The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt on what’s ahead for Dr. Eugene Porter and Co.

josh mcdermitt the walking dead season 4

With just two episodes left in The Walking Dead Season 4, we’re all on the march to Terminus, right? Er, right? Even if not all of us are exactly aware that that’s what we’re doing? And if it’s a good idea or not. Plus, we’ve got some new folks along for the ride. Dr. Eugene Porter, Sgt. Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa — the long-awaited fan favorites from The Walking Dead graphic novels — have swerved off their mission to get the mullet-noggined, trigger-happy Eugene to Washington, D.C., and are tagging along with Glenn and Tara at his insistence. And … Continue reading

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TURN: AMC’s captivating new drama reveals America’s first spy ring

Turn AMC Jamie Bell

At a January press conference, British actor Jamie Bell was asked what he learned about the American Revolution as a schoolboy — years before he signed on to play Culper Ring spy Abraham Woodhull in AMC’s new, fact-based drama TURN. Bell offered a wry smile and a brief response. “They taught us that we lost,” he said. Later, discussing the series in an airy Pasadena restaurant, Bell admits he finds the relevance of most period dramas questionable, but TURN — based on historian Alexander Rose’s 2006 book Washington’s Spies about a little-known group of childhood friends who risked everything to help George … Continue reading

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Mad Men Season 7: Don Draper’s sendoff sells itself

Mad Men Season 7

Mad Men Season 7: Mad Men’s seventh and final season will be split into two parts, with the first of seven episodes premiering on AMC Sunday, April 13, at 10pm ET and the last seven episodes premiering in spring 2015. Executive producer Scott Hornbacher talked about how the cast and crew are coming to grips with the show ending, as well as what he hopes the show’s legacy will be. Longtime fans of AMC’s Mad Men have waited out lengthy hiatuses before. With the show entering its final season, they’ll have to do it again, though with the knowledge that all … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead recap Season 4 episode 10 ‘Inmates’: So good to see you again!

The Walking Dead recap Season 4 episode 10 ‘Inmates’: So good to see you again!

After last week’s slow dance with Rick, Carl and Michonne, post prison collapse, the fates of the rest of The Walking Dead prison crew (plus one) were revealed on last night’s shock-and-awe episode, ‘Inmates’. And surprises came equally fast and furious. But I have to say this right out of the gate — in the case of some of the episode’s biggest reveals, a little more show and less tell, perhaps over the span of one additional expository episode, would have made for a much deeper emotional wallop, even if they will be fleshed out in future outings. Show me … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead recap Season 4 episode 9: “After”

The Walking Dead recap Season 4 episode 9: "After"

The Walking Dead Season 4 midseaon premiere, which debuted last night, is aptly titled “After” — and, as it implies, the Robert-Kirkman-penned, Greg-Nicotero-directed episode dives right into the post-prison travails of the survivors. Beginning with Rick, Carl and Michonne. • RELATED: Channel Guide talks The Walking Dead Season 4B with Greg Nicotero! “After” opens at the smoking, walker-infested remains of the prison, from which everyone has fled but Michonne. Could it that be our brave woman-warrior — who, not so long ago, could barely even tolerate Andrea’s company — is having the toughest time leaving the first home and family she … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead cast on Conan Feb. 6


The Walking Dead cast is joining Team Coco! Conan O’Brien has landed late-night’s first-ever joint interview with the cast of AMC’s smash zombie drama, who will appear en masse on the Thursday, Feb. 6 episode of O’Brien’s TBS talk show CONAN. • RELATED: The Walking Dead‘s Greg Nicotero on the prospect of Daryl’s death and keeping the secrets of the Dead Joining O’Brien to promote the second half of The Walking Dead Season 4 are Andrew Lincoln (Dead‘s Rick Grimes), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), Steven Yeun (Glen Rhee), Danai Gurira (Michonne) and Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier). The Walking Dead Season 4 returns with new episodes Sunday, Feb. … Continue reading

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Video: The Walking Dead Season 4 mid season preview

Video: The Walking Dead Season 4 mid season preview

AMC has released a revealing new preview for the second half of The Walking Dead Season 4, which premieres Sunday, Feb. 9 at 9pm ET. • RELATED: Channel Guide‘s exclusive interview with The Walking Dead‘s Greg Nicotero! With the prison destroyed and its residents scattered and on the run,  the Grimes gang faces new dangers, new enemies, and heartbreaking choices as they try to find their way back to one another in an unforgiving and unfamiliar world. “The beauty of Season 4 in my opinion is that every single moment is there for a reason,” the show’s special effects guru and … Continue reading

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TCA: AMC announces 2014 programming lineup

AMC 2014 programming lineup includes new series Turn

AMC announced their anticipated 2014 programming premiere dates for Mad Men and Better Call Saul at the Television Critics Association 2014 Winter Press Tour, as well as new series Turn and Halt and Catch Fire. Leading the AMC 2014 programming lineup are several new dramas including Turn, a Revolutionary spy thriller about the untold story of America’s first spy ring. Turn will begin Sunday, April 6 at 9pm with a 90-minute series premiere. The series stars Jamie Bell in the title role as Abraham Woodhull and Seth Numrich as Ben Talmadge (pictured). The seventh and final season of Mad Men … Continue reading

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We talk The Walking Dead Season 4 with Greg Nicotero!

The Walking Dead Season 4 The Governor

[SPOLIER ALERT: If you are not caught up on the first half of The Walking Dead Season 4 and do not wish to know what has happened to that point, please read no further.] Has it kept you up nights, Walking Dead fans — wondering what will become of Rick Grimes and Co. now that Hershel’s lost his head, The Governor’s a goner and the Grimes gang is splintered, grieving and on the run? Or maybe you’re pondering Carol’s sudden advantage, what with her car, her food, her weapons and her meds — even if Tyreese doesn’t know it was she … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead recap Season 4 episode 6: ‘Live Bait’

Walking Dead Governor Megan

Well, well. Maybe ol’ Hershel is right after all and you really can come back from the bad things that happen to you here in the walker-pocalypse. Because of all the gents I expected to remain the epitome of ice-blooded, comrade-killing evil, Philip “The Governor” Blake is it. And yet, there he was, the most sinister guy we’ve yet to encounter on The Walking Dead, broken, abandoned and facedown in the street before the vision of a little girl in a window brought him back to his feet and back to life as a — gulp! — lion-hearted family protector … Continue reading

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