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When does Ring of Honor move to Destination America? Here are the details.


Come June 3, Destination America will be home to not only TNA’s Impact Wrestling, but Ring of Honor as well. Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns ROH, announced it had signed a national broadcast deal with the network, which is part of Discovery Communications. Ring of Honor will premiere on its new home on Wednesday, June 3 at 8/7CT and run for an initial 26 weeks. Impact Wrestling moves from its Friday night time slot to 8 p.m. CT on the same day, meaning ROH is serving as a lead-in. This is unprecedented, as a broadcast network now serves as the home of … Continue reading

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Recap: Little Women: NY, Episode 10 “The Big Question”

Recap: Little Women: NY, Episode 10 "The Big Question"

It’s the season finale of Little Women: NY, and our friends aren’t bidding us adieu for the summer without some heart-stopping drama!   The group has gotten back from Puerto Rico and they’ve managed to spoil one of the Earth’s most beautiful places with their bitter jealousy and conflict. Ah reality TV participants, when will you learn that going on a reality TV vacay is not the answer to ending drama, it always causes more?!? Sharing a bathroom with someone whom you’ve been snarking is never the solution. And this season, the ladies of Little Women: NY went on two … Continue reading

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CBS “The Briefcase”: How much money would you keep? How much would you give away?

CBS The Briefcase

If you suddenly came into a large sum of money, how much would you keep and how much would you share with complete strangers? That’s the premise of The Briefcase (premiering Wednesday, May 27, at 8pm ET/PT) on CBS. In this new reality series, hardworking American families experiencing financial setbacks are presented with a briefcase full of money. They can keep all of the money for themselves, or give all or part of it to another family in need. Each week, two families have 72 hours to learn details about each other’s challenging circumstances and decide what to do with … Continue reading

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Dance Moms Australia special Part 2 recap: Abby whines and Nia shines


Why didn’t any of you warn me that Dance Moms is already back June 9, Dance Moms nation? I know you knew before I did, because you always know things before I do, even I get paid to know the things. And here I was looking forward to at least a handful of relaxing summer Tuesdays after we wrap up our Australian adventures and head off to further torment in L.A. But noooooo. Speaking of noooooo, that’s about how much fun Abby wants the girls to have before getting back down to business. A little snuggling koalas and that is … Continue reading

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Recap: Naked and Afraid Uncensored

Naked and Afraid Uncensored

Aah the clip show. Once the mainstay of the sitcom or drama, where lazy writers would give us a look back a past events as an easy way to create an episode, now it’s the even lazier way of Reality TV producers to create not one — but two hours of programming out of old footage! Naked and Afraid adds minutes of extra (but not interesting) footage and factoids that appear on screen. It’s the Pop-Up Videos of reality TV. Florida Everglades with Ryan and Amber First, we basically watch the entire episode of Ryan and Amber. I’ve never wanted … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People recap: Wild Times

Alaskan Bush People Fake

As we prepare for the midseason* premiere of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People May 29, Discovery Channel presents this “Wild Times” recap special, in which the Browns discuss memorable, extreme and most certainly not fake moments from their show so far. Because I am a complete disappointment to my family, I’m going to recap this recap show. *Discovery has started promoting this as a new season, yet I’ve not heard any mention of “Season 3.” So we’ll just call this Season 2B until the Supreme Court hands down their decision. Alaskan Bush People Season 1 Recaps: Episode 1 | Episode 2 … Continue reading

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Hoarders Family Secrets star Matt Paxton: “This year … it will all make sense”


When Lifetime debuts its Hoarders reboot, Hoarders: Family Secrets, Thursday night, fans of the A&E original will be pleased to see some very familiar faces have returned to the Hoarders fold — including extreme cleaning specialist Matt Paxton. Paxton says that even though A&E pulled the plug on Hoarders in 2013, reruns on the show’s new Lifetime home have kept the series — and serious discussions about this very real mental disorder — alive. “It’s been pretty surreal to see the response on social media — for me, on social media it never ended,” Paxton says. “New people were finding the show and they were … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel’s Sons of Winter recap: Lost Boys

Discovery Channel's Sons of Winter recap: Lost Boys

In Discovery Channel’s Sons of Winter episode “Lost Boys,” Kole gets lost in the bog, while Shane and Dale have snowmobile trouble on their journey for a visit on Kole’s birthday. Sons of Winter recaps: Episode 1: Rite of Passage Episode 2: The Coldest Night Episode 3: The Freeze Episode 4: Lost Boys Kole is turning 15. He’s going to have the kind of birthday party every 15-year-old boy desires: s’mores with Mom, Dad and the elderly neighbors. But first, he’s going to to have to help Randy clear the traps from the recent snowfall. Shale is almost halfway through their … Continue reading

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One Feud Goes Overboard! Recap: Little Women: NY, Episode 9 “Puerto Rico Fever”

Little Women: NY, Episode 9

When friends on reality TV fight, why is their solution always to go on vacation, or throw a party? Don’t they know that most of my fights happen on vacations or at parties? Jason and Jazmin meet with the group after the tenseness of Dawn’s charity auction. Jordanna is notably absent; she’s made a lame “I’m not feeling well,” excuse. She’s still mad at Jason for underselling her picture of her lady-parts, and he’s still mad that she called him a coward for deciding not to move out of his parent’s house. Obviously, Jordanna really overvalues both her painting skills … Continue reading

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