Interview: Christy McGinty from “Little Women: LA”

Christy McGinty

As a result of Lifetime’s Little Women: LA, Christy McGinty is on her way to becoming a household name. Her brashness and honesty has made her a fan favorite and a focus of much of the show’s drama. In the show’s premiere episode, Christy was introduced with the quote, “if you don’t like me, I have no time for you,” and she’s remained true to her word. As longtime friendships have become strained, she’s fearlessly moved forward in her search for her own happiness. One of my favorite parts of this season has been Christy and boyfriend (then fiancé, now … Continue reading

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7 Questions With … Adam Richman of NBC’s Food Fighters

7 Questions With … Adam Richman of NBC's Food Fighters

On Tuesday, July 22, NBC will premiere its new food competition series Food Fighters, hosted by Man v. Food‘s Adam Richman and featuring home cooks attempting to best the efforts of top TV chefs for cash and bragging rights. In each episode, the talented amateurs will go head-to-head with the pros who try to outcook them at their specialty dish. With each pro they defeat — average Joes are the judges — their cash bounty grows even bigger. And it won’t be easy. Iron Chef’s Cat Cora, Top Chef Masters’ Elizabeth Falkner and Lorena Garcia, Road Trip’s G. Garvin, Ace … Continue reading

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7 Questions With Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell returns to the sweet embrace of Hallmark Channel’s Cedar Cove when the charming drama returns for Season 2 on Saturday, July 19. What MacDowell, a small-town girl herself, loves about the idyllic town of Cedar Cove is, “The warmth of the small town characters, these people who actually care for each other, the sense of community, and the beautiful place that makes you feel good. It’s comfortable and safe and warm, and I like that because it’s hard, life is hard.”  Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 left off; MacDowell’s character Olivia Lockhart is in the … Continue reading

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Andie MacDowell Talks “Cedar Cove,” Season 2

Cedar Cove

Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove returns to Hallmark Channel on Saturday for its sophomore season with Sue Tenney (7th Heaven) taking over as showrunner, a move that excites the show’s star, Andie MacDowell. “I feel like Sue has a good handle on things,” she says. “She was able to get us out of all of the high drama that we were left in, and maneuver us into some other situations that I think are actually more interesting.” The high drama to which MacDowell is referring is Season 1’s sensational conclusion, where MacDowell’s Olivia reunited with her love, Jack, her daughter’s Justine’s … Continue reading

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Stephanie Szostak Finds Herself In USA Network’s “Satisfaction”

Stephanie Szostak

It’s not a mid-life crisis, insists actress Stephanie Szostak. When her character on USA Network’s new drama Satisfaction begins an affair with a male escort, it’s not her character freaking out at getting older and mourning the loss of her youth. Instead, the French beauty says, “I think it is more of an awakening. It’s that stage where especially, women, you’re devoted, you’re a mother, a wife, and suddenly, you think, ‘Gosh, Who am I?’” It’s a thought-provoking question, and as Szostak’s character, Grace Truman, ponders who she is outside of her roles of wife and mother, she finds that … Continue reading

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Michelle DeShon Is Vibrant In USA Network’s “Satisfaction”

Michelle DeShon

“God, this is so intimidating!” giggled Michelle DeShon as she sat down before a small group of journalists on the set of USA Network’s new drama, Satisfaction. The fresh-faced teen is not only starring in her first major role, rebellions free-spirit Anika Truman, Michelle was sitting down to her first press event…ever. But this is a year filled with firsts for DeShon, and stepping outside of her comfort zone is exactly what earned her the coveted role. “When I went into the audition, everyone else had a guitar and I was like, ‘God, was I supposed to have a guitar?’ … Continue reading

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Katherine LaNasa Exudes Confidence In USA’s Satisfaction


Satisfaction premieres on USA Network on July 17 as a steamy new drama about a husband and wife and how their successful lives start to evolve as they look at what makes them happy and the lengths people go to achieve happiness. As Neil and Grace Truman make unconventional decisions, they become more in tune to their desires and their connection to each other grows stronger. Katherine LaNasa plays Adriana, and there’s no way to skirt around her occupation. I’ll just let Katherine explain, “She’s a business woman and a pimp.” More specifically, she’s Neil’s pimp. Did that catch you … Continue reading

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Marley Shelton stars in Lifetime’s The Lottery

Marley Shelton in Lifetime's The Lottery

The year is 2025 and the world is in a state of desperation and panic, as women have stopped giving birth in the new conspiracy thriller series The Lottery. Marley Shelton stars in Lifetime’s The Lottery, premiering Sunday, July 20 at 10pm ET/PT, as Dr. Alison Lennon — the doctor responsible for giving the world some new hope. It’s been five years since a baby has been born. Maternity wings are empty. Kindergarten classes have ended. The global fertility crisis has devastated the most fundamental dream of having a family. And as the possibility of human extinction looms, one scientist — … Continue reading

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Investigation Discovery’s Heartbreakers unites long-ago TV teen hearthrobs in killer true tales

Heartbreakers Investigation Discovery

For TV viewers of a certain age, the idea of a brand-new show featuring The Brady Bunch’s Peter Brady and Melrose Place‘s Jack Parezi battling for the love of Growing Pains wallflower Carol Seaver could possibly blow your mind. But it’s about to go down. On Aug. 13, Investigation Discovery — ground zero for unabashedly campy TV that blends fact and fiction into lesson after lesson in what to avoid in a prospective life partner — will premiere the three-part summer series Heartbreakers, starring the aforementioned trio, Christopher Knight, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Tracy Gold, plus additional throwback faves Kevin … Continue reading

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Meet the Skullbuster: Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge on CMT

Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge

American Ninja Warrior, meet your new competition — Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, a 10-episode competition series debuting on CMT Sunday, July 6, at 9pm ET/PT. The show and its “Skullbuster” obstacle course are the brainchild of wrestling legend Steve Austin, who wanted to bring a new level of competition to TV. “I love doing serious, hardcore competition, so I wanted to come up with an even tougher version of competition [referring to his other CMT series, Redneck Island] — only take out the drama and make it all about the action,” Austin says. “We came up with this concept … Continue reading

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