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Project Runway Season 11 episode 11 ends on a surprise

Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn in Project Runway Season 11, episode 11

If you want to be surprised by last night’s Project Runway, do I have to tell you that you really need to stop reading this post right now? Ok, so I won’t be giving too much that a Project Runway fan of average intelligence couldn’t discern pretty quickly. But seriously, if you want the illusion of suspense to remain, don’t watch the video embedded below. Lifetime, can we talk? Just you & me. Come on over & sit on down next to me. I just want to talk to you as a fan. Someone who loves Project Runway, even when … Continue reading

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Project Runway Season 11 gets supersized

Project Runway Season 11 gets supersized

According to a press release from Lifetime, the final 3 episodes of Project Runway will be ‘supersized.’  So instead of 1.5 hours of the show every Thursday, fans will be treated to 2 hours of the show. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to go from the top 5 down to the top 4 in tonight’s episode. This could be a good thing with more drama, more seeing how designers work & create. Or, it could be bad with more mentions of ‘HP Touchscreen’ and ‘Lexus’ and even more ‘technology suite, brought to you by the folks … Continue reading

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