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Face Off Season 9 Episode 6 recap: Extraterrestrial Enterprise

Face Off season 9 episode 6 Ben foundation

Face Off Season 9 Episode 6, yes is about aliens, but it’s mostly about evolution. The evolution of the alien over time. Not real-life millennia-by-millennia type evolution, but the evolution of alien characters from a 60s kitschy beginning to a more modern interpretation. Think Star Trek – characters from the original 60s TV show vs the characters from the J.J. Abrams reboot. You still know it’s a Klingon, but the look changes from TV show to movie and from movie to movie. So to have evolution, we’ve got to start somewhere. That somewhere is a Foundation challenge. The artists have … Continue reading

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Did Six Betray the Raza? Recap, Dark Matter, Season Finale

dark matter, season finale

In the season finale of Dark Matter, we discover Two’s origins and the Raza crew goes from unified team to betrayal by the last person you’d suspect: Six. It’s a two-hour rollercoaster ride. Ready? Five dreams about her discovery as a stowaway on the Raza – before all of them lost their memories. Three has her in an airlock, terrified she’s about to be spaced. Six intervenes, and she’s taken to the mess hall where the crew decides her fate. One wants her off the ship; Six says she’s an asset with technical skill and One agrees. Three wants her off, … Continue reading

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Face Off Season 9 Episode 5 recap: The Gatekeepers

Face Off season 9 episode 5 Jason lizard

Face Off Season 9 Episode 5 finally gives us a Foundation challenge. Ben thinks the workroom looks like they’ve entered McKenzie’s therapy session. The artists must create something based off a Rorschach test. They’ve got 2 hours and the winner will get immunity for the Spotlight challenge. Each artist gets a different inkblot on their tablet. There’s a ton of different ideas, all of them really cool. The artists seem to be doing better work with less time to overthink things. Face Off decides not to give us a good look at Jason’s makeup, which doesn’t bode well for his … Continue reading

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Stolen Device Disintegrates a Planet: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 11

dark matter, syfy

  If you’re up for wall-to-wall action, Dark Matter Episode 11 won’t disappoint, as double crosses and gun fights end with the stolen device disintegrating a planet. Episode 10 ended on a cliffhanger: Wexler had Two in the airlock; his team had the rest of the crew restrained and held at gunpoint. He threatened to eject Two if someone didn’t give him the passcode to the vault before he counted to five. Three gave up the information, and Kane confirmed its accuracy. Wexler’s team secured the device. Two asks why Wexler is doing this, since they successfully did the job … Continue reading

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Face Off Season 9 Episode 4 recap: Frightful Fiction

Face Off season 9 episode 4 McKenzie

Face Off Season 9 Episode 4 begins with the elimination from the 100th episode last week. You remember last week, right? It was the super-special wedding episode, so we couldn’t bum everyone out by having an elimination, could we? Like, I can’t say who went home so fast in my post without saying SPOILER ALERT, can I? In case you forgot: Jason, Missy, Meg and Nora were all in the bottom four. As I suspected, Missy was sent home. We didn’t need the week of drama – it was pretty clear in her short time on this season that she … Continue reading

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Allies Become Enemies: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 10

recap, dark matter, syfy

The Raza “will vaporize upon impact,” Android says when a Multicorp destroyer launches a nuclear missile, as allies become enemies and Five officially joins the crew on Episode 10 of Dark Matter. Gutsy Two orders Android to speed the Raza toward the missile — if they’re fast enough, the ship that fired it will still be in the blast range and therefore have to disarm the nuke. Which lands them out of the frying pan, but into the fire of three more ships, this time from the Mekei Combine, which struck the deal with the miners and Two. So allies, right? … Continue reading

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Face Off Season 9 episode 3 recap: Surprise of the Century

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Jasmine

Face Off Season 9 episode 3 is the 100th episode of the show. The brief look-back in the opening of the show reminds us that McKenzie really likes ships. Battleships, specifically. Anyone know why? Because of that, McKenzie says that Face Off is going to do something they’ve never done before. Couples are getting married on the Face Off stage by our host and minister McKenzie. So they’re going to be doing something RuPaul’s Drag Race has already done! What a way to celebrate. These couples will all be some kind of ‘death’ character. Using an introductory video from each … Continue reading

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Four Finds True Family: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 9

recap, Dark Matter, Syfy

  Four bails on the Raza crew to rendezvous with his step-brother, who is now emperor in Four’s place, on Episode 9 of Syfy’s Dark Matter. The crew struggles with issues of trust, but rally to rescue Four, who finds his true family. Hint: it’s not from the royal court. We pick up where we left off last episode, with the crew returning to the ship from their restocking mission on the space station. They’ve acquired everything from blah blah something regenerators and welding goggles – practical and fashionable, according to Pixie – to real meat and whiskey. But where are … Continue reading

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Face Off Season 9 episode 2 recap: Siren Song

Face Off Season 9 episode 2 recap: Siren Song

Face Off Season 9 episode 2 starts at a US Coast Guard ship. We learn a little bit about the Coast Guard and how it’s their 225th anniversary. McKenzie supposedly gets to drive the ship. Yeah, right. Some of the artists rightfully question why they’re on this ship. It’s not like they’re just cruising for fun. Well, of COURSE this cruise isn’t just to have a good time! The reason why everyone’s on a ship is because sirens are the most dangerous creatures of the sea. Theoretically. Sirens are creatures that lured mariners to their death with their beauty. Again, … Continue reading

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Six Seeks Justice: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 8

recap, dark matter, episode 8

The past of several Raza crew members comes into clearer focus in Episode 8, the best episode of the series so far, and we’re in the thick of it before the opening credits roll. Six is off the ship, hunting down the general responsible for the massacre of 10,000 civilians, and fatally shot – then disintegrates while the killers argue, as they needed him alive. Six is digging into his own past via Transfer Transit. He’s not dead, but his clone is. So Six sweet-talks the technician into sending him again without the mandatory 30 minute wait. Android is in sick bay, where … Continue reading

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