The Whispers Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: Game Over

The Whispers Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: Game Over

The news is out to the masses, Drill’s intentions are revealed and his friends pay a visit to fulfill their mission on The Whispers season one finale. Drill took the president’s daughter Cassandra to give a signal, which was received. Claire questions Drill, who basically tells her she is dumb and has been given answers all along. He does give good tips when it comes to raising a child. He says if parents paid more attention to their kids it wouldn’t have been so easy to corrupt them, as they are left alone with technology to babysit them. Drill tells … Continue reading

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Recap: Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 8: “40 Days Filth and Fury”

Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 8

It’s almost over, we’ve made it to Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 8. Somewhere, what started out as a celebration of our favorite survivalists, has turned into a “warts and all” expose where we realize that our heroes are little more than flawed humans with a very specific set of skills. We’ve seen strong men and women felled by dehydration, but more surprising, we’ve seen strong people taken down by bullying and mental instability. I didn’t foresee team members turning against and tormenting each other. Did you? It’s disappointing; in the regular two-person 21-day experiences, if you don’t get along … Continue reading

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Ray Donovan recap Season 3 Episode 8: Whose grave are they digging?

Ray Donovan recap season 3 episode 8

Ray Donovan recap Season 3, Episode 8 “Tulip” (original air date Aug. 30, 2015): Episode 8 of Ray Donovan “Tulip” finds the Donovan family on the defense as Father Romero (Leland Orser) comes to Fite Club and the Minassians seek revenge. The episode starts with Ray in the desert swinging a pickaxe, he’s digging someone’s grave — we just don’t know whose. The episode is told in flashback sequences that walk us through how he got there. Earlier he wakes up suddenly from a nightmare, Paige (Katie Holmes) is in the bed next to him. Ugh! I was really hoping … Continue reading

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Did Six Betray the Raza? Recap, Dark Matter, Season Finale

dark matter, season finale

In the season finale of Dark Matter, we discover Two’s origins and the Raza crew goes from unified team to betrayal by the last person you’d suspect: Six. It’s a two-hour rollercoaster ride. Ready? Five dreams about her discovery as a stowaway on the Raza – before all of them lost their memories. Three has her in an airlock, terrified she’s about to be spaced. Six intervenes, and she’s taken to the mess hall where the crew decides her fate. One wants her off the ship; Six says she’s an asset with technical skill and One agrees. Three wants her off, … Continue reading

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Catfish Season 4 Episode 19 Recap: The Next Door Neighbor

Catfish Season 4 Episode 19 Recap: The Next Door Neighbor

Max is away again this week, working on his new movie. That means Nev gets to bring in another special guest. For this week’s episode of Catfish, famous Youtuber, Todrick Hall will be joining Nev. The two get down to business by reading an email from Devan in Texas. He’s writing into Catfish because he met a girl named Rylan over a year ago online. Devan thinks Rylan could be the one. He’s gone so far as to invite her to stay with him while he’s in college. The only problem is that the two haven’t met yet, despite living … Continue reading

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Skin Wars Fresh Paint gives us one last taste

Skin Wars Fresh Paint mentors

Skin Wars season 2 just ended, but we get eased off the show with a special: Skin Wars Fresh Paint. We’ve got 3 mentors: Gear, Dutch and Natalie. We’ve also got 6 artists from different disciplines. We’ve got a graphic artist, a miniature artist, fine artist, a tattoo artist/muralist, a airbrush artist and a performance artist. We don’t get to see much of the training these artists get, which is slightly disappointing. The first thing the artists have to do is take 90 minutes to do a full front of the body waist-up paint. This challenge will determine the 3 … Continue reading

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Recap: Monica The Medium, Episode 1, “Blind Date Surprise”

Monica The Medium, Episode 1

Monica Ten-Kate is your average college student who is busy hanging out with roommates, taking classes and trying to find a cute guy. And… she talks to dead people. Ten-Kate is a medium, who discovered her gift in high school, but who kept it a secret until college. Monica’s journey as a normal woman with an extraordinary ability is chronicled In ABC Family’s new reality series, Monica the Medium. Monica generously answered my questions for a revealing profile and she is incredibly honest about the incredible life she leads. I an interested to learn more about Monica and see for … Continue reading

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WWE Total Divas Season 4 Episode 8: It’s a Beautiful Life

WWE Total Divas Season 4 Episode 8: It's a Beautiful Life

This week’s WWE Total Divas follows the exploits of Natalya, the Bella Twins and Paige. Nattie reveals her contract is coming up and gets the feeling WWE wants to transition her into another role in the company in favor of new girls. Nattie takes it as them wanting to put her out the division because she hasn’t been wrestling much. She is becoming self-conscious of her age. Natalya tries to be hip to the times by using what she thinks is current terminology and changes her wardrobe to appear younger. Natalya hits “Brie Mode” during a night of drinking with … Continue reading

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Recap: Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 7: “40 Days Falling Apart”

Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 7

Last week, we big adieu to strange and endearing survivalist Shane as he tapped out after 30 days of emotion abuse at the hands of his teammates Alana and Danielle and the physical affects of starvation. It’ll be interesting to see if Alana and Danielle become nicer people now that the object of their ridicule is gone, or if the bad girls turn their venom on someone else. Hunger turns grasshoppers and spiders into breakfast, and elevates an eel into a crave-able food alongside a cheeseburger. The survivalists have been in Colombia for 30 days, which is 29 days and … Continue reading

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Scream episode 9 recap: Mama James

Scream episode 9 recap: Mama James

This episode of MTV’s Scream starts with a backstory of how the Ghostface mask returned. Some unidentified person was able to break into the evidence room and search through the Brandon James files. Inside was the mask, and the start of a new monster. It’s Halloween week, which means the Halloween dance is right around the corner. The Sheriff lets the town know that instead of cancelling the dance, it will still go on to raise money for the murder victims. I have to agree with Piper here – if Branson isn’t the murderer, this dance will turn into a … Continue reading

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