“Mad Men” in space? Tricia Helfer climbs aboard Syfy’s “Ascension”

Ascension Syfy

By Eric Kohanik Tricia Helfer admits she has somewhat of a soft spot for science fiction. But there’s a good reason. “I started my career with Battlestar Galactica,” the 40-year-old actress explains. “And I got lucky for my first job to be on something that was so character-driven and something that made people think.” It was that combination of strong characters and storylines that drew Helfer to her latest TV project: Ascension (on Syfy Mondays at 9pm ET/PT beginning Dec. 15) a six-part series inspired by Project Orion, a real top-secret space mission authorized by U.S. President John F. Kennedy. … Continue reading

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The Middle’s Patricia Heaton shares her favorite moments, answers our 7 Questions

The Middle's Patricia Heaton answers our 7 Questions

Of all the mothers on TV, Patricia Heaton’s Frankie rings truest. So much for the Real Housewives of anywhere — Frankie’s the real deal: no heels, no full makeup and no afternoons filled with lunching out and shopping. Now in its sixth season, ABC’s The Middle (Wednesdays) continues to find amusingly relatable storylines. And Heaton, a mother of four boys ages 21, 19, 17 and 15, can more than relate to Frankie, although she’s happy she’s got boys vs. her complicated TV daughter Sue (Eden Sher). “They are much easier than girls. There is never too much emotional drama. Boys … Continue reading

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Preview: Rebecca Romijn leads cast in “The Librarians” on TNT

The Librarians features Rebecca Romijn in the lead

TNT’s popular movie trilogy The Librarian gets serialized in the new action-packed drama series The Librarians, premiering on TNT Sunday, Dec. 7 at 8pmET/PT. Leading the cast is Rebecca Romijn (X-Men) who plays counter-terrorism agent Eve Baird who is reluctant to take on the job as the guardian to this weird but interesting Librarian (Noah Wyle) she encounters. “I was an investigator and I get invited to work at the library — I don’t know why, and I don’t necessarily want the job but I received this mysterious invitation,” Romijn explains. “I [become] the guardian of the Librarian. He doesn’t … Continue reading

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What’s next for Pepper? Interview with American Horror Story’s Naomi Grossman

Pepper and Ma Petite on American Horror Story: Freak Show

We love Pepper on American Horror Story. Naomi Grossman holds the distinguished honor of being the first character continuation in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story anthology series, portraying the gremlin-like Pepper in both Asylum and Freak Show. Pepper will be the focus of the upcoming 10th episode of AHS: Freak Show, “Orphans,” (airing Dec. 17) where we’ll get a better understanding on where she came from and how she got to Briarcliff Manor. “Ryan has hinted that Freak Show is Pepper’s origin story, and I think it’s fair to assume he means more than just stacking chairs and manicuring nails,” … Continue reading

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Interview: Brooke Shields talks about her new memoir, her mom and missing being on television

Brooke Shields memoir There Was A Little Girl

Brooke Shields new memoir “There Was A Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother And Me” on sale now. She’s known for being the epitome of beauty, style and subtle seduction. She was America’s sweetheart, even while sparking controversy with her films (she played an underage hooker in her first major role), her TV ads (she redefined the concept of snug-fitting jeans in more than one TV commercial), and her uber-public relationships (her bond with Michael Jackson made headlines all over the world). For Brooke Shields, getting the public’s attention is just another day at work, and for over … Continue reading

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Interview: Simon Majumdar of Nat Geo’s EAT: The Story of Food

Interview: Simon Majumdar of Nat Geo's EAT: The Story of Food

Most viewers know outspoken Englishman Simon Majumdar from his frequent Food Network appearances as a judge on series like Beat Bobby Flay, Cutthroat Kitchen and The Next Iron Chef, and from his critically-acclaimed gastronomic adventure Eat My Globe: One Year to Go Everywhere and Eat Everything. Now Majumdar is adding his signature wit and insight to National Geographic Channel’s epic exploration of food and food history, EAT: The Story of Food, which airs its second and third installments tonight at 9/8CT. And the timing couldn’t be better for the brand-new American citizen, who set off across his newly adopted homeland … Continue reading

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For real? Man gets eaten by snake in Discovery’s new “Eaten Alive”

Man gets eaten by snake in Discovery's Eaten Alive on Dec 7

Say what? Let me rewind that promo trailer I just saw (which millions of others also saw during Nick Wallenda’s Chicago skyline walk) in which a man gets eaten by a snake in Discovery Channel’s new Eaten Alive airing on Sunday, Dec. 7 at 9pm ET/PT. How is that possible? The idea of a human willing to be consumed by a 20-foot-plus anaconda in an attempt to gain more knowledge on the majestic creatures sounds downright crazy. I mean, couldn’t we just study them from afar? When you talk with Discovery’s executive producer Mike Sorensen, who is behind the two-hour … Continue reading

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Interview with TV Psychic-Medium, Kim Russo

Interview with TV Psychic-Medium, Kim Russo

I first learned of Kim Russo when I happened upon a recent episode of The Haunting of…  and I was absolutely dumbfounded. I could not believe the accuracy of the information that Kim Russo received from the spirit world about her client, comedian Tom Green. If you are unfamiliar with LMN’s Saturday night series The Haunting of…, world-renowned psychic-medium, Kim Russo, revisits locations where famous celebrities have had paranormal experiences. Kim attempts to explain the unexplained experience and often unveils surprising personal details as she connects with the celebrities’ loved ones who have passed over. It is absolutely riveting television. … Continue reading

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Preview: James Nesbitt’s performance in “The Missing” will haunt you

The Missing stars James Nesbitt

If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you’ve had one of those terrifying moments. You’re at the mall, a festival, the zoo — in public — and for a brief bit of time you lose track of your child. He was just with you. Your heart races. Your eyes search frantically. Panic sets in. Then relief — you spot him. Not so, for the new dramatic thriller — The Missing, debuting on Starz Saturday, Nov. 15 at 9pmET/PT. James Nesbitt gives a career-best performance in Starz’s eight-part series The Missing portraying — in heartbreaking detail — the life of … Continue reading

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#TBT TV: 12-year-old Haley Joel Osment on “The Sixth Sense” (2000)

Haley Joel Osment The Sixth Sense

He went from being one of the most celebrated child actors ever to … well, The Country Bears. But Haley Joel Osment is making something of a comeback, thanks to offbeat appearances in Kevin Smith’s cult-comedy/horror True North Trilogy. Back in May 2000, Channel Guide Magazine‘s Jeff Pfeiffer scored an interview with Osment for The Sixth Sense, which made Osment a household name at age 12 (and set M. Night Shyamalan’s bar way too high). Osment was on the cover, and we also featured interviews with child stars Jena Malone (still going strong!) and Frankie Muniz (er, not so much). The … Continue reading

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