Discovery wields “Big Giant Swords” docuseries

Discovery wields "Big Giant Swords" docuseries

Swords aren’t very practical nowadays, and aren’t seen too much outside of a Peter Jackson Middle-earth film. But I’ve long been fascinated with the subculture of modern-day folks who make and collect swords and other medieval items (for what purpose, I’m not sure). Hell, I once knew a guy who even spent a boatload of money on a full suit of armor at a local renaissance faire. Perhaps I can get some answers to my questions of why medieval weaponry has such a niche following, in Discovery Channel’s new series Big Giant Swords (title says it all!). Big Giant Swords follows Irishman Mike … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People recap: Breaking Free

Alaskan Bush People

In the Season 2 premiere of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People, “Breaking Free” (Jan. 2), a series of emergencies keep the Brown family stuck in Ketchikan. Read Alaskan Bush People Season 1 episode recaps and more here! The town of Ketchikan, Alaska, is hell on Earth. It reeks of concrete. There are stairs that move up and down by themselves through some kind of sorcery. There is a box that makes a humming noise and fries food within its unholy bowels. If the Brown family does not leave this place, they will die from exposure to comfort and convenience. Living … Continue reading

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Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People Season 2 debuts Jan. 2

Alaskan Bush People

It seems the rumors of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People cancellation have been greatly exaggerated. Post by Alaskan Bush People.   Indeed, Billy Brown and his clan will be back for Season 2 premiering Friday, Jan. 2, at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. It’s somewhat of a shock to us, considering some significant legal trouble surrounding the Brown family and some very damning reports about the show’s authenticity. But this is the network that brought you Eaten Alive, so we’re not really all that shocked. Alaskan Bush People Season 1 Recaps: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | … Continue reading

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For real? Man gets eaten by snake in Discovery’s new “Eaten Alive”

Man gets eaten by snake in Discovery's Eaten Alive on Dec 7

Say what? Let me rewind that promo trailer I just saw (which millions of others also saw during Nick Wallenda’s Chicago skyline walk) in which a man gets eaten by a snake in Discovery Channel’s new Eaten Alive airing on Sunday, Dec. 7 at 9pm ET/PT. How is that possible? The idea of a human willing to be consumed by a 20-foot-plus anaconda in an attempt to gain more knowledge on the majestic creatures sounds downright crazy. I mean, couldn’t we just study them from afar? When you talk with Discovery’s executive producer Mike Sorensen, who is behind the two-hour … Continue reading

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James Franco and Seth Rogen to get Naked and Afraid

James Franco

Yes Kellie, there is a Santa Claus. This holiday season, James Franco and Seth Rogen, who have previously appeared together in Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express, This is the End (and a LOL NSFW shot-for-shot recreation of the Kanye West NSFW music video Bound 2 — the  original features a topless, Yeezus-humping Kim Kardashian) will take their bromance one step farther … and get naked. Naked and Afraid. The twosome will allegedly appear together in a special episode of Naked and Afraid that will air Dec. 7 as part of Discovery Channel’s Mega Week. I say “allegedly” because this is … Continue reading

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Nik Wallenda returns to the wire in “Skyscraper Live”

Nik Wallenda returns to the wire in "Skyscraper Live"

After making around 13 million television viewers’ hearts stop during last year’s gripping wire-walk across a portion of the Grand Canyon, Nik Wallenda is ready to have audiences wracking their nerves again. “I love challenging myself,” Wallenda tells us in an interview. That is obvious when one hears about his latest wire-walking attempt, which will be covered in the live Discovery Channel special Skyscraper Live With Nik Wallenda. As the title indicates, Wallenda will be engaging in a two-part walk between notable Chicago buildings (the second part of which will find him blindfolded). The first part of the crossing will … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People is not canceled. Why?

Alaskan Bush People

Update: So the Bush People will be back for Season 2 beginning Jan. 2. This should be interesting… NEW! Is Alaskan Bush People Fake? Does It Matter? There were a lot of things about Discovery Channel’s unscripted series Alaskan Bush People that didn’t pass the smell test. Now there’s more foul air surrounding the Brown family, and it’s very likely we’ve seen the last of them on TV. ALSO SEE: What Happened to Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People? Alaskan Bush People Season 1 Recaps: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | The Wild Life Season 2 … Continue reading

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Recap of Tethered episode 3, blame the gators

Tethered episode 3

In our recap of Discovery’s survival series Tethered episode 3, titled “Bayou Breakdown,” we go to Louisiana’s alligator filled bayou where we meet Rob Greenfield and Kevin Dutoit. We learn Rob biked 2,000 miles to Louisiana— barefoot — before even starting the journey. We figure Kevin probably flew first class. Rob’s first to arrive at the destination. Rob took one look at Kevin in his preppy-boy attire (yes, he had a sweater neatly tied around his neck) and knew he was in trouble. Kevin took one look at Rob and felt relief. Kevin, however, reassures Rob that he’s not a … Continue reading

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Gold Rush’s Top 7 Miners: Christo Doyle picks his dream team

Gold Rush's Freddy Dodge takes the No. 1 spot on the Top 7 Gold Rush miners

Who are Gold Rush’s Top 7 miners — or more like, executive producer Christo Doyle’s dream team? As much as he didn’t want to answer that question, Doyle put together his fantasy team below. In addition to his ranking, we dish with Doyle on the realities of filming the series, as well as the drama involved in following these guys. But first things first, Christo Doyle gives no false pretense when it comes to his and the network’s relationship with these miners featured in Discovery’s top-rated series (airing Fridays at 9pm ET/PT). “We have absolutely no control of these gold … Continue reading

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Preview: Gold Rush Season 5 promises “most gold ever”

Gold Rush Season 5 features Tony Beets

Get ready pay-dirt fans as Gold Rush Season 5 kicks off in full throttle with new miners, new machinery and some seriously intense new story lines. Gold Rush Season 5 premieres Friday, Oct. 16 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. Last season’s winner Parker Schnabel is upping his ante and he’s looking to double his take from last season, with an unprecedented goal of 2,000 ounces. That’s more than $2.5 million! Not sure if that’s even realistic, but you go boy! The now-humbled Todd Hoffman is desperate to get back in the game after a ridiculously low yield of gold last … Continue reading

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