Recap: Angels Among Us episode 11- don’t ever say “I hate you”

Angels Among Us recap of episode 11

Recap of Angels Among Us, Episode 11 “Energy Shift” (original airdate Oct. 12) This one is emotionally crushing. Although what episode really hasn’t had some segment that moves you, right? The episode Angels Among Us “Energy Shift” reminds how telling someone “I hate you” can haunt you forever. The episode starts with a reminder from Rosie Cepero on her notion that we are all born with angels who guide us via their different messages. Some of the messages are about hope and warning, others are about healing. The first person we meet in “Energy Shift” needs some healing. Matt, a … Continue reading

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Video: Exclusive preview of Angels Among Us season finale!

Channel Guide Magazine has an exclusive preview of Angels Among Us season finale – the last episode of the season, “Smell the Roses,” premiering on TLC Sunday, Oct. 12 at 10:30pm ET/PT. In the final episode, Rosie Cepero helps a young Boston woman (Gabby) understand that she’s always had guardian angels, even before her beloved grandfather passed away. Rosie literally smells something good cooking and when she mentions Thanksgiving to Gabby it sets off a series of deep emotions. Rosie also makes a New York woman extremely happy in a tearful conversation. “I feel so happy, I feel like I … Continue reading

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Preview: TLC’s “Preaching Alabama”

Preview: TLC's "Preaching Alabama"

Opening a church in the thick of the Bible Belt might be a bit like carrying coal to Newcastle, as the old saying goes, but that is not stopping the Speegle family in TLC’s new, six-part reality series Preaching Alabama from trying. The clan, headed by father Allen and mother Janice, had thrived in central Florida with a community church for over 20 years. Now about to retire, Allen and Janice are ready to turn over the church to their children — eldest daughter Jill, and her husband Rod and daughter Abi; and youngest daughter Lori, and her husband Seth. … Continue reading

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Gypsy Sisters season finale: Will Kayla, er, segue back into married life? (exclusive clip)


It’s been a festive and feisty — albeit short — Season 3 for TLC’s Gypsy Sisters. And on tonight’s season finale, the ladies are gearing up for Kayla to recommit to her’s and Richard’s marriage in a beachside ceremony in Ocean City, MD. • MORE: Channel Guide talks Gypsy Sisters Season 3 with Nettie Stanley and Kayla Williams! But first — in true Gypsy Sisters fashion — a few high jinks must ensue, this time beginning with the two (and in the case of the cautious bride-to-be, four) wheel variety. Predictably, Annie and Mellie take to their new rides like … Continue reading

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Exclusive clip: Mellie returns to the pole (sort of) in an all-new Gypsy Sisters

Exclusive clip: Mellie returns to the pole (sort of) in an all-new Gypsy Sisters

With one week to go until the Gypsy Sisters finale, Kayla calls the gang with some happy news. All their prodding for her to reestablish communication with her estranged husband Richard has done the trick and the two are planning to recommit to one another. • MORE: We talk a new season of Gypsy Sisters with Kayla Williams and Nettie Stanley! “It’s just been a rough road with Richard for the past year, but it’s all extremely self-explanatory for the very beginning of our season clear to the end,” Kayla told us in a recent interview. “It wasn’t easy filming … Continue reading

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Recap “Angels Among Us”: Rosie experiences United Airlines 811 disaster

Rosie Cepero from Angels Among Us relives flight 811

Recap Angels Among Us, Episode 5 (original airdate Sept. 21, 2014): In last night’s episode of TLC’s Angels Among Us, Rosie Cepero turns a skeptic into a believer, experiences the United Airlines Flight 811 disaster and helps a young man realize he really does have a guardian angel. In Angels Among Us: A Little Bit of Faith, Rosie does a group reading at a winery where a skeptic named Steve (from Aurora, New York) rethinks his original viewpoint of the whole angel thing when Rosie shares some vivid details about his late father. “It’s remarkable she would have this information … Continue reading

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Meet Amish Barbie and her castmates on TLC’s Breaking Amish Season 3


The Amish are back  on TLC — and this time they’re Brooklyn bound! Breaking Amish Season 3 premieres tonight at 10/9CT, featuring five new cast members looking for a chance at a new life and achieving their dreams. Pretty Miriam, 26, is a single mother from Ohio who dreams of a career in the construction field. Having endured constant taunting from her community for giving birth outside of marriage, Miriam must decide choose two options — go to confession for her disobedience or leave her son with her family to pursue a fresh start in New York. Since Miriam only wants a better life for her little boy, she … Continue reading

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Say Yes to the Dress Season 12: TLC reveals details, celeb guests

dress season 12 randy feno

Famous faces abound when TLC’s longest running primetime series, Say Yes to the Dress, launches its 12th season on Friday, Oct. 10 at 9/8CT with the show’s first ever hour-long episode. In the season opener, former Biggest Loser contestant Tumi Oguntala — who dropped 175 pounds— is also a winner at love, arriving at New York’s Kleinfled Bridal salon to find the perfect gown to flatter her new figure at her upcoming wedding.  Oguntala gets an additional, very special consultant in the form of her former Biggest Loser coach Jillian Michaels, who arrives with plenty of surprises in store for … Continue reading

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Angels Among Us recap Episode 1, “Angels Are Messengers,” Episode 1

Recap Angels Among Us Episode 1 with Rosie Cepero

Angels Among Us recap Episode 1, “Angels Are Messengers” (original air date Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014): Do you have a guardian angel? Rosie Cepero from TLC’s new Angels Among Us (Sundays at 10pm ET) believes you do and she’s wiling to make some introductions. In the premiere episode of Angels Among Us “Angels Are Messengers,” Rosie welcomed viewers to her spiritual world and her cozy log-cabin home, which she shares with her husband of 30 plus years, George , and their three charming sons Frankie (31), George Jr. a.k.a. Georgie (27) and Joey (25). “I am blessed with four amazing … Continue reading

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How to contact Rosie Cepero from “Angels Among Us”

How to contact Rosie Cepero from TLC's Angels Among Us

TLC’s newest vessel for connecting us with the afterlife is upstate New Yorker Rosie Cepero and her 12-episode series Angels Among Us, whichmakes its debut on Sunday, Sept. 7 at 10pm ET/PT. Inevitably, fans will be eager to know how to contact Rosie Cepero to set up an appointment of their own. Born and raised in Port Chester, New York, Rosie shares that her gift of talking to angels has been in her family for years. “I’m 100% Italian. I was raised with a very protective, strict father. My mom was an angel [not literally] – she was all about … Continue reading

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