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Did Six Betray the Raza? Recap, Dark Matter, Season Finale

dark matter, season finale

In the season finale of Dark Matter, we discover Two’s origins and the Raza crew goes from unified team to betrayal by the last person you’d suspect: Six. It’s a two-hour rollercoaster ride. Ready? Five dreams about her discovery as a stowaway on the Raza – before all of them lost their memories. Three has her in an airlock, terrified she’s about to be spaced. Six intervenes, and she’s taken to the mess hall where the crew decides her fate. One wants her off the ship; Six says she’s an asset with technical skill and One agrees. Three wants her off, … Continue reading

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Stolen Device Disintegrates a Planet: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 11

dark matter, syfy

  If you’re up for wall-to-wall action, Dark Matter Episode 11 won’t disappoint, as double crosses and gun fights end with the stolen device disintegrating a planet. Episode 10 ended on a cliffhanger: Wexler had Two in the airlock; his team had the rest of the crew restrained and held at gunpoint. He threatened to eject Two if someone didn’t give him the passcode to the vault before he counted to five. Three gave up the information, and Kane confirmed its accuracy. Wexler’s team secured the device. Two asks why Wexler is doing this, since they successfully did the job … Continue reading

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GSN’s STEAMPUNK’D: Meet the Makers of the new steampunk design competition series

Steampunk'd Karianne

GSN’s new competition series STEAMPUNK’D is kind of like Project Runway set inside a Jules Verne novel. For the uninitiated, steampunk is: “Inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery, Steampunk is a retro-futuristic design movement seen in everything from fashion, to technology, to pop culture.” It’s sort of like importing H.G. Wells’ 1898 vision of what the future would look like. STEAMPUNK’D looks to discover the most talented steampunk designer in America over eight episodes of the series, which debuts on Wednesday, Aug 19, at 10pm ET/PT. It moves to its regular 9pm ET/PT time period on Aug. 26. The … Continue reading

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Allies Become Enemies: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 10

recap, dark matter, syfy

The Raza “will vaporize upon impact,” Android says when a Multicorp destroyer launches a nuclear missile, as allies become enemies and Five officially joins the crew on Episode 10 of Dark Matter. Gutsy Two orders Android to speed the Raza toward the missile — if they’re fast enough, the ship that fired it will still be in the blast range and therefore have to disarm the nuke. Which lands them out of the frying pan, but into the fire of three more ships, this time from the Mekei Combine, which struck the deal with the miners and Two. So allies, right? … Continue reading

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Four Finds True Family: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 9

recap, Dark Matter, Syfy

  Four bails on the Raza crew to rendezvous with his step-brother, who is now emperor in Four’s place, on Episode 9 of Syfy’s Dark Matter. The crew struggles with issues of trust, but rally to rescue Four, who finds his true family. Hint: it’s not from the royal court. We pick up where we left off last episode, with the crew returning to the ship from their restocking mission on the space station. They’ve acquired everything from blah blah something regenerators and welding goggles – practical and fashionable, according to Pixie – to real meat and whiskey. But where are … Continue reading

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Six Seeks Justice: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 8

recap, dark matter, episode 8

The past of several Raza crew members comes into clearer focus in Episode 8, the best episode of the series so far, and we’re in the thick of it before the opening credits roll. Six is off the ship, hunting down the general responsible for the massacre of 10,000 civilians, and fatally shot – then disintegrates while the killers argue, as they needed him alive. Six is digging into his own past via Transfer Transit. He’s not dead, but his clone is. So Six sweet-talks the technician into sending him again without the mandatory 30 minute wait. Android is in sick bay, where … Continue reading

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#TCA15: Meet Emily Beecham, The Widow of AMC’s “Into the Badlands”

The Widow - Into the Badlands

AMC’s upcoming drama series Into the Badlands (premiering Nov. 15) is a genre-bending martial arts, sci-fi action odyssey about a distant future in which the only inhabitable lands are in the former American Midwest, and they’re governed by seven feudal Barons who control vital resources. In the series, Emily Beecham plays The Widow (it’s not just a scary name!), one of the Barons of the Badlands. She controls the oil, and her ambitions disrupt the tenuous peace among the Barons. The Widow has the look of a Steampunk Southern belle with a twist of The Matrix warrior/dominatrix and two deadly daggers as her weapons of choice. “My character … Continue reading

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Raza Crew vs. Killer Sex Bot: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 7

recap, Dark Matter, Syfy

What does the crew of the Raza need – besides money and their memories? How about a  couple of stowaways? A little time has passed since Episode 6. One makes another play for Two, showing up in her quarters to deliver a “status report” in which nothing has changed – the ship needs repairs, fuel and supplies. Two drops her towel to make him stammer, but again turns him down: “It’s complicated, remember?” Meanwhile, Five wakes from a dream about one of Six’s memories and the penny drops: Six mentions Maplethorpe and code – it must be for the vault. She … Continue reading

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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: A Hollow Man

The Whispers Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: A Hollow Man

The origins of Drill become clearer in the most suspenseful episode of “The Whispers” yet. Before the craziness begins, let’s start from the beginning and pick up where last week left off. Jessup does get Henry into his possession, but takes him to his parents Claire and Sean, who are on the run after they destroyed the giant rock. Sean is feeling the heat from his boss for letting Claire and Sean go. The Secretary of Defense tries to cover up the rock explosion by saying it all was a security exercise. Henry said Drill came over right before Jessup … Continue reading

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Interview: Steve Guttenberg talks about Syfy’s “Lavalantula”

Interview: Steve Guttenberg talks about Syfy's "Lavalantula"

Sharknado 3 may be the big buzzed-about Syfy movie premiere this week, but sharks aren’t the only scary creatures hitting that network’s airwaves. That other go-to standard for animal horror movies — spiders — also make an appearance with the debut of the original film Lavalantula on July 25. As you can tell from its name, the film — directed by apparent spider-movie expert Mike Mendez, who also helmed Big Ass Spider! — is about tarantulas that spit lava, naturally. “It’s based on a true story,” deadpans star Steve Guttenberg during our interview. “A volcano erupts in the Santa Monica Mountains, and … Continue reading

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