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Skin Wars season 2 episode 3 recap – Musical Harmony

Aryn Skin Wars season 2 episode 3

Musical instruments and ticking time bombs are the themes of Skin Wars season 2 episode 3, Musical Harmony. We get musical chairs, musical instruments and a visit from Zendaya. Let’s talk about it, shall we? Continue reading

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Skin Wars Season 2 episode 2 Sweet & Savory recap

Fernello Skin Wars season 2 episode 2

So last week we said goodbye to creepy man Marcio. Now on Skin Wars season 2 episode 2 we open with a large cake and a bar full of candy in the workroom. Of course Rebecca pops out of the cake.  Ru is also present & he gives her a hand out of the tiered cardboard dessert. This week’s mini-challenge is a sort-of unconventional challenge. The artists have to create a dessert-themed paint and top them off with actual pieces of candy. I’d rather they have to paint with frosting or something. That would be a PIA. I’d love to … Continue reading

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Skin Wars season 2 premiere recap

The judges Skin Wars season 2 episode 1

Since RuPaul is involved, I’ll be recapping the Skin Wars season 2 premiere. I watched Skin Wars last season and it was ok. Like most of the reality shows I watch, I enjoy seeing people with a skill set I completely do NOT have compete. My one disappointment last season was seeing a lot of what looked like collages painted on people. It just wasn’t my thing. I preferred the body art where the models blended into the background. What I did enjoy about Skin Wars were the names of some of the contestants. Gear Boxxx. Mythica Von Griffyn. Dutch … Continue reading

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Missing RuPaul’s Drag Race? There’s more to watch online

RuPauls Drag Race RuPaul season 7 finale

So it’s been about 36 hours since season 7 of Drag Race ended and yes, I’m already missing RuPaul’s Drag Race. What will become of my Monday nights besides general productivity? Wait, that would actually be a good thing. But all is not lost! If you are feeling light-headed, dizzy or perhaps have an overall malaise from not enough drag queens in your life, there are solutions. Get out and go see these queens in person. Girl needs to make dat money. Ginger Minj has announced her tour this summer, and I imagine other girls have too. You have Google … Continue reading

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5 things completely wrong about the new Jem and The Holograms trailer

The original Jem

Imagine my delight when the new, live action Jem and the Holograms trailer came out late yesterday. But then imagine my dismay when I actually watched said trailer. Below are some of the things I feel the new Jem movie is missing. I’m sure the network executives are listening.  Where are The Misfits? Where is the girl group drama? Is this just Jerrica vs the big bad record company instead of Jem & the Holograms vs The Misfits. Where is Rico being torn not knowing if he loves Jerrica or Jem more. He knows they’re the same person – what … Continue reading

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