Dance Moms recap Episode 30: Takin’ It To The Streets


The season is winding down, Dance Moms nation! It’s time for nationals and things are about to get seriously crazy. But before we get into that, let’s take a moment to reflect on the hot messery which has been Season 4… Our faithful Abby brought in a “Select Team” of dancers whom she talented poached from around the country to challenge the Pitt Crew. For the first half of the season, we waited for them, we argued about them and mostly we hated them. When they beat the girls in competition we were worried they might be here to stay. … Continue reading

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Dating Naked: the Lost Episode Recap

Dating Naked: the Lost Episode

Of course, this episode isn’t really lost. This is the show’s pilot, something that was created by the producers to serve as a sales vehicle to VH1. I have seen images of the pilot since this summer when VH1 first contacted me about covering the show (I wrote an article for July’s Channel Guide Magazine, so I interviewed Amy Paffrath in May.) and I’ve been wondering if and when we’re going to meet the woman with the dark, curly hair and wondering if any of the couples clicked. I also have been wondering what changed between the pilot and the … Continue reading

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Dance Moms recap episode 29: Chloe’s Penultimate Peril

Dance Moms recap episode 29: Chloe’s Penultimate Peril

It’s that time of year again, Dance Moms Nation. The ALDC dance concert is on and it’s going to be cutthroat this year! The Pitt Crew plus Sarah (of CWAY CWAY fame) and Kamryn from the Select Team are all lined up for pyramid, which is predictable, as always. Chloe hits bottom (this time for missing a day of rehearsal to get an MRI on her foot), even though Kendall was the one who couldn’t win a competition even with Maddie choreography. Nia finally makes it to the top after her Maya Angelou-inspired win and all the girls give her … Continue reading

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Recap “Angels Among Us”: Rosie experiences United Airlines 811 disaster

Rosie Cepero from Angels Among Us relives flight 811

Recap Angels Among Us, Episode 5 (original airdate Sept. 21, 2014): In last night’s episode of TLC’s Angels Among Us, Rosie Cepero turns a skeptic into a believer, experiences the United Airlines Flight 811 disaster and helps a young man realize he really does have a guardian angel. In Angels Among Us: A Little Bit of Faith, Rosie does a group reading at a winery where a skeptic named Steve (from Aurora, New York) rethinks his original viewpoint of the whole angel thing when Rosie shares some vivid details about his late father. “It’s remarkable she would have this information … Continue reading

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Naked and Afraid Brazil Recap: Season 3, Episode 10

Naked and Afraid Brazil

ooooh, Naked and Afraid Brazil!!! When I think of Brazil, I think of rainforests. But tonight’s Naked and Afraid ventures to an ecosystem that I had no idea existed. Let’s dive right into the Season 3 finale, and meet this week’s survivalists. Matt Strutzel 24 years old from Portland, Oregon Occupation: Blacksmith, Primitive skills instructor Survival Skills: Plant identification, fire making, shelter building, tracking, and traps. Matt developed a passion for the outdoors at a young age. As a teenager, he adopted a vegan diet and honed his primitive camping skills while camping near the Florida Everglades with an environmental … Continue reading

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Vh1’s Dating Naked Wedding: Recap

Dating Naked Wedding

I totally cry at weddings. Good weddings, bad weddings, trashy weddings, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry during tonight’s  Wedding.  But I guess it’s not really a wedding, because (obviously) Ashley and Alika wanted their families there for the real deal (and to wear clothes) so this is a naked love ceremony. I never thought it would be Ashley and Alika getting married, but to hear Ashley describe meeting her soul mate, it is incredibly sweet and you realize how obviously perfect they are for each other. And to see flash backs to their first meeting is great. … Continue reading

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Dance Moms 28 recap: Know Your Worth


Are you still on the edge of your seat after last week’s dramatic episode ender, Dance Moms Nation? If you’re looking for any sort of resolution, you’re not going to find it here, but you will find increasing drama at every turn. The girls fail to line up for pyramid on time because the moms have decided to confront Abby about her behavior for the billionth time this season. To recall last week, the moms (spearheaded by Holly) decided to obviously count how many times Abby criticized each individual child on a whiteboard. It went about as well as you’d … Continue reading

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How does she know that? Recap of Angels Among Us Episode 3

Angles Among Us Episode 3

Recap Angels Among Us Episode 3 “Questions Have Been Answered” (Original airdate Sept. 14) Rosie Cepero sure does give you a warm and loving feeling when she talks guardian angels in her TLC series Angels Among Us. Her sincerity seems so genuine, her messages so specific and her hugs so needed for many of the people who seek her “divine” gift. Here’s a quick breakdown of Episode 3, “Questions Have Been Answered.” Reading with Christine, from Binghamton, New York. Christine’s a middle-aged woman maybe in her late 30s/early 40s, who comes with her aunt. Rosie tells them that she sees … Continue reading

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Naked and Afraid Botswana Recap: Season 3, Episode 9

Naked and Afraid Botswana

Whenever the show heads to Africa, we know we’re in for an hour of feeling thirsty, so I can’t wait to see how this week’s survivalists fare on Naked and Afraid Botswana.  Let’s meet this week’s people who hate clothes: Ashley Burns 25 year-old bartender from Coventry, Rhode Island Survival Skills: Hunting, Fishing, Shelter construction, Plant identification Ashley spent her childhood fishing, hunting, camping, and gardening and in her pre-insertion video, she is preparing her feet for Botswana’s tough terrain by Ashley walking barefoot up and down her home’s gravel driveway. The Rhode Island accent is perhaps the nation’s least … Continue reading

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Dating Naked Episode 9 Recap: Sean and Juliet

Dating Naked Episode 9 Recap: Sean and Juliet

Tonight, it’s Dating Naked episode 9 and two more hopefuls search for love by going on a series of naked dates. Let’s hope this week’s guy is a better judge of character than last week’s Mike, who claimed he was over dating party girls and ends up with, a stripper-y party girl. (And I might add for helium-voiced Stephanie, if you’re going to appear on TV wearing baby pink lipstick, perhaps  check out Crest WhiteStrips. Pink is a tricky color to wear if your teeth are yellow.) But let’s worry about this week, because last week is old news. Juliet … Continue reading

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