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What Happened to Neighbors With Benefits?

Neighbors With Benefits Canceled

Wondering what happened to Neighbors With Benefits last night? In an effort to be a diligent TV recapper, I went to set my DVR yesterday before heading off to my parents’ house for wholesome Easter family fun, and noticed that the not-so-wholesome fun of Neighbors With Benefits wasn’t scheduled in its normal timeslot. Yesterday was a big, BIG TV premiere day, not to mention a holiday, so I assumed A&E was just moving the show from its normal airdate & time as a ratings strategy. But I have access to databases, so I ran a query to see when the show would … Continue reading

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A&E Surviving Marriage recap: Josh and Alethea

Surviving Marriage Alethea and Josh

In the March 31 episode of A&E’s Surviving Marriage, Josh and Alethea are on the verge of divorce after 18 years of marriage and three children together. Josh blames Alethea for his misfortunes and lack of success. Alethea is done with Josh’s controlling ways and craves independence. With their children all about to leave the house, will they stay together? All Of The A&E Surviving Marriage Recaps!: Cleburn and April Josh and Alethea Hey, look! I’m sticking with this Surviving Marriage show through good times or bad, through sickness or health, richer or poorer, etc. At least until a younger, sexier, wealthier reality show … Continue reading

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Neighbors With Benefits – Episode 2 Recap

NWB Dedra and Ben

The second episode of Neighbors With Benefits (“Not Hiding Anymore”) aired tonight, and I’m proud to say I made it through the entire hour without burying my head in my couch cushions or burying my face in a gallon of ice cream. I only had to watch one makeout scene (and there wasn’t as much slurping as last week’s makeout scene), so I’m a happy camper. (That last sentence is one I never thought I’d be typing for work.) In this episode, we meet Ben & Dedra, a couple who’s been together since high school. They had a very strict Catholic … Continue reading

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A&E “Surviving Marriage” recap: Cleburn and April

Surviving Marriage Cleburn and April

On Tuesday, March 24, A&E premiered new reality series Surviving Marriage, which is like what a drunken post-prom hookup between Dr. Phil and Survivor in the back of a Ford Econoline van would produce as offspring. All Of The A&E Surviving Marriage Recaps!: Cleburn and April Josh and Alethea Couples on the brink of divorce (who probably shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place) go to a South Pacific island together and go through a series of challenges that are supposed to help them determine if their unions are worth saving — because SCIENCE proves there’s no better way to work … Continue reading

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Neighbors With Benefits: Episode 1 Recap

NWB Cast

A&E premiered Neighbors With Benefits tonight, and I feel icky now. That’s it. That’s the end of my blog. No, I guess I should write more. That’s part of what they pay me for here. Plus, despite the weird subject matter of this particular show, I truly like A&E’s programming. And I guess I can take one for the team and recap this series, as sort of community service for those of you that want to know what happens, but don’t necessarily want to watch. (Wait. Are there people like that out there?) I won’t go into graphic detail in this … Continue reading

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Married At First Sight – Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

Married at First Sight

Season 2 of Married at First Sight premiered last night, after its hourlong matchmaking special, and as I predicted I’d be, I’m hooked. We met the experts and the subjects in the matchmaking special, and we see them all again in the premiere episode. The premiere episode, especially toward the beginning, is filled with interactions between the subjects and the love/sex experts, but I won’t go too heavy into that. I covered who’s who, as far as the experts go, in yesterday’s blog, so let’s take a look at the new couples! Ryan De Nino & Jessica Castro Ryan D., age 29, business … Continue reading

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Married at First Sight Season 2 Premieres Tonight on A&E!

Married at First Sight

When Married at First Sight first premiered last year, it was barely on my radar. I remember hearing a friend gush about how great the show was, but I was busy licking the wounds of being newly-widowed, and the concept of the show made me angry. I couldn’t comprehend how anyone could be so flippant about love, and more so, about marriage. To marry someone you’ve never even met? How irresponsible. How cheap. How … how could anyone do that? So I wrote it off, and forgot all about it. But the wounds slowly healed over, and eventually I threw … Continue reading

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The Returned: The spine-tingling French series gets an American reboot on A&E


If you saw The Returned in its original French incarnation, odds are you haven’t forgotten a moment. The eerie character study about a small town unmoored when a handful of its dead return seemingly unchanged explored matters of life and death and devotion in a gorgeously quiet, emotionally rending way. Now the series is getting an American reboot from writer/producers Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel) and Raelle Tucker (Supernatural, True Blood). The pair says that, rather than re-create the original, they used it as a starting point for more expansive storytelling as “the returned” and their reeling loved ones navigate … Continue reading

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Nominations

Critics' Choice Movie Awards Nominations

And so it goes – the latest Hollywood awards season news is out, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Nominations are in for the 20th annual show, and there are some interesting selections. For the sake of full disclosure, I am a voting member of the group that annually hosts the awards, the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association). Hosted by Michael Strahan (the Super Bowl champion, Fox NFL Sunday analyst, and Live! with Kelly and Michael host) the awards will air LIVE on A&E on Jan. 15th at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. As a personal aside … my mom loves … Continue reading

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A&E tries to cash in with “Country Buck$”

Country Buck$

So how many reality shows about country folk who run multimillion-dollar outdoor sporting goods companies can fit on one TV network? A&E thinks at least two, and they’re going to test the theory with Country Buck$, premiering Wednesday, Nov. 19, following Duck Dynasty. Country Buck$ follows the Busbice family, proprietors of Wildgame Innovations, a company that specializes in nutritional supplements and attractants to support quality deer herd management. They also run a sportsman fantasy camp on more than 50,000 acres in Louisiana that also serves as a testing ground for their sporting-goods products in development, the more interesting of which … Continue reading

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