Interview: Lucy Biggers of truTV’s Breaking Greenville

Interview: Lucy Biggers of truTV's Breaking Greenville

truTV’s new series Breaking Greenville, described by the network as a “comedic docu-soap,” brings a docuseries approach to the often-comical behind-the-camera workings of real-life local news stations in Greenville, Miss., in the delta, one of the smallest markets in America. The result is sometimes almost too crazy to be believed, at times resembling a situation from the Anchorman movies, but, if you’re familiar with local news, some of the personalities and activities chronicled in the series may not be surprising. No matter how large or small the market in which you watch your news is, you’ll probably recognize some of the characters, from the way-too-chipper morning … Continue reading

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Dance Moms recap Season 5 Episode 4: What’s My Age Again?

Dance Moms Season 5 episode 4 Abby bangs

Déjà vu all over again, Dance Moms faithful. Jojo’s back. Kalani’s back. I’m back. We’re going back to Woodbridge, VA. Anybody else besides me starting to tick off how fast the years are going by not by our own birthdays but by how quickly we return to Virginia? And New Jersey. And Ohio. Oh please let us return to Ohio. If I have to come back to this, so do you, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. We start out with Abby sporting some serious Something About Mary bangs … …and then with some pretty tough news. Nia’s Grandpa Frazier is on borrowed time … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Episode 4 recap: Bachelor virgins are revealed

The Bachelor: Episode 4 recap: Bachelor virgins are revealed

“Full moon, full craziness,” serves as the most accurate statement ever made about Episode 4 of The Bachelor, which could have been easily titled “The Bachelor Virgins Episode.” Things got pretty wild this week with Prince Farming (Chris Soules) and his group of potential wives. The first date card calls for the girls to “do what feels natural,” and six lucky ladies are called to meet Chris on his outdoorsy date. The girls meet Chris at a lake, or as Kelsey, the whiner, calls it, “a mucky pond,” where some of the daring few opt to jump around topless. So … Continue reading

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Branson Famous episode 5 recap: The Brangelina of Branson

Megan hearts blush

Tonight’s episode of Branson Famous, “The Brangelina of Branson,” could be alternately titled, “Megan Loves Blush.” Seriously, you guys, what even is going on here? More on that later. The show starts with Patty and Tim talking in the car about how something is holding Brandon up from proposing to Megan, and Patty denies it’s her. (Reality check, Patty: It’s you. Actually, it’s probably not really you, but Brandon and Megan think it is, when in fact it’s probably them. There’s a whole psychological thing going on here, but I lack the credentials to diagnose this further, so I’ll just … Continue reading

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Branson Famous Sneak-Peek! The Brangelina of Branson

Megan and Brandon

We’ve got an exclusive sneak-peek of tonight’s episode of Branson Famous: The Brangelina of Branson (airing tonight on truTV at 10pm ET). It’s a good one, and here’s my favorite part:

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Rev Your Engines for BBC America’s “Mud, Sweat and Gears”

Mud, Sweat & Tears

BBC launches a new reality competition series where teams of car nuts transform ordinary autos into extraordinary vehicles. Each week, hosts Tom “Wookie” Ford and Jonny Smith captain teams of two and in 24 hours, the teams reconstruct the cars and navigate them through three extreme challenges (that promise tons of stunts!) In Episode 1, the teams create the ultimate cop cars. Jonny is joined by two hot-rodding brothers from Detroit and they choose to start with a Jaguar in homage to 1970’s British police dramas. Wookie and his team of California racers opt for a Pontiac Firebird, like the model used … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People recap: Birdy Get Your Gun

Alaskan Bush People

On Season 2, Episode 4 of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People, “Birdy Get Your Gun” (Jan. 23), the Brown family searches for food in the woods and faces stiff competition with bears for resources. With the family low on food, Birdy and Gabe go out to hunt deer. Greetings Bush People peeps. My tour of duty in the Television Critics Association conference in Los Angeles is over, and I’m back in the bush of Wisconsin, where it is cold and gray, our cars are caked in road salt, and football fans are sad and/or angry. Now, back to the bush … Continue reading

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TLC invites you to get to know Our Little Family (video)!

Dan, MIchelle, Jack, Cate and CeCe Hamill of TLC's Our Little Family.

If you’re a fan of the weekly dose of inspiration and sweet family fun that is TLC’s The Little Couple, the network is about to deal you a big dose of happy. On Feb. 17, TLC will introduce America to Dan and Michelle Hamill and their three adorable blond kids, 6-year-old Jack and toddler twins Cate and CeCe, all of whom live with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. Throughout the series, Dan and Michelle tap into their own experiences to help their kids adapt to the world around them, while celebrating the milestones and celebrations that make being a family so special. Among them — … Continue reading

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New Judges and Audition Info for “So You Think You Can Dance”


Today, So You Think You Can Dance announced that two-time Emmy Award-winning choreographer and Multi-platinum recording artist Paula Abdul and Multi-platinum recording artist Jason Derulo will join Nigel Lythgoe on the judges table for the show’s twelfth season. “I’m delighted that Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo will be joining me at the judges’ table this season on SYTYCD,” says Executive Producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe. “Paula is an incredible artist and she brings the perfect combination of expertise and heart to the panel. Jason’s insight, humor and creativity will add a new perspective to the panel that we haven’t had before.” The … Continue reading

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