Maria Kanellis talks what it’s like being the “First Lady of Ring of Honor”

Maria Kanellis talks what it's like being the "First Lady of Ring of Honor"

When WWE talent relations exec Marc Carrano told Maria Kanellis he saw her being in the business for a very long time, the Diva didn’t believe him. Now, more than 10 years in,  she is still thriving as the “First Lady of Ring of Honor.” Kanellis attributes her longevity in this competitive profession to being able to redefine her onscreen character and to constantly evolve. “I think I’ve always had a passion for the pro wrestling business,”Kanellis said. “In Ring of Honor, I was able to find something that inspired me and challenged me. I have been able to have a … Continue reading

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Ray Donovan: We talk Season 3 with Golden Globe winner Jon Voight


“Whenever things get bad, they could always get worse: Mickey could show up,” grins Ray Donovan star Jon Voight — who thrills audiences weekly as Clan Donovan’s hustling patriarch — in a teaser for the show’s third season. So now that his fortunes have changed, courtesy of a fine day at the horse track, does that mean Mickey with money is even more of a loose cannon than he was perpetually chasing it? “The more he has, the more dangerous he becomes to himself and others,” Voight confirms of the newly flush guy with his eye on becoming a prostitution … Continue reading

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Denis Leary gets the band back together for FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

Denis Leary

Remember when a rock band’s fame was measured in record sales and radio plays instead of Twitter followers and trending hashtags? Someone might as well stick us in a museum with a pole up our butts because we, like Johnny Rock, are fossils. Comedian and former Rescue Me star Denis Leary returns to FX in the new comedy Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll as Johnny Rock, the drugged-out, aging frontman of early ’90s flash-in-the-pan punk band The Heathens. For nearly 25 years, he’s been living all of the rock star lifestyle with none of the fame or fortune. John Corbett costars as Flash, The … Continue reading

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We talk TLC’s I Am Jazz with transgender teen activist Jazz Jennings!


When Jazz Jennings was 6 years old, she showed Barbara Walters and a 20/20 crew her ultra-girlie room, then warbled a bit of her favorite song, “In My Own Little Corner” from Cinderella: “In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be. On the wings of my fancy, I can fly anywhere, and the world will open its arms to me.” It was a poignant moment for reasons well beyond the charming sight of a pretty little girl singing a princess song to her famous guest — because Jazz Jennings was … Continue reading

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5 Questions With Jeffrey Dean Morgan of “Extant”

5 Questions With Jeffrey Dean Morgan of "Extant"

Jeffrey Dean Morgan spends enough time without his shirt on in CBS’ Extant to make most women take notice. It’s surprising with Morgan’s movie star looks that acting came about accidentally. After helping a friend move to Los Angeles, Morgan met a casting director, and “the next thing you know, I did a Roger Corman movie.” “If you are my age or older, you started doing Corman movies,” Morgan, 49, continues. “And I did a couple of those and I did not know what I was doing. I did not know what a mark was or how to memorize lines, … Continue reading

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Casting Director Reveals How To Get On Naked And Afraid

Naked and Afraid, Udhampur

Last year, I interviewed Kristi Russell, president of Metal Flowers Media. She revealed a lot about the Naked and Afraid casting process. Metal Flowers casts participants for a variety of reality series, but its largest, and most difficult client is Naked and Afraid. Kristi and her team scour the country for elite survivalists willing to participate in one of reality television’s most grueling experiences. And since I posted Kristi’s first interview, I’ve been wanting to do a follow-up interview to learn about: 1) Naked and Afraid XL; 2) Naked and Afraid, Show Us Your Stuff; 3) What’s coming up in Season 5 … Continue reading

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Exclusive Interview With “Teen Beach 2″ Stars!

"Teen Beach 2" Premiere Date

Get out your dancing flip-flops and get ready to boogie! Tonight, Disney Channel’s brightest young stars go back to the beach in Teen Beach 2! In the next chapter to the 2013 smash, Teen Beach Movie, modern-day teens Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack (Maia Mitchell) get a real world visit from their retro surfer and biker pals from the beach party film within a film, West Side Story. I chatted with Mollee Gray who returns to her role as sunny surfette Giggles and Ross Butler who joins the cast as brainy hunk, Spencer and both shared amazing stories about their time shooting … Continue reading

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Nurse Jackie series finale: We talk to Mackie Aladjem on saying goodbye

Nurse Jackie's Mackie Aladjem

Saying goodbye to a series you grew up on, literally, isn’t easy. For Mackenzie Aladjem, who has played Fiona Peyton since she was 8, it was more than just the Nurse Jackie series finale that brought out the emotions, it was watching her house get ripped down and saying goodbye to her TV mom (Edie Falco), her TV sister Grace (Ruby Jerins) and the rest of the cast. The series finale is June 28 at 9pmET on Showtime. “Before the last day, I actually watched them tear down my house and start taking apart the picture frames and everything,” Mackie … Continue reading

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Interview: Billy Burke of CBS’ “Zoo”

Interview: Billy Burke of CBS' "Zoo"

Nature runs amok in CBS’ new thriller Zoo, which is based on the bestseller by James Patterson and is about violent animal attacks against humans that begin sweeping the planet. Costar Billy Burke, who explains that from his understanding the show is “loosely” based on Patterson’s novel, says his role in Zoo is different from his last regular TV starring role, in another dystopian drama, NBC’s Revolution. “It’s not nearly as active as Revolution,” Burke tells us, “where I was in a fight to the death pretty much daily. I’m the scientist in this show. [My character] Mitch likes to … Continue reading

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5 Questions with Breeda Wool, who keeps the “Faith” in Lifetime’s UnREAL

5 Questions with Breeda Wool, who keeps the "Faith" in Lifetime’s UnREAL

However tempted you might be to feel sorry for Faith, the painfully insecure, churchly tomboy virgin on Lifetime’s Monday night The Bachelor sendup UnREAL, actress Breeda Wool, who plays her, hopes you’ll take a page from “Everlasting” suitor Adam’s playbook and have a little faith in Faith. “I’m very inexperienced at dating in general,” Wool explains of her character’s fish-out-of-water nature (secrets are looming!) — which makes her a natural target for Everlasting’s pitiless producers and her fellow contestants. “My grandmother, church and little country community really pushed me to go on the show so I could blossom as a … Continue reading

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