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Six Seeks Justice: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 8

recap, dark matter, episode 8

The past of several Raza crew members comes into clearer focus in Episode 8, the best episode of the series so far, and we’re in the thick of it before the opening credits roll. Six is off the ship, hunting down the general responsible for the massacre of 10,000 civilians, and fatally shot – then disintegrates while the killers argue, as they needed him alive. Six is digging into his own past via Transfer Transit. He’s not dead, but his clone is. So Six sweet-talks the technician into sending him again without the mandatory 30 minute wait. Android is in sick bay, where … Continue reading

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Face Off Season 9 premiere takes us to the Intergalactic Zoo

Face Off season 9 episode 1 Glen's haircut

The Face Off Season 9 premiere starts with the usual – we get to meet the cast. We also get teased with a challenge that includes creating a short film. That’ll be cool to see the makeups in action & see how well they hold up. The cast meet each other in pairs outside the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. We also get a little mini-introduction to some of the cast. There’s a lot of them, so it’s hard to keep track of them all. Missy & Meg stand out – Missy has bright orange hair & Meg … Continue reading

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Raza Crew vs. Killer Sex Bot: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 7

recap, Dark Matter, Syfy

What does the crew of the Raza need – besides money and their memories? How about a  couple of stowaways? A little time has passed since Episode 6. One makes another play for Two, showing up in her quarters to deliver a “status report” in which nothing has changed – the ship needs repairs, fuel and supplies. Two drops her towel to make him stammer, but again turns him down: “It’s complicated, remember?” Meanwhile, Five wakes from a dream about one of Six’s memories and the penny drops: Six mentions Maplethorpe and code – it must be for the vault. She … Continue reading

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Interview: Steve Guttenberg talks about Syfy’s “Lavalantula”

Interview: Steve Guttenberg talks about Syfy's "Lavalantula"

Sharknado 3 may be the big buzzed-about Syfy movie premiere this week, but sharks aren’t the only scary creatures hitting that network’s airwaves. That other go-to standard for animal horror movies — spiders — also make an appearance with the debut of the original film Lavalantula on July 25. As you can tell from its name, the film — directed by apparent spider-movie expert Mike Mendez, who also helmed Big Ass Spider! — is about tarantulas that spit lava, naturally. “It’s based on a true story,” deadpans star Steve Guttenberg during our interview. “A volcano erupts in the Santa Monica Mountains, and … Continue reading

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Probing Memories: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 6

recap, dark matter, episode 6, syfy

The Raza crew’s collective memories that Five carries weigh heavily on her in Dark Matter, Episode 6. She  has an idea for hacking her own brain to bring out the crew’s memories, which are jumbled in her head, and only reveal themselves incoherently in dreams. She’ll modify some of the medical equipment and make a gadget that puts her into a trance, where she’ll land in a crew member’s memories, as if they’re happening to her and in real time. She sets to work. Meanwhile, Two reports to the fixer that the freighter was blown up – in fact, her … Continue reading

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Even more Sharknado 3 cameos announced

Even more Sharknado 3 cameos announced

As if Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! hasn’t already become bloated with ironic C-list starpower, Syfy today announced even more Sharknado 3 cameos, six of whom I’ve actually heard of. It used to be about the Sharknados, man. Newly announced Sharknado 3 cameos: Comedian Bill Engvall as White House Chief of Staff Gary Martin Hays Actors Lorenzo Lamas as Sergeant Rock and Tim Russ as General Gottlieb MMA fighter Josh Barnett as Sergeant Richards Former Cincinnati Bengal Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson as a NASA technician E!’s Maria Menounos as C.J. Sorkin The Insider’s Keltie Knight as Alves TMZ’s Harvey Levin as Lester Williams … Continue reading

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Syfy debuts new late-night series “Geeks Who Drink” and “Reactor”

Syfy debuts new late-night series "Geeks Who Drink" and "Reactor"

Thursday, July 16, Syfy is premiering two series in its late-night block: the game show Geeks Who Drink, followed by Reactor, a celebration of all things sci-fi. Geeks Who Drink, airing Thursdays at 11pm ET/PT, is hosted by Zachary Levi and is based on the pub trivia contest of the same name. Over 12 half-hour episodes, the series features two three-player teams of self-proclaimed trivia geeks who go head-to-head and shot-for-shot as they battle it out in rapid-fire quizzes that cover topics ranging from pop culture to science fiction. After three rounds of play, the team with the largest bar tab wins … Continue reading

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5 Questions With … Ian Ziering of “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!”

Ian Ziering

  In what has become a summer tradition of camp and gore, Ian Ziering returns for another installment of the Sharknado franchise. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! swims onto Syfy on July 22, and as another shark-filled tornado sets its glassy-eyed stare on destructive carnage, we can rest assured that Fin Shepard (Ziering) will battle his nemeses with his trusty chainsaw. And he’ll do it while answering our “5 Questions” … Related: David Hasselhoff talks about Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! 1. If your TV carried just three series or networks, what would they be? It would have to be … Continue reading

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Syfy announces Sharknado Week 2015 schedule

Syfy announces Sharknado Week 2015 schedule

We just finished up Shark Week, and now it’s time to look forward to Sharknado Week 2015! Apparently, one night cannot contain Syfy’s Sharknado franchise, as this is the second year that Syfy will devote a week to creature features leading up to the big event. This year, starting July 18 and centered around the premiere of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! on July 22, Syfy will air several original movies primarily featuring sharks, but also some spiders, for good measure. RELATED: DAVID HASSELHOFF TALKS ABOUT “SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO!” SECOND ANNUAL SYFY SHARKNADO WEEK JULY 18-25 (All Times ET; Descriptions from Syfy) Roboshark … Continue reading

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Space Opera ZOMBIES! Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 5

recap, dark matter, syfy

What’s the one thing space opera Dark Matter was missing? ZOMBIES! But Episode 5 fixes that oversight when the Raza crew agrees to salvage a freighter that suffered an explosion that killed its crew. The zombies are hard to kill, don’t stay dead and eat human flesh. How did they wind up on a wrecked freighter with zombies? Two gets a space call from a sleazy fixer who’s not happy that the Raza crew didn’t complete its original mission. And he wants them to make it up to him by salvaging the ship at half their normal rate. The crew, … Continue reading

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