My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding: Sondra Celli talks three seasons of sparkling gowns and crazy love stories

my big fat american gypsy wedding trouble

Even after many years spent designing over-the-top fashions and blinged-out accessories for her vast American gypsy clientele, Boston designer Sondra Celli says she never tires of a good challenge — or runs out of dazzling new ideas. “It is a blast to do work for the show,” Celli says. “It is blast of energy in the midst of all the baby dresses.” Celli says that her synergy with her gypsy clientele is based on a very simple premise: mutual respect paired with mind-blowing creativity. “They make me feel like a movie star,” Celli says. “They treat me so well. I … Continue reading

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I Found The Gown Returns to TLC

I Found the Gown

Designer gowns are desirable but not affordable for many brides, but Rick and Leslie DeAngelo are on a mission. On Season 3 of TLC’s I Found The Gown, they help brides find their ideal dress at their ideal price. I spoke with Rick and Leslie and learned they got involved in the bridal industry out of personal necessity. Recalls Leslie, “We were married 22 years ago, and we opened VOWS right after our wedding because I couldn’t find a designer gown for less.” The proud owners of VOWS in Watertown, Massachusetts, search high and low for discount designer dresses and … Continue reading

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“I Found The Gown” Experts’ Money-Saving Tips

I Found the Gown

When a bride shops for a wedding gown, the number of options can be simply overwhelming. Color, fabric, fit, with so many choices, it’s a wonder that more women don’t get married in a favorite pair of yoga pants. And as soon as you find the dress you adore, you check the price tag and your heart stops cold … the gown of your dreams is well out of your price range. Rick and Leslie DeAngelo, owners of VOWS bridal boutique, and stars of TLC’s I Found The Gown, shared money-saving tips to help every bride feel chic and beautiful … Continue reading

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Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller on Dancing with the Stars May 5

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller on Dancing with the Stars May 5

It’s a favored topic of discussion among Dance Moms fans — does the series’ blustering star, Pittsburgh dance studio owner Abby Lee Miller, really, truly know her stuff where the finer points of the art are concerned? Or does she leave the tough stuff to guest choreographers while she seeks out the spotlight? We’ll see how Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman feel about it when Miller joins them on the Dancing with the Stars judging panel, Monday, May 5 at 8pm ET. So fair warning, Candace, James, Danica, Meryl, Charlie and Amy. Polish up your best drag-queen and dead-children dances, watch your feeeeeeeeeet … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Seeing Red recap: Tainted Tongues

dance moms seeing red reunion abby tears

Sometimes I feel I got to BOMP BOMP! Run away I got to BOMP BOMP! Get away From the pain you drive into the heart of me, Dance Moms. Yes, Dance Moms nation, I know. My homework is late. I tried to get it done last night, honest I did, but  a couple things happened. For one, after Abby said her tongue was tainted, I spent most of the rest of my night singing a retooled version of Tainted Love to myself (and wondering what reader John Linen will do with that bad boy). And also, am I the only one who … Continue reading

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True Tori Recap: Episode 1, Tori Speaks

True Tori

Tori Spelling is a busy woman. Just a few weeks before she and former 90210 co-star, Jennie Garth return to TV  their new comedy, Mystery Girls, Tori’s newest reality vehicle, True Tori, rocked Lifetime’s airwaves. True Tori promises a warts-and-all look at her life as her marriage crumbles and she struggles to raise her four kids. For the last 3 months, Dean has been in a rehab facility for his “overall mental health” after US Weekly revealed a December 2013 affair. April 4, 2014 Tori drives to visit her adulterous husband at the rehab center where he is seeking treatment … Continue reading

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Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, Chrisley Man


Tonight on the season one finale of USA’s Chrisley Knows Best, Todd faces the biggest challenge of his life — planning his granddaughter’s first birthday party. The party starts at 10pmET/PT when Todd bets his wife Julie that he can throw just as fabulous a birthday for granddaughter Chloe as Julie can. I simply love a good family wager, especially when there’s smack talk involved… Don’t you love how Julie just rolls her eyes at her husband? I bet that Julie is a hoot to hang out with; I imagine the stories she could tell would curl your hair! This … Continue reading

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On tonight’s The Little Couple: a tea party and a birthday party

On tonight's The Little Couple: a tea party and a birthday party

On tonight’s all-new The Little Couple, it’s all about the treats, as Will delivers a sweet gift from the family’s San Francisco journey to his grandma, and Jen and Zoey have tea for two. Check out a sneak peek from tonight’s episode: Also in the episode, Bill and Jen prepare for Will’s birthday party, and reflect on how much he has grown in the past year, hanging a growth chart in their son’s room, so he can see for himself. Then the boys head off to visit Grandma Arnold at work, while the girls break out the finery and the … Continue reading

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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Party Anthems

Dancing With The Stars

Last week’s shocking elimination of Cody Simpson deflated a little of the energy surrounding this season’s Dancing With The Stars cast. I was definitely hard on Cody about his swagger, but he was certainly fun to watch. His dance style was a cool blend of pop-and-lock and flow dancing and I was impressed that he was forever true to himself by imparting his personality into everything he did. For a seventeen year-old guy, he already has himself pretty well figured out. I don’t imagine this kid going through a wool-socks and Birkenstocks “finding myself” phase. Cody’s music video for Surfboard … Continue reading

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