Dance Moms Season 4 episode 19 recap: A tale of two snitties

dance moms epsiode 19 fight

Welcome to the second half of Dance Moms Season 4, Dance Moms nation. Remember that team Abby was building in the front half of the Season? They’re baaa-aaack! After winning the final competition, the “new” team has returned to keep things, uh, interesting. The original team is feeling understandably nervous, but Abby hopes having in-house competition will push the Pitt Crew to perform better this season. We kick off with a quick and unsurprising pyramid. Maddie has been unseated from the top spot for refusing to lead the new team in last season’s finale and Chloe secured herself the honor … Continue reading

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Andi Dorfman picks season 10 winner of Bachelorette 2014

Andi Dorfman picks season 10 winner of Bachelorette 2014

The season 10 winner of The Bachlorette 2014 was Josh Murray. Bachelorette Andi Dorfman officially accepted the marriage proposal from the former pro baseball player in the final episode of the series. The 29-year-old Josh, a native of Tampa who now resides in Atlanta, was sweating it out when his dream girl took some time in getting to the “I love yous.” Andi, the 27-year-old Atlanta attorney, looked stunning in a halter-style off-white gown as she listened to Josh gush about her. “You are the answers to all of my prayers. … You are the women I never thought existed … Continue reading

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Gypsy Sisters Season 3 premieres Aug. 21 on TLC

Gypsy Sisters Season 3 premieres Aug. 21 on TLC

The beautiful, brawling Stanley sisters and their extended clan return to TLC in the two-hour Gypsy Sisters Season 3 premiere, Thursday, August 21 on TLC. And it looks like Nettie and Kayla may have mended their fractious relationship — at least for the moment. Unless Mellie’s wearing a helmet for reasons that don’t involve skydiving or motorbikes. According to the press release for the new season, Stanley family ties are more tenuous than ever as Kayla’s 17-year marriage to Richard is tested even as she and Nettie try to put the fist-flailing and social media scandals of the recent past behind them. And while baby Richard … Continue reading

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Naked And Afraid Argentina Recap: Season 3, Episode 5

Naked and Afraid Argentina

Tom McElroy Age: 36 Occupation: Survival Coach Current Residence: Santa Cruz, CA Relationship Status: In a Relationship Skills: Primitive fire, trapping, hunting, bow making, flint-knapping, basketry, pottery, hide tanning, shelter, water purification and tracking Tom McElroy has taught survival and primitive skills to more than 10,000 students worldwide over the past 20 years. During his twenties, Tom spent an entire year living off the land. He built and lived in a shelter made from forest material, made fire by friction, purified water naturally, hunted, fished and gathered all of his own food. Tom seems like the most qualified survivalists ever … Continue reading

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Best Talent TV Test: The 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Best Talent TV Test: The 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Real people putting their talent out there — that’s what these shows give us week after week. What’s your favorite Talent TV Test? Is it the amazing vocals on the singing competitions American Idol and The Voice? Is it the amazing moves on dance competitions So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars? Is it the variety of America’s Got Talent? Or do you prefer the drama of shows like America’s Next Top Model or Project Runway? Cast your vote for your favorite Talent TV Test below! Let us know what we missed in the comments below … Continue reading

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Best TV Cooking Competition Series: The 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Best TV Cooking Competition Series: The 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Call them cooking competitions or kitchen conundrums, these shows turn up the heat on their contestants. Do you prefer Gordon Ramsey fare of MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen? Or maybe Alton Brown on Cutthroat Kitchen? Ted Allen on Chopped? Or has Padma Lakshmi stolen your heart on Top Chef? Vote for the best TV Cooking Competition series or as we are categorizing it — “Best Kitchen Conundrum” — below! Let us know what we missed in the comments below or vote on one of our other categories in the 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards!

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Dating Naked Recap: Episode 2, Steven and Taryn

Dating Naked

Oh Dating Naked, you’re fun. You remind me of college days when I’d drink too much and make poor choices. You’re that kind of show. The show where the contestants will likely sit around the TV with their friends and family and be supremely embarrassed that there were cameras around to catch their late night actions. And even for the participants who don’t make asses of themselves, there are enough cameras that if your date involves anything remotely physical, there is the potential for multiple angles of awkwardly splayed legs revealing parts of your outside that might be considered your … Continue reading

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Little Women: LA Recap, Episode 9 “Here Comes The Bride”

Little Women: LA Recap

Here comes the bride! It’s time for a Little Women wedding! There is something incredibly sweet about a wedding. Any wedding. I just love them. I love watching two people reaffirm their love in front of family and friends. It reminds me of my own wedding and the other wedding I have =been fortunate to witness.  Love begats love. And it’s a chance to dress up and get down! One month after Christy and Todd’s near-elopement, in Las Vegas, their hastily planned wedding is only 3 days away. I can’t believe that Christy planned an entire wedding in a month! … Continue reading

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“Face Off” Returns To SyFy July 22

Face Off

Syfy’s special-effects makeup competition returns for a seventh season as the contestants explore the darkly delicious theme “Life and Death.” Each week, the contestants will face creative challenges designed to inspire and push their exploration of life, death, rebirth and mortality. In each episode, the contestants design, sculpt, cast, apply and paint elaborate character-defining makeups, and fabricate props, costumes and accessories. Some of the creatures the talented artists will create this season include an angry, twisted tree character; a new animal species; and a reptilian super solider that would fit into the world of G.I. Joe. The Face Off contestants … Continue reading

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Interview: Christy McGinty from “Little Women: LA”

Christy McGinty

As a result of Lifetime’s Little Women: LA, Christy McGinty is on her way to becoming a household name. Her brashness and honesty has made her a fan favorite and a focus of much of the show’s drama. In the show’s premiere episode, Christy was introduced with the quote, “if you don’t like me, I have no time for you,” and she’s remained true to her word. As longtime friendships have become strained, she’s fearlessly moved forward in her search for her own happiness. One of my favorite parts of this season has been Christy and boyfriend (then fiancé, now … Continue reading

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