The hosts of TLC’s All About Sex talk online dating!


A few weeks ago, I sat down with the hosts of TLC’s new late-night talker All About Sex to chat about the show and what the ladies — actresses Margaret Cho (who recently made a splash at the Golden Globes) and Marissa Jaret Winokur, sex therapist Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry and Chelsea Lately’s Heather McDonald — might be learning from each other. Soon enough, the discussion turned to online dating and how women of our certain age feel about the ever-evolving age of digital matchmaking. “I love hearing my niece’s stories about Tinder and all this other kind of stuff that I can’t even comprehend,” said McDonald, who … Continue reading

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“Love, Lust or Run” host Stacy London answers our “7 Questions”

Love, Lust or Run host Stacy London

Fashion maven Stacy London makes a welcome return to TLC in her new fashion make-under series Love, Lust or Run premiering Friday, Jan. 23 at 9pmET. The former What Not to Wear host is no stranger to giving candid yet constructive critiques to the fashion-challenged; however, in her new series she’s helping women tone down their over-the-top looks. “This is a make-under series in the sense that these women are dressing to an extreme, even more so than we saw on What Not to Wear,” London shares. “They dress this way sometimes aggressively, sometimes defensively, but all are dressing this way … Continue reading

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Interview with “Wrestling With Death” star Big Daddy

Wrestling With Death on WGN America

What does small-town America do to combat boredom? They start a wrestling league, of course. The producers of Pawn Stars shine the spotlight on Osceola, Ark., and the Latham family, who are morticians by day, wrestlers by night in the WGN America series Wrestling With Death (airing Tuesdays at 10pmET). LaFonce Latham, 55, is the family patriarch known by most people simply as “Big Daddy.” “They know I’m a professional and that I’m very, very picky in the funeral home business,” Latham says. “And they know when the sun goes down, I take my tie off and I’m redneck.” A … Continue reading

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On the set of “Jane the Virgin” — Jane Loses Her Virginity?

Jane the Virgin cast on the CW hit's set

The Golden Globe-nominated show Jane the Virgin returns to television tonight with its Globe-winning star Gina Rodriguez. At a recent press event with the Television Critics Association that was held on the Jane the Virgin set, Rodriguez credited her fellow cast mates for fueling her award-winning performance: “I am nothing without my cast.” The entire Jane the Virgin cast attended the awards ceremony and Rodriguez was thrilled to have them celebrate with her. “To have them there with me through that experience was remarkable; to know that the show was recognized as well is remarkable and brought me so much joy,” she smiled. She was also … Continue reading

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Team Military on their toughest leg in Ultimate Survival Alaska, Season 3

Team Military of Ultimate Survival Alaska

The grueling terrain and weather conditions in National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Survival Alaska continue to challenge Team Military in the series’ third season. Fans are gunning for Team Military to grab a leg victory; support that’s not lost on teammates Jared Ogden, a former Navy Seal; Daniel Dean, a former Marine Scout sniper; and Grady Powell, a former Green Beret and survival instructor. “We have a lot on our shoulders. We’re representing ourselves, we’re representing the military, but we’re also representing America, as a whole,” Grady told us at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena last week. … Continue reading

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TCA: “Oh my gosh! Did my mom just say that?” Kate Gosselin’s kids critique her on “The Celebrity Apprentice”

Kate Gosselin The Celebrity Apprentice

Kate Gosselin‘s kids watch her on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, the reality TV star says at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. “My kids watch this, they see me in life, and just being myself is really my goal,” Gosselin says. “My little kids watch like it’s just another show,” she says. “They’re more interested as they get older. And my teenagers critique what I’m wearing, how I look and, “‘Oh, my gosh! Did my mom just say that?’” As for her flagship reality show Kate Plus 8 on TLC, the show returned Tuesday with an uptick in ratings. … Continue reading

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Arlen Escarpeta on being Bobby Brown to Lifetime’s ‘Whitney’

Arlen Escarpeta and Yay DaCosta in Whtiney on Lifetime

When Arlen Escarpeta arrived for his first audition to play R&B star Bobby Brown in Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic Whitney, he was surprised to discover his scene partner was none other than the film’s director, celebrated actress Angela Bassett. RELATED: Lifetime’s ‘Whitney’: Angela Bassett on telling Houston’s love story in her directorial debut “My first audition was a blessing,” smiles Escarpeta, 33, during a chat at a press breakfast for the film during the Television Critics Association press tour. “I’m reading opposite Angela Bassett — she’s in the room! That in itself was an accomplishment for me.” He made an impression. The Oscar-nominated Bassett, who makes her … Continue reading

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Don’t take “50 Ways to Kill Your Mother” literally, series looks to embrace life at any age

Don't take “50 Ways to Kill Your Mother” literally, series looks to embrace life at any age

As part of an aggressive network launch, Discovery Life Channel – which officially replaces Discovery Fit & Health on Thursday, Jan. 15 — introduces a rich lineup of original programming including the docu/adventure series 50 Ways to Kill Your Mother (Thursdays at 10pmET). The series is an Americanized version of the popular U.K. hit of a similar name — 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy — and is part travel, part endearing relationship, part oddball adventure show featuring Irish daredevil and travel host Baz Ashmawy and his 71-year-old mother Nancy as they grab life by “the scruff of the neck” … Continue reading

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TCA: Creator Clyde Phillips, Edie Falco on Nurse Jackie series finale

Edie Falco on Nurse Jackie series finale

Jackie Peyton “Nurse Jackie” is getting her final shot to get sober and clean up her life. I know. We’ve heard that before, right?! Well this time it is for good, as the final 12-episodes of the Emmy-winning series are set to begin on Sunday, April 12 at 8pmET on Showtime. Star Edie Falco and creator Clyde Phillips were at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour to talk about the Nurse Jackie series finale. While not a believer in happy endings, Phillips says he is “a believer in authentic endings,” and the final season for Nurse Jackie will be … Continue reading

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Interview: Aaron Stanford of Syfy’s “12 Monkeys”

Interview: Aaron Stanford of Syfy's "12 Monkeys"

If you enjoyed Terry Gilliam’s 1995 sci-fi classic 12 Monkeys, you’ll have fun with the new Syfy series adaptation, premiering Jan. 16. Like its source material, the series is about a time traveler, Cole (Aaron Stanford), who journeys from the year 2043 to the present day (with a few other stops here and there) to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will nearly eliminate the human race, leaving the people in Cole’s era desperately trying to survive in a bleak landscape. In our time, Cole befriends Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull), whom the future generation has … Continue reading

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