NGC’s Killing Jesus gets premiere date. See the trailer and our exclusive first-look photo!


National Geographic Channel has announced that its epic three-hour movie event Killing Jesus, based on the 2013 New York Times best-seller by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, will premiere on Palm Sunday, March 29, at 8pm ET/PT. Killing Jesus will also be broadcast in 45 languages across 171 countries and in Spanish on Nat Geo Mundo. The film marks the third collaboration between NGC, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions and co-executive producer Bill O’Reilly. The trio’s other film projects, 2013’s Emmy-nominated Killing Kennedy and Emmy-nominated Killing Lincoln, represent the two most-watched programs in the network’s history. Both book and film offer an examination of Jesus’ life and death … Continue reading

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Team Military on their toughest leg in Ultimate Survival Alaska, Season 3

Team Military of Ultimate Survival Alaska

The grueling terrain and weather conditions in National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Survival Alaska continue to challenge Team Military in the series’ third season. Fans are gunning for Team Military to grab a leg victory; support that’s not lost on teammates Jared Ogden, a former Navy Seal; Daniel Dean, a former Marine Scout sniper; and Grady Powell, a former Green Beret and survival instructor. “We have a lot on our shoulders. We’re representing ourselves, we’re representing the military, but we’re also representing America, as a whole,” Grady told us at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena last week. … Continue reading

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2004 Indonesian tsunami remembered on NGC

2004 Indonesian tsunami remembered on NGC

Ten years ago, on Dec. 26, 2004, a tsunami devastated 14 countries and took a quarter of a million lives — the deadliest recorded tsunami in history. Anyone around at that time surely recalls the worldwide shock at the destruction, as well as the global humanitarian response it inspired. Now, a new National Geographic Channel (NGC) special will look into that past event and see if it gives us any clue for the future. The Next Mega Tsunami, premiering Dec. 26 at 9pm ET/PT on the network, finds scientists searching for clues along the tsunami-raaged coasts of Indonesia with the hope … Continue reading

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Interview: Simon Majumdar of Nat Geo’s EAT: The Story of Food

Interview: Simon Majumdar of Nat Geo's EAT: The Story of Food

Most viewers know outspoken Englishman Simon Majumdar from his frequent Food Network appearances as a judge on series like Beat Bobby Flay, Cutthroat Kitchen and The Next Iron Chef, and from his critically-acclaimed gastronomic adventure Eat My Globe: One Year to Go Everywhere and Eat Everything. Now Majumdar is adding his signature wit and insight to National Geographic Channel’s epic exploration of food and food history, EAT: The Story of Food, which airs its second and third installments tonight at 9/8CT. And the timing couldn’t be better for the brand-new American citizen, who set off across his newly adopted homeland … Continue reading

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Preview: Nat Geo’s ‘EAT: The Story of Food’


National Geographic Channel’s three-night event is a tasty treat that’s good for you, too! It’s the most food-centric time of the year, and to celebrate (and give viewers a long overdue break from the myriad cooking shows and competitions that make up food TV) National Geographic is serving up a tasty dish of its own. Yes, National Geographic Channel. And no, it doesn’t entail eating weird things in order to survive the wild. Well, mostly. On Friday, the network debuts its frequently funny, endlessly fascinating six-part miniseries EAT: The Story of Food, from the same folks who brought you Werner … Continue reading

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Sleepless In America — NGC Reveals why the “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” mentality can kill you


Did you know that at this very moment there exists a single, enormously effective weight loss aid, chronic disease fighter, mental health booster and student achievement enhancer — and it’s available to everyone and free for the taking? All you have to do to reap these benefits is get eight hours of uninterrupted shut-eye. You just groaned, didn’t you? We humans are the only species that willfully deny ourselves sleep and — cellphones, remotes and tablets in hand and in bed — Americans are experts at it. Forty percent of the nation’s adults and a whopping 70 percent of its … Continue reading

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Interview: Sue Aikens of NGC’s Life Below Zero: The Thaw


The next time you complain about the price of milk at your local market — or having to dash there to get it — consider what Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens endures to provide the grocery staple to the hunters, scientists and other outdoor enthusiasts she hosts at her “unique and twisted bed-and-breakfast,” Kavik River Camp, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. “As a business, I have to have everything for the people that stay there be store-bought, brought-in, authorized and cleared foods,” Aikens explains. “So I have to plan for maybe 50 people a day. How much … Continue reading

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National Geographic Channel reveals Killing Jesus cast


Steven Moyer (True Blood), Kelsey Grammer (Cheers, Boss), Rufus Sewell (Hercules) and Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage) are among the cast of National Geographic Channel’s upcoming television event Killing Jesus, the network announced today. Slated to premiere in 2015, the film is based on the bestselling book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard and will recount the political, social and historical conflicts during the Roman Empire that led to the death of Jesus of Nazarene, whom O’Reilly calls “the most famous human being who ever lived.” Killing Jesus marks the third O’Reilly/Dugard adaptation. Killing Kennedy, a 2014 Best Television Movie Emmy nominee … Continue reading

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Preview: NGC’s “Live Free or Die” introduces viewers to human rewilding

Colbert from NGC's Live Free or Die

Consider yourself forewarned. As you’ll second-guess using vanilla and raspberry flavoring after learning just exactly where it came from thanks to National Geographic Channel’s new docuseries Live Free or Die, debuting Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 10pm ET/PT. That said, NGC has found itself a winner by following five unusual Americans who are participating in a lifestyle trend known as human rewilding (the undoing of domestication, people who are living almost completely off the land). Living a minimalistic existence never looked so unappealing — at least to this suburbanite — as is the case for this handful of beaver- and rat-eating … Continue reading

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NGC’s ‘Going Deep with David Rees’: Everything old hat is new again

going deep with david reese ngc

Leave it to the guy who (literally) wrote the book on sharpening pencils — and gets plenty of folks to pay him $15 to artfully sharpen a single Ticonderoga No. 2 — to spend his time at the Television Critics Association press tour teaching reporters to fold the perfect paper plane. And then cheerfully asking us to throw the finished products at him en masse. As the star of National Geographic Channel’s family-friendly new series Going Deep with David Rees, which premieres Monday, author/cartoonist/comedian David Rees sets out to shed fascinating new light on such mundane tasks as tying your … Continue reading

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