Rob Lowe excited to reprise Eddie Nero character in “Californication”

Rob Lowe excited to reprise Eddie Nero character in "Californication"

When he sat down with me at the Television Critics Association (TCA) 2013 Summer Press Tour to discuss his upcoming NGC film Killing Kennedy, Rob Lowe also touched on some of his other projects, including his return to the hit Showtime comedy Californication. The series, which will air its seventh season on Showtime in 2014, is currently shooting in Los Angeles, and Rob Lowe told me that he has completed the filming of his guest-starring role as eccentric, combustible film star Eddie Nero, a role Lowe first played on the show in 2011, during Season 4. “Yes!” said Lowe excitedly, … Continue reading

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Liev Schreiber takes the lead in Showtime’s “Ray Donovan”

Liev Schreiber Ray Donovan Showtime

Ray Donovan Sunday, July 30 Showtime, 10pm ET When discussing why he never saw himself doing TV, Liev Schreiber brings up some of the usual concerns: He didn’t want to get locked into the same character for years on end, and moving his New York-based family to Los Angeles just didn’t seem logical. But there was another overlying issue that might sound surprising. “I’ve always felt that no one would ever want to watch me as a lead,” says the veteran of more than 40 films, the vast majority of which have seen him play supporting roles. “I’ve got kind … Continue reading

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Bob Saget Showtime special “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About” airs tonight

Bob Saget That's What I'm Talkin' About Showtime

Bob Saget: That’s What I’m Talkin’ About Friday, May 10 Showtime, 10pm ET Ever since he became the standard bearer of cheesy, squeaky-clean middlebrow humor with his protracted stints on Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos, Bob Saget has delighted in showing the world how truly filthy he can be. From his memorable cameo in Half Baked to his increasingly raunchy standup specials, Saget has reveled in puncturing the image of his most famous gigs. He continues that streak tonight with That’s What I’m Talkin’ About, where he will strum around the stage with a guitar trotting out silly, … Continue reading

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Showtime’s “The Big C” goes to the great beyond with “Hereafter”

The Big C Hereafter

The Showtime comedy “The Big C” starring Laura Linney ends its four-season run with four one-hour “Hereafter” episodes that begin April 29. Well, with a title like The Big C: Hereafter, we can be pretty sure that Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) is going to meet her end, right? Not so fast, say the stars and producers of the Showtime comedy, which is ending its four-season run with four one-hour episodes that begin April 29 at 10pm ET/PT. They’re all being cagey about Cathy’s fate as she deals with her cancer, but they have promised a satisfying ending to the story. … Continue reading

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“Reality Show” brings Adam Rifkin’s dark, satirical vision to Showtime

Adam Rifkin's latest project, "Reality Show," airs on Showtime.

Reality Show may be completely fictional, but Adam Rifkin would wager that it contains more truth than an actual, um, reality show. The writer/producer/director/star (no word on whether he did the catering as well) of the eight-part Showtime series — which begins airing tonight at 11:30 — says his goal was to make a “dark comedy” satirizing a genre that most of us like to ridicule but still can’t seem to tear ourselves away from. Well, “dark” is one way of putting it. You could also use words like “charred,” “blackened” or even downright “opaque” to describe the story of … Continue reading

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Showtime’s “Episodes” needs some tweaks heading into season 3

Showtime's "Episodes" needs some tweaks heading into season 3

There’s was a scene in Sunday’s season 2 finale of Episodes in which a writer reveals that his pilot about an English couple coming to America to do a sitcom is picked up. The show would revolve around the couple having to produce their struggling series despite going through an uncomfortable divorce. Sounds pretty lame, huh? Regretfully, that fictitious premise is exactly what we got from Showtime’s sophomore campaign of Episodes. Although still funny and worth watching at times, the ludicrous plots made one of my favorite TV programs unwatchable more often than not. And the real shame is it … Continue reading

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TCA: “Weeds” series finale — and what’s in those smokin’ props

TCA: "Weeds" series finale — and what's in those smokin' props

Weeds fans, if you’ve always wondered what’s in those “joints” that the cast members smoke on-camera, here’s the deal. The official tobacco- and nicotine-free props from Honeyrose are “created from a blend of quality selected herbs including marshmallow, red clover and rose. The taste is enhanced with fruit juice.” TV writers at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour’s Showtime sessions received these “tokins of appreciation” straight from the Weeds gang, who were on hand Tuesday to discuss their eight and final season. Though Showtime’s president of entertainment David Nevins would only say that the Sept. 16 two-part series finale would … Continue reading

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Matt LeBlanc shines as Matt LeBlanc in Showtime’s “Episodes”

Matt LeBlanc stars in Showtime's "Episodes"

Many actors struggle to find consistent work after appearing on hit TV shows, but Matt LeBlanc seems to have come up with the perfect blueprint for how to avoid the dreaded typecasting pitfall. First, you try a spinoff as that same character — as he did with Joey after Friends ended its reign — and when that doesn’t work, you find a show in which you simply play yourself. The second time is apparently the charm, because LeBlanc not only received a Golden Globe for his performance in the hit Showtime show Episodes, but he is now on one of … Continue reading

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Ozzie Guillen says the darnedest things on “The Franchise”

When you hire outspoken manager Ozzie Guillen, you already kind of know what to expect. But few could’ve expected that Guillen would end up suspended for five games the first week of the season with his new team. In the midst of the opening of the Miami Marlins’ new park, the team’s new name and look, came some unwelcome controversy. And Showtime probably couldn’t be happier. Showtime announced in the offseason that the Marlins would be filmed for Season 2 of The Franchise documentary series. We knew at that time that Guillen would make for some good TV, we just … Continue reading

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“Inside NASCAR” special Daytona 500 edition Feb. 29

"Inside NASCAR" special Daytona 500 edition Feb. 29

Showtime’s Inside NASCAR studio show returns for a third season with a special one-hour Daytona 500 edition on Wednesday, Feb. 29, at 9pm ET. Host Chris Myers and analysts Michael Waltrip and Kyle Petty look at this year’s Daytona 500 and preview the 2012 NASCAR season. Press release from Showtime below: RELATED STORY: “NASCAR Now” returns to ESPN2 RELATED STORY: 2012 NASCAR TV Schedule INSIDE NASCAR RETURNS TO SHOWTIME®WITH SPECIAL ONE-HOUR DAYTONA 500 EDITION The Fastest Show on Television Premieres Wednesday, Feb. 29, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME NEW YORK (Feb. 14, 2012)—Inside NASCAR, the premium motorsports studio show … Continue reading

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