new Lifetime home have kept the series — and serious discussions about this very real mental disorder — alive. “It’s been pretty surreal to see the response on social media — for me, on social media it never ended,” Paxton says. “New people were finding the show and they were … Continue reading

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Grace of Monaco premieres Monday night on Lifetime


Despite its very public slide from Cannes Film Festival opener and much-anticipated theatrical release to Lifetime movie of the week, you could do worse than to spend the waning hours of your Memorial Day watching Grace of Monaco. Especially if you’re a fan of Nicole Kidman and her considerable knack for playing steely stunners. There. Permission granted to watch it and enjoy it. How you handle the rest is up to you. If you approach Grace as a sort of weird amalgamation of golden-hued rags-to-riches princess tale and G-rated political-intrigue drama/mystery — rather an accurate biography of the cool blond Hollywood ingénue turned misunderstood princess — you’ll … Continue reading

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UnREAL — New Lifetime dramedy examines the harsh reality of reality TV

UnREAL — New Lifetime dramedy examines the harsh reality of reality TV

UnREAL premieres Monday, June 1 at 10/9CT on Lifetime. Can you be a feminist and still love The Bachelor? Better question: Can you be a feminist and admit to loving The Bachelor? Best question of all: Can you be a feminist and actually work on The Bachelor? It’s a lot to digest — just ask writer/producer/director Sarah Gertrude Shapiro. When Shapiro was in her early twenties, she spent a few years working as a producer on ABC’s reality behemoth during its fourth and fifth seasons (that’s the disastrous “Bob and Estella” and “Jesse and Jessica” for those of you keeping score). … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Australia Special Part 1 recap: Making Astras of Ourselves


Even though we’ve been reading about it and watching stuff on YouTube for months now, its time for the official Jeff Collins-crafted version of the ALDC’s Australian misadventures, Dance Moms nation. Everyone got their comfortable walking shoes … and their passport? No, no everyone does not. We start out in the dark of night at LAX where Abby is two hours from departure and a million light years from knowing where hers — plus her driver’s license and her credit cards — is. Er, what seasoned traveler heads to the airport without checking and rechecking boarding passes and necessary I.D.? Isn’t … Continue reading

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American Masters honors 75 years of the ABT with Ric Burns’ American Ballet Theatre: A History


At the very start of Ric Burns’ duly masterful American Masters documentary American Ballet Theatre: A History, which premieres tonight on PBS, dance historian Jennifer Homans offers up this assessment of the dancer’s experience: “If you are a dancer and you stand at the barre in these positions which have been prescribed for over 400 years and you go through this ritual — it’s a ritual of repetition, a ritual of physical discipline — you have to focus purely on the body. On what’s going on inside you. As you do that, you sort of end up letting go of all … Continue reading

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New Hoarders season Hoarders: Family Secrets premieres with a live intervention on Lifetime


Good news for fans of A&E’s gross-out guilty pleasure Hoarders, which ran on the network from 2009 to 2013 — and even featured a quick glimpse of our magazine (see image at right). The series is back with a brand-new name, Hoarders: Family Secrets, a bold new format and a new home on Lifetime, which currently airs repeats from past seasons. Hoarders: Family Secrets will kick off May 28 with an hourlong special focusing on two complex cases — a Massachusetts family and a relapsed hoarder on the brink of being jailed — and feature live segments culminating in the show’s first-ever live intervention. Throughout the season, some … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe: Lifetime mini reveals the broken heart behind the bombshell

The Secret_Life_Of_Marilyn

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe premieres in two parts Saturday, May 30, and Sunday, May 31 at 8/7CT on Lifetime.   Everybody knows “Marilyn Monroe” — she of the frothy halo of platinum hair, baby-doll voice and va-va-voom figure, splendidly showcased in her most memorable films. But few people know the real Marilyn Monroe, a.k.a. Norma Jeane Mortenson, a lonely foster child who used her kittenish charm, lush good looks — and, yes, her considerable intellect — to escape a nightmarish youth at the hands of her neglectful mother, Gladys. Now Lifetime’s ready to reveal the woman behind the … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Seeing Stars recap: Corn, beef, (re)hash


Time for another reunion show, Dance Moms nation, this one called “Seeing Stars” since we used up “Playing Favorites” on last time’s and “Enough About the Videos, Already!” was apparently not an option. JC, Executive Producer Superstar, is still apparently copping to the title and he starts us out by reminding us that we’re all packing up and moving to L.A. so tonight’s festivities will serve as a fond farewell to Pittsburgh. Except when he introduces Abby, she promptly says that we are not either leaving Pittsburgh. We’re expanding. Making a place to which the Pittsburgh kids can migrate, if you will. … Continue reading

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When does The Little Couple return? Here are the details!


TLC’s The Little Couple returns with brand-new episodes on May 26 — and things are looking up for the Arnold-Klein clan. In the season premiere, Bill’s back surgery is now six weeks behind him and even though he is still in significant pain, the devoted dad admits he may be bending doctor’s orders a bit to keep his kids (and himself) amused. He and Jen make a trek back to New York for a checkup with Dr. Farmer and enjoy some much welcomed couple time when the visit proves a success. Meanwhile, Jen is two years cancer-free and juggling work, caring for the kids and … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Season 5 episode 18 recap: The Patriot and Games


Sorry for the delay, Dance Moms nation. Rough week. But since this is the mid-season finale, I could hardly let it go unnoticed, now could I? Sure I could. But I didn’t. Because I like you. We’re back at Starbound, where we seem to be pretending that we didn’t end at Nia’s video premiere last week. I thought we’d dropped by Starbound already, but there is Cathy with her megaphone pondering Abby’s absence and only Melissa, Jess, Nia, Holly and Jo Jo seem to be representing ALDC. Holly says something must be up. Melissa says, the others are just still at … Continue reading

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