Naked and Afraid Botswana Recap: Season 3, Episode 9

Naked and Afraid Botswana

Whenever the show heads to Africa, we know we’re in for an hour of feeling thirsty, so I can’t wait to see how this week’s survivalists fare on Naked and Afraid Botswana.  Let’s meet this week’s people who hate clothes: Ashley Burns 25 year-old bartender from Coventry, Rhode Island Survival Skills: Hunting, Fishing, Shelter construction, Plant identification Ashley spent her childhood fishing, hunting, camping, and gardening and in her pre-insertion video, she is preparing her feet for Botswana’s tough terrain by Ashley walking barefoot up and down her home’s gravel driveway. The Rhode Island accent is perhaps the nation’s least … Continue reading

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Naked And Afraid India Recap: Season 3, Episode 7

Naked and Afraid India

Ooh doggie, after a week of sharks, I’m glad to get back on dry land for some relative safety of a leech-filled jungle or a scorching savanna! No oceans for me for a while, not when there’s zombie sharks a-swimming! Tonight we’re going to be Naked And Afraid India, which is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. I think it’ll be impressive that with over a billion people in a single country, the show can find a range that can support human life that’s uninhabited. This will be a tough journey. Phaedra Brothers Age 27 from Utah She’s a stay … Continue reading

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Discovery’s “Gold Rush” specials include Season 5 sneak peek

Discovery's "Gold Rush" specials include Season 5 sneak peek

Discovery Channel’s No. 1-rated show, Gold Rush, will be back Oct. 17 for Season 5. Before that, however, the network is debuting two specials that offer inside looks at last season. Both specials air Aug. 19 beginning at 8pm ET/PT. The first special, Parker’s Take, runs two hours and features Parker Schnabel (pictured) looking back at the end of Season 4, when he raked in an epic 1,000 ounces of gold (worth $1.4 million). Parker dishes out stories about what went on while filming these episodes, and also answers questions from fans. Later, at 10pm ET/PT, the Heroes and Zeroes … Continue reading

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Shark Week 2014 breaking viewership records for Discovery

Shark Week 2014 breaking viewership records for Discovery

Just a a day into its annual Shark Week event, Discovery Channel announced yesterday that Shark Week 2014 broke viewership records, pulling in the highest ratings in its 27-year history on Aug. 10, the day the weeklong event started. Discovery reports that on Aug. 10, Shark Week 2014 programming earned a historic 2.27 P25-54 rating, and delivered 3.64 million total viewers P2+, the highest-rated evening ever for Shark Week to date, and the network’s 13th highest-rated primetime evening ever. The network says that the biggest year over year gains came from Women 25-54, an increase of 18%. Looking specifically at … Continue reading

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Shark Week 2014 premieres August 10 on Discovery Channel! (video)

shark week 2014 jaws

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is television’s longest-running summer event, and the 27th installment promises to deliver all the action, marine education and pointy teeth that viewers can handle. Whether Shark Week is your summer television tradition or a first-time experience, Discovery’s 2014 lineup of 13 brand-new specials has something for everyone. Many crowd-favorite specials — like Air Jaws — also return, along with some attention-grabbing premiere specials like I Escaped Jaws 2, Sharkageddon and Zombie Sharks. So grab a snorkel and an underwater cage and get ready for Shark Week 2014. All-New Features Sharkageddon Thursday, August 14th at 10PM ET/PT Explore … Continue reading

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Naked And Afraid Recap: Dominica Season 3, Episode 6

Naked And Afraid Recap: Dominica Season 3, Episode 6

This week’s participants are headed to Dominica, and island north of Venezuela. I love when Naked And Afraid heads to islands, I always forget that even the most beautiful resort is a few tiki huts and indoor plumbing away from being uninhabitable. Let’s meet this week’s participants … Corinne Kohlen Age 32 California In a relationship Corinne is a registered dietician and her interest in survival grew out of her love of obstacle racing. She is also a trained wilderness medic. In her pre-insertion video, Corinne says that she doesn’t want a manly-man partner. Cut to… Chris Fischer Age 38 … Continue reading

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Naked And Afraid Argentina Recap: Season 3, Episode 5

Naked and Afraid Argentina

Tom McElroy Age: 36 Occupation: Survival Coach Current Residence: Santa Cruz, CA Relationship Status: In a Relationship Skills: Primitive fire, trapping, hunting, bow making, flint-knapping, basketry, pottery, hide tanning, shelter, water purification and tracking Tom McElroy has taught survival and primitive skills to more than 10,000 students worldwide over the past 20 years. During his twenties, Tom spent an entire year living off the land. He built and lived in a shelter made from forest material, made fire by friction, purified water naturally, hunted, fished and gathered all of his own food. Tom seems like the most qualified survivalists ever … Continue reading

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Naked And Afraid Nicaragua Recap: Season 3, Episode 4

Naked And Afraid Nicaragua Recap: Season 3, Episode 4

After last week’s tension-filled episode of Naked and Afraid, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. That was a pretty disastrous couple, (but it made for great TV). I can’t believe the number of critical comments about survivalists Carrie. Her partner Tom was both praised for his patience and scrutinized for both his unwillingness to snuggle and his single-minded concern for firewood. This week, the folks at Discovery have teased a possible romance between the two participants. If there is any romance between Jaclyn and Adam, I bet it will be pretty PG. This is Naked and … Continue reading

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Naked And Afraid: Cambodia Recap. Season 3, Episode 3

Naked and Afraid Cambodia

When I imagine Naked and Afraid: Cambodia, I think mosquitoes, and rain, and snakes. So much fun. Do you think areas that Naked and Afraid visits ever tout the amount of misery that is shown in the show? I would never like to visit any of the places shown on N&A, it all looks so desolate and even the places that are lovely, are infested with plague-carrying bugs. I once got over 350 mosquito bites while visiting Minnesota and that ended my desire to visit nature … ever. Let’s meet this week’s people who are braver than me… Carrie Booze … Continue reading

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“Naked and Afraid” Casting Secrets

"Naked and Afraid" Casting Secrets

Discovery’s Naked and Afraid places two strangers in an isolated and extreme location to survive for 21 days with their wits, experience and little else. The two adventurers are completely nude and armed with one survival item each, and the two must work together and create strategies for survival.   This doesn’t sound like how I’d choose to spend my vacation, but nevertheless, I’m totally hooked on the show. I’m amazed by the volume of talented survival experts that they find, their willingness to accept nature’s punishment, and their lack of inhibition. Prancing naked in the wilderness seems like my … Continue reading

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