Better Call Saul episode 109 recap — Pimento


With just a week to go until the Better Call Saul Season 1 finale, we open with Chuck and Jimmy sitting side by side on a park bench near Chuck’s house on a lovely, sunny day. Chuck is zeroed in on the power lines overhead, but Jimmy tells him to kick off his shoes and feel the grass between his toes. Remember what it feels like to enjoy the great outdoors. Chuck does as he’s told, then changes the subject back to the Sandpiper Crossing case. Chuck tells Jimmy they must stay on their toes, because Schweikert is sure to file a restraining … Continue reading

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Recap Dancing With the Stars, “Latin Night” Season 20, Episode 3.

Dancing With the Stars, "Latin Night"

It’s one of the hottest weeks of the season, where everyone feels a little steamy and the dances get a bit naughty. Practice trilling your “r”s, because it’s Dancing With the Stars, “Latin Night.” After an opening number choreographed by Mandy Moore (not the singer/actress, the award-winning choreographer), the teams get to work performing either a Samba, Rumba, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Paso Doble or Cha Cha as they compete for America’s votes. Last week, Redfoo and his partner Emma Slator were the first couple eliminated in the competition.  Do you think they deserved to go home first? I would have … Continue reading

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Recap: The Walking Dead Season 5 finale, “Conquer” — Wolves at the door


As we head into The Walking Dead Season 5 finale, the delicate peace — at least what we assume to be peace — at Alexandria has been amassing stress fractures since the moment Our Gang arrived at the gates. The dream of “Civilization” is a good one, but it has been postponed out of necessity. The townsfolk have been exposed as being seriously unprepared to deal with good guys, let alone the absolute batshit crazies we meet tonight. The events of the episode could have been so much worse (the group cohesion that looked like it was breaking remains intact … Continue reading

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Battle Creek Recap Episode 105: “Old Flames”

Battle Creek Recap  Episode 105:  “Old Flames”

Crime hits (really) close to home for the BCDP on last night’s Battle Creek. The detectives and a couple of officers of the BCPD (at least the male ones) are still whooping it up at Detective Funk’s bachelor party, hours after the strippers have left for the night. Russ hits the stage with sexy cowboy duds over his suit, but before he gets to kick off his routine, a call comes in. The detectives, after ribbing the patrolman for bringing his police radio to a strip club, cab it over to the crime scene. Commander Guziewicz’ house has gone up in … Continue reading

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Neighbors With Benefits – Episode 2 Recap

NWB Dedra and Ben

The second episode of Neighbors With Benefits (“Not Hiding Anymore”) aired tonight, and I’m proud to say I made it through the entire hour without burying my head in my couch cushions or burying my face in a gallon of ice cream. I only had to watch one makeout scene (and there wasn’t as much slurping as last week’s makeout scene), so I’m a happy camper. (That last sentence is one I never thought I’d be typing for work.) In this episode, we meet Ben & Dedra, a couple who’s been together since high school. They had a very strict Catholic … Continue reading

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Recap: The Royals Episode 3

The Royals Episode 3

  If we’ve learned anything about Cyrus, it’s that he loves cocaine. And Booze. And Sex. And — apparently in The Royals episode 3 — swords. Cyrus envisions himself wielding a sword at the back of King Simon’s head in a drug-fueled daydream that is straight out of Hamlet. Why didn’t creator Mark Schwahn just name Cyrus, “Claudius”? Would that have been too literal? Also, the Against Me! song, “How Low” is musical perfection for this opener. Will The Royals be releasing an album of music featured in the show? If so, sign me up for one! Over at Liam’s flat, … Continue reading

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 11 recap: “Drugs Actually”

Shameless Season 5 Episode 11 recap: “Drugs Actually”

With the conclusion of last weeks heinous revenge act Sammi pulled on Ian, this week is sure to be crazy. So hang on to your seats, this week’s Shameless Season 5 Episode 11 recap: “Drugs Actually” is a wild, anything can happen ride! Frank and Bianca: Realizing she has a short time left on this planet, Bianca throws all inhibition out the window and allows Frank to be her earthly escort into the next life. With this being said, she decides to blow 10 grand on a bottle of whiskey hailing from the WWII era. Frank tries to talk her … Continue reading

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Grimm Recap Season 4 episode 15: “Double Date”


Last night on Grimm, Captain Renard is dreaming of his own death in a violent loop and wakes up drenched in his own blood. Nick, meanwhile is still trying to reach Juliette on the phone, but after last week’s confrontation it’s obvious why she might not be picking up. She’s a hideous Hexenbeast and it’s her sweethearts job to take them out. That’s a sticky situation. At a bar, a businessman is striking out in that way only lonely businessmen do. Just as he is about to leave (wisely, I might add, because his game is cringe-worthy) he meets a … Continue reading

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American Crime Episode 4 recap

American Crime Episode 4 recap

Gwen started awakening from her coma, and other main characters faced awakenings of their own, in American Crime Episode 4. The hour started with us watching Aliyah (Regina King) in her temple, listening to the preacher talk about inequality, and charging his congregation to go out in the world and achieve greatness. Aliyah follows through on this, and on her promise to Carter (Elvis Nolasco) last week that she would help him by getting him a lawyer who works for a cause. This lawyer is Brother Timothy (Cedric Duplechain), who meets with Carter and Aliyah. Timothy explains to Carter how … Continue reading

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