Jane the Virgin Episode 2 Recap: Familia Loca

Jane the Virgin Episode 2 Recap: Familia Loca

Continuing the real life telenovela of Jane’s life, this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin gets even more complicated. Just when you think you start to understand every character, you twist around the corner and are completely wrong. We’ll start things off slow from the beginning so we can get an overview of what’s happened. Jane sets up a family meeting with her mom, Abuela and fiancé Michael. She tells them that just because she’s in a sticky situation doesn’t mean she’s not going to finish accomplishing her dreams and goals. Way to go Jane! She’s going to be a … Continue reading

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Recap of Tethered episode 3, blame the gators

Tethered episode 3

In our recap of Discovery’s survival series Tethered episode 3, titled “Bayou Breakdown,” we go to Louisiana’s alligator filled bayou where we meet Rob Greenfield and Kevin Dutoit. We learn Rob biked 2,000 miles to Louisiana— barefoot — before even starting the journey. We figure Kevin probably flew first class. Rob’s first to arrive at the destination. Rob took one look at Kevin in his preppy-boy attire (yes, he had a sweater neatly tied around his neck) and knew he was in trouble. Kevin took one look at Rob and felt relief. Kevin, however, reassures Rob that he’s not a … Continue reading

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Founding Families

Vampire Diaries

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Welcome to Paradise,” is all about revenge. It starts off with Stefan revealing what he is to his boss and compelling him to do whatever he says. He needs a couple days off from work because he’ll be taking a trip to Whitmore to visit some old friends. Before he leaves, Stefan makes sure to have his boss do his dirty work and burry his dare I say it, girlfriend’s body. I’m surprised Stefan didn’t do that himself but I guess he didn’t care about the girl enough and rage took over. Elena … Continue reading

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Nail’d It Episode 2: Recap

Nail'd It Episode 2: Recap

Last week was the premiere of Oxygen’s newest high-fashion reality competition, and this week is Nail’d It Episode 2, where three more nail artists push their skills to the max and compete for fortune and finger fame. Temeka, 30 from Orange CT. Part-time medical professional. “I breathe, eat, sleep, wake up to nails” It seems like Temeka likes doing super-pointy nails. She currently juggles two careers and is hoping to make her East-coast sensibility a full-time career. Thao, 24 from Beauford, SC Second generation nail tech. “I know I’m going to win this because I do dope-ass nails.” She also … Continue reading

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The Flash recap: “Fastest Man Alive”

The Flash recap: "Fastest Man Alive"

In episode 2 of the first season of The CW’s The Flash, called “Fastest Man Alive,” we are a few weeks into Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) new life as, well, the fastest man alive, following his transformation into a “metahuman” after being struck by lightning during the breakdown of Dr. Wells’ (Tom Cavanagh) particle accelerator. We also learn more of the history, and likely future, of the relationship between Barry and Joe, find out that Iris is becoming more intrigued by the unidentified and very speedy new hero of Central City, and are introduced to the foe eventually known as … Continue reading

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Jane the Virgin Episode 1 Recap: Baby Drama

Jane the Virgin

Last night, The CW, took a shot by straining away from its usual hit supernatural shows and premiered their new dramedy Jane the Virgin. Jane the Virgin is a lose American adaptation of the hit Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, created by Perla Farías. The CW’s take on the telenovela does stick to the Spanish-speaking roots by incorporating a character named Alba, who is Jane’s Spanish-only speaking grandmother. While some think the show won’t last against The CW’s hits The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Jane the Virgin is easily relatable to everyone. Personally, I can relate to the fact … Continue reading

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Recap: Angels Among Us episode 11- don’t ever say “I hate you”

Angels Among Us recap of episode 11

Recap of Angels Among Us, Episode 11 “Energy Shift” (original airdate Oct. 12) This one is emotionally crushing. Although what episode really hasn’t had some segment that moves you, right? The episode Angels Among Us “Energy Shift” reminds how telling someone “I hate you” can haunt you forever. The episode starts with a reminder from Rosie Cepero on her notion that we are all born with angels who guide us via their different messages. Some of the messages are about hope and warning, others are about healing. The first person we meet in “Energy Shift” needs some healing. Matt, a … Continue reading

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“Surrounded by Bears” recap of Tethered episode 2

recap of Tethered episode 2

Discovery’s new survival series Tethered (Sundays at 10pm ET/PT), follows two strangers — usually polar opposites — who are bound together by a 6-foot tether. The two first meet in the wilderness and are then forced to work together to reach their rescue point. In our recap of Tethered episode 2, titled “Surrounded by Bears,” we go to Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska, where we meet Henry and Laura. While these two don’t have the egos of last week’s Willow and Keith, they prove to be equally as exciting to watch. Meet “Henry Lomeli” Age: 47 Resides: Chico, California Occupation: Wildlife biologist … Continue reading

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: Stuck In The Twilight Zone?

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 ep2 Stefan Fork

Some fans of The Vampire Diaries said they were disappointed by the season 6 premiere last week for its lack of action in helping move the plot along. I feel like the critics are going to enjoy this episode a lot more because it left me with a lot of mixed emotions. The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2, “Yellow Ledbetter,” starts off with Damon and Bonnie four months back when they had just died and arrived to some other place than the other side, after its destruction. They’re unsure of their whereabouts but notice some strange things going on. … Continue reading

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Dance Moms finale recap: Chloe’s Final Finale?


Tragedy has struck Dance Moms Nation! We’ve finally made it to Nationals. Everything else led to this episode. But what are we left with now? No longer will adult women appear on our screens to yell at each other about children dancing. No insanely pretty young girls will floor us with their endless talent and amazingly thick skins. Tuesday nights will become meaningless … just another long, boring night of the week with work the next morning! … I may be getting ahead of myself. After all, there’s still the inevitable reunion special next week. And probably at least one … Continue reading

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