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Psychic Matchmaker Recap: Episodes 1 and 2

Psychic Matchmaker Recap Episodes 1 & 2

Psychic Matchmaker premiered on TLC last night, with 2 back-to-back half hour episodes. The show follows Deborah Graham, wife of one, mother of two, and psychic matchmaker of … many? I’d assume many, since she’s ostensibly successful enough to get her own reality series. In the first episode, “I Need a Man,” Deborah tells us that South Florida (where she’s based) is one of the hardest places in the world to find love. I’m not exactly sure why that would be, and she doesn’t explain it, but that’s her story and she’s sticking with it. Is it all the alligators? … Continue reading

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TLC’s Psychic Matchmaker Premieres Friday May 1

Psychic Matchmaker TLC

I may or may not be dating. I may or may not have seen a psychic or two ( … or, um, four) in my life. So when I heard about a show that combines dating and psychics, I thought, “Well, yeah, of course … WHY NOT?!” Actually, that’s not what I thought. I thought, “What lows will reality TV sink to next?” But, you know, I think we scraped the bottom of the barrel with Neighbors With Benefits, so we might be back on the upswing. Enter Psychic Matchmaker, TLC’s new series, which premieres tomorrow night (Friday, May 1) … Continue reading

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Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor Wrapping Up Season 3


Tomorrow night marks the season 3 finale of TLC’s always entertaining series, Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor. I still can’t quite believe that this is an actual TV show, and that these are real people and not caricatures (or … are they?), but if you love your TV with a side dish of deep-fried Marlboro Lights, this show may be for you. Hey, it’s reality TV, so even if you haven’t watched this yet, it won’t throw you too much to start at the end and work backwards. It might be worth tuning in to see the 2-hour finale … Continue reading

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TLC says My 600-lb Life Season 4 is a go

TLC says My 600-lb Life Season 4 is a go

Following its recently completed Season 3, the show’s highest-rated season ever, TLC’s hit My 600-lb Life has been renewed for a fourth season. My 600-lb Life Season 4 is currently in production, and is expected to return to TLC with 10 new episodes in the first quarter of 2016. The reality series follows the transformational journeys of people each weighing over 600 pounds, who are attempting to regain control of their lives. Each hourlong episode tracks a year in the life of one morbidly obese individual looking to overcome lifelong emotional and physical struggles. The stories follow each person as they undergo high-risk gastric … Continue reading

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We talk Bride by Design with Heidi Elnora!


Bride By Design premieres tonight at 9/8CT on TLC. If you’re a fan of TLC’s famous BrideDay Friday block of bridal-gown goodness, you’re sure to love its newest addition, Bride by Design, starring Alabama-based fashion maven and Season 2 Project Runway contestant Heidi Elnora. But there’s lots of insight and inspiration here for avid fashionistas, too. “I am super excited, because it really takes the viewers into my world and seeing what it is to be a designer — all the processes and all the love and time that goes into a dress,” says Elnora, who graduated from the Savannah College … Continue reading

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This is a Real TV Show? “Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor”

This is a Real TV Show? "Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor"

I was flipping through TV last week and I came upon a show on TLC that made me stop. I was shocked to learn that Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor is in its third season. First Question: Are these people for real? Second Question: How have not known about this hilarity until now? So I headed online for more information about the show, which seems to be a cross between Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Roseanne and Party Down South. From the show’s press site, I gleaned: “America’s favorite trailer park is back and filled with plenty of gossip that’s … Continue reading

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The Our Little Family finale premieres tonight on TLC. Watch the adorable preview!


On tonight’s Our Little Family finale (boo!), it’s Christmastime in Annapolis and the Hamill family decides to make it even more memorable with a holiday vacation to the Pocono Mountains. There, Jack discovers he’s a big fan of sledding, despite its inherent perils (“I’m so going to wipe out!”), and Cate and CeCe declare the snow just way too cold!   • RELATED: Meet Dan and Michelle Hamill of TLC’s Our Little Family! Back home, Michelle decides to continue the festivities with a holiday party for the family’s friends — and the whole gang joins in on building a gingerbread house. Who else … Continue reading

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Recap: Long Island Medium Season 6 premiere finds us emotionally drained

Recap: Long Island Medium Season 6 premiere finds us emotionally drained

Recap Long Island Medium: 25 and Counting (original air date March 8, 2015): She’s back. Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo begins the Season 6 premiere episode in her traditional narrative style, this time explaining how she and Larry have been together for a long time — 29 years actually (they’ve been married for 25). Theresa recounts several memories on how they met (they worked together at an oil company), while sharing photos from their younger days. It was a great 1990s flashback — bigger hair and all (pay particular attention to Theresa’s hair when she’s pushing Larry Jr. on their … Continue reading

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Sondra Celli on tonight’s “Gypsy Wedding” and more!


She sews seas shells! On tonight’s all-new My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, Gypsy Sisters star Nettie Stanley’s son Whitey marries his longtime love Lottie — and, of course, the family turned to everyone’s favorite gypsy-couture all-star, Sondra Celli, to design the dress. “The wedding was down by water, so we did seashells,” says Celli, calling from her suburban Boston business on yet another snowy winter day. “The dress is absolutely gorgeous. She had a theme to her wedding, so it worked for me to go into ice blues and seashells. Seashells! It’s a beautiful dress. It’s odd because it … Continue reading

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Strange Love: A Recap of Episodes 1 & 2 of TLC’s New Show

LaRue and Her Nail Tech

“Um, my longest one is probably … this one, and her name is Marla.”   -LaRue, referencing Marla, her approximately 17” fingernail, on TLC’s new series, Strange Love. I’m pretty creative, you guys, but even I can’t make this s**t up. The first 2 episodes of TLC’s new series Strange Love premiered tonight. The series, in TLC’s words, “follows the lives of people who prove there’s someone for everyone.” We all have our quirks, but some people are quirkier than others, and sometimes that makes finding love a bit more difficult. This show looks at people looking for love, as well as people who … Continue reading

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